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She is on Twitter since January 14, 2019 as MikaelaBearPaw @MikaelaPaw [Tweets 148 Following 56 Followers 252 Likes 141]

More than 90% of all comments here are against her. Quoting most of them while they still are there:

MikaelaBearPaw @MikaelaPaw
If I’m fraudulently claiming Native blood and enrollment in a tribe, sue me. I love to win #NativeTwitter … Careful, abandoning due process can leave you and your beliefs on even shakier ground than when you began your witch hunt.
4:51 PM - 18 Mar 2019 — 27 replies 2 retweets 21 likes — New conversation

Blood Quantum Entanglement @LammaticHama Mar 18 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Because "I'll get in trouble with my tribe if I name them" is 100% bullshit.
Tribal governments can barely enforce Social Media policies on tribal employees. They're not out here gag ordering individual members because they have neither the right nor the responsibility to do so.

Alone on the Plateau @BadSalishGirl Mar 18
Yes exactly, you can give political views and make disclaimers that they don't represent your Tribe, place of employment but STILL be tribally affiliated.

April JK @april_kellinger Mar 19 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Congrats on being THE embarrassment of the tribe you made up. This counts as a paradox. Name your tribe, so they CAN sue you if you're not a member. That's why you won't.

PyrettaBlazeJustice @PyrettaJ Mar 19 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
PyrettaBlazeJustice Retweeted cyberobserver
This seems like a rather good sized mountain to overshadow your mole hill. You may want to consider quiting while you still have some room to run my dear. Don’t be a fool your WHOLE life

cyberobserver @OSINTResearcher
Mikaela BearPaw, real name Mikaela Martinez, from Bishop, California, is the daugther of Evangelist Marty and Debbie Martinez who administer the World Harvest Ministries.

dandan the transient @DanDanTransient Mar 19 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Zee blood!!! Zeee blood, I've come for zeeee blood.

G3arH3@d #FreeMattDehart @XDEVASTATEDX 23 hours ago Replying to @MikaelaPaw
No self respecting Indigenous person would A) claim to speak for all of us. I speak ONLY for myself as an Indigenous person. B) work for Turning Point USA. Also, that mess of a squash/earring mash up. No Diné I know would mismatch turquoise like that...THEN we can get to the rest

dandan the transient @DanDanTransient Mar 19 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
"Sue me" cause that's how natives determine enrollment, smdh

Lee T. @buananoche Mar 19 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Seriously? We're asking who claims you, you refuse to tell us so yeah, we don't believe your lying ass. The bullshit you spout is crap even without you being a pretendian. Your ideas are bullshit, the way you're presenting is bullshit, and you pretending to be native is bullshit.

April JK @april_kellinger Mar 19 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Liar. Faker. Nobody claims or knows you. You're a propagandist for the koch brothers who are rich off oil. You're inherently anti indigenous when you're shilling for the oil industry. Sicko.

@missusbrian Mar 19 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
You call yourself witch. Got it. Repent and Seek the Lord

Forrest Stokes @ForrestStokes86 Mar 18 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Are you part of any federally recognized tribes of the US if not do shut the hell up. Fight for Mexico’s Natives who don’t receive federal recognition.
Glenn Hunt @BadAssLumbee Mar 19
What people is she representing? She can't name any tribal affiliation and no Nation claims her. So, who is she speaking for?

Fina Venko @prsaucer Mar 18 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
The USA #census allows self-identitification with matters to #race and #ethnicity. All Americans who sincerely believe that they are #NativeAmerican even without proof should identify themselves as native American on the next census. #nativetwitter #Maga #endndnsovereignty

Four Corners Nomad @Krysis_ Mar 18
Lmaoooo shut up, punk.

Zapp Brannigan @Zapp_Branigann Mar 18 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Just get a 23andMe test, publish the results, and shut these people up.

@caciasunshine Mar 18
When it comes to Native identity, DNA tests prove nothing. Native identity is cultural, rather than based on on blood quantum. Having a high percentage of “Native” blood doesn’t mean much if you aren’t part of your Native community.

@caciasunshine Mar 18
(I’m not saying she’s not Native, I just want to clear up the misconception that you can take a DNA test and suddenly become or “prove” your Native-ness. That’s not how it works.)

Zapp Brannigan @Zapp_Branigann Mar 18
Understood.  But she's the one using the phrase "Native blood" while not providing proof of tribal membership, either -hence my sarcastic suggestion to her.

Dragging Keanu in My Own Private Chickamauga @plainsrover Mar 18 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
You can quote Donald Rumsfeld all day. It won't change the fact that you're a fraud pretendian. What Nation claims you?

Muinskw @muinskw Mar 18 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Due process! Due process! Thats what whites yell when they use the corrupt legal systems to steal our lands, our identities, our ideas, etc.  It never changes. The content of your stupid video is lying about us whether you are indigenous or not. You are seriously misinforming ppl

Greg Jackson @TVFHBlog Mar 19
Wow, nice commercial recitation. A current med of yours maybe.

Dragging Keanu in My Own Private Chickamauga @plainsrover Mar 18 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
There's no due process for identification. We are asking you to identify yourself to us the way in which we identify. Who claims you? Who are your people? Where are you from?

LA Knight @LA_Knight89 Mar 19 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Shut up.

Glenn Hunt @BadAssLumbee Mar 19 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Lmao at your empty threats. They're just as full of bullshit as you are, Michaela Martinez. No Indigenous person would EVER be ashamed, afraid or even hesitant to name their Nation. You're a 100% fraud just like your Turning Point partners Charlie and Candace.

AleyKat @AlexandriaEliz7 Mar 18 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Are you enrolled in that fake tribe that recently enrolled Elizabeth Warren?

Your soft boi Jei Herald-Zamora @JayGrrl 23h23 hours ago
Ah yes! The great Waanaabii nation.

Bixa Rabbit @RabbitThoughts Mar 19 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
"Due Process"?
1) You meant 'due diligence'.
2) asking you basic info about your tribe *is* due diligence.
3) If twitter is an interrogation, you must never talk to your aunties.

NFG @ayiman_ Mar 18 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Or you could just be honest. Start by using your real name.

niigaanaasnok @ChelseyMooner Mar 18 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Even if you really are an enrolled member
You’re clearly still dumb as f ck

River Rivers @Catch22Fiction Mar 18 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Your parents are Mexican evangelists. stfu.

b?d w?lf @mackysmoke Mar 19 Replying to @MikaelaPaw
Oh my goooodddDDDDD SHUT UPPP

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MikaelaBearPaw @MikaelaPaw
If I’m fraudulently claiming Native blood and enrollment in a tribe, sue me. I love to win #NativeTwitter
Careful, abandoning due process can leave you and your beliefs on even shakier ground than when you began your witch hunt.

Looking here I found this (click the link to see an image about protected Tweets):

SoutheastNative @SoutheastNative
@MikaelaPaw couldn’t handle #NativeTwitter calling her out as a #pretendian.

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Verstraete's video seems to be backfiring. Comments on Youtube mostly negative. She's apparently deleted some, so I'll repost the rest before they're gone too.

That video is still up. What's more, she recently added another one:

Messenger for Change
Mikaela Lyrea
Published 19 March 2019
My name is Mikaela Lyrea, & I’m here to fight for change and abandon failed mindsets that bring zero solutions. Will you join the discussion of ideals in the search for solutions? Or will you continue to fight your fellow man? Only one of these options will bring real change.

The video is much about why she will not divulge her tribal affiliation, and about her names and her nickname. Also about her jewelry, etc. All in all, her responses to comments to her first video and other posts. She then incessantly talks about "us … Native Americans", etc. — I guess it must be the video referred to here:

In a recent video Mikaela says that "Bear Paw" is a nickname from her family.
Mikaela Lyrea Martinez Verstraete equates research and discussion of her public claims as bullying and witch hunts.

Her YouTube channel (two videos so far):


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Mikaela Verstraete, through snarky memes on Twitter, says she is "from the Yuhaaviatam clan". She is so far not answering questions about whether she herself is enrolled in The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

This matches what I've found possible on her maternal grandfather Roy Chacon. But even if he is enrolled, that does not necessarily mean that she is.

Who claims her?

In my opinion, she has not handled questioning very well at all. She's actually damaged her own reputation. Although perhaps this sells well to her chosen audience of Turning Point USA.

Her and her husband post about cryptocurrency - I would not advise doing any business dealings with them.

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If she is San Manuel Band or her family was, she's incredibly ignorant of their history.

It was capitalism that nearly wiped them out, a massacre in 1867 of her possible people by white colonists greedy for gold and land.

It wasn't capitalism that made them prosperous today. Tribaly owned enterprises don't operate for private profit but for tribal wide prosperity. That seems to have worked for the SMB, ended their unemployment and they have to hire outsiders.

There's no sign Verstraete has ever known rez life, or poverty, or hardship. Swaggart's ministry is notorious for high living.
"Ministry Makes $150 Million a Year : Rich Life Style Reflects Swaggart Empire's Wealth"

No sign also that Verstraete has ever helped anyone in poverty out. Unlike the SMB which has a long history of charity.


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The hashtage #MikaelaBearPaw is currently in use on Twitter. I've uploaded attachments here of some recent discussion.

A video response to Mikaela Verstraete


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Uploaded attachments here of Mikaela's recent Twitter posts.

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Article on Turning Point USA, the group she's being used by, and its history of white supremacists.

College Republican Group Turning Point Has A White Supremacy Problem
A video of a Turning Point USA leader declaring “white power” and flashing a white supremacist sign is just one of many similar incidents for the group.
By Andy Campbell

Turning Point USA, a nationwide organization of student Republicans with more than 1,000 chapters, has an institutional problem with white supremacy and bigotry.

Just after midnight on Friday, the group announced that it had canned its University of Nevada Las Vegas chapter leader, identified as Riley Grisar, after a video surfaced depicting him and a woman on a bed, flashing the white supremacist “OK” sign, declaring “white power” and spouting racial slurs.

“We’re gonna rule the country,” the woman says. “White power, fuck the niggers.”

Turning Point quickly decried the video ? surfaced by the independent outlet It’s Going Down on Thursday night ? as “abhorrent, un-American and disqualifying,” and attempted to distance itself from Gisar’s bigoted commentary.

“TPUSA has a zero-tolerance policy for hate, no matter the medium or how dated the act or comment, and we hold our tens of thousands of students to the highest of standards,” the group stated on Twitter.

However, this isn’t an isolated incident. There’s a demonstrable pattern of extremism and white supremacist ideology in TPUSA’s top ranks.

In March, Vice News reported that Identity Evropa, the violent white nationalist group that helped plan the Unite the Right extremist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, plotted to infiltrate TPUSA to gain clout among student GOP groups.

 It’s not entirely clear how successful the campaign was, though members of Identity Evropa (also known as the American Identity Movement) have very publicly attempted to appeal to the group’s founder, Charlie Kirk, in the past. During one of Kirk’s events in October, an Identity Evropa member used a Q&A period to discuss white ethnostates.

Kirk responded: “You are verging on white nationalism, my friend. I want nothing to do with ethnonationalism or anything like that. I condemn, I disavow completely.”

In an interview with Vice News in March, Kirk acknowledged that he had a problem on his hands.

“Groups like this borrow mainstream political language, mix it with hate, in order to confuse students who are maybe unaware of their intentions,” he said. “It’s a moving target but one TPUSA is committed to identifying and calling out when it’s brought to our attention.”

But while Kirk has repeatedly disavowed white nationalism and bigotry, he has failed to remove the ideology from his group. Just a week prior to that interview, white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes reportedly spoke at Iowa State University on the invite of the school’s TPUSA chapter.

And in April, HuffPost revealed a bevy of racists that TPUSA had hired to fill out its national brass. The group’s former national field director, Crystal Clanton, once texted a colleague: “I HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Like fuck them all . . . I hate blacks. End of story.” Her replacement, 22-year-old Shialee Grooman, tweeted in 2013, “All I get is nigger dick.” The group’s Midwest regional manager, Timon Prax, was forced out for bigoted statements. The list goes on.

More recently, TPUSA’s communications manager and one of its few black employees, Candace Owens, had to backpedal after defending the term “nationalism” by saying that Adolf Hitler would have been a “fine” leader if he would have just stuck around in Germany.

“The problem is he had dreams outside of Germany,” she said. “He wanted to globalize. He wanted everybody to be German.”

Owens stepped down from her position at TPUSA last week, purportedly for unrelated reasons...

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She has a Facebook page:

"Sorry, this content isn't available right now".

She is on Twitter since January 14, 2019 as MikaelaBearPaw @MikaelaPaw [Tweets 148 Following 56 Followers 252 Likes 141]

"Sorry, that page doesn't exist!"

— Is she hiding her tracks?


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At the moment she is using @mikaela_bearpaw for Twitter and Instagram.

Mikaela Verstraete continues to actively build her brand.