Author Topic: Native Americans visit Falls as part of Indigenous Peoples celebration  (Read 7184 times)

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"In honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, celebrated on Monday by many people in place of Columbus Day, the city hosted Lakota Chief Bear Cross (Ghost Nation), Chase Iron Eyes and their families. Chief Bear is the great-great grandson of Crazy Horse and adopted son of Leonard Crow Dog. Chief Bear, Chase Iron Eyes and their families were met by members of the Six Nations who officially welcomed them into their territory. . . "

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Re: Native Americans visit Falls as part of Indigenous Peoples celebration
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Niagara Falls Indigenous Peoples Weekend Welcomes Chief Crazy Horse Descendant!!

"Chief Bear Cross, second-great grandson of Chief Crazy Horse and Wisdom Keeper of the Lakota People, Chief Bear Cross is the Leader of the Ghost Nation who received his war bonnet from Spiritual Leader Leonard Crow Dog.  . ."

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i thought crazy horse did not have any descendants

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that is my understanding as well

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There is a book, Crazy Horse the Lakota Warrior's Life & Legend , written by William B. Matson who mostly took down the words of the Edward Clown family. There  is a lot of documentation in it. So that family is thd descendants of Red Leg or Red Leggings,  who was the sister of Crazy Horse.