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They say the abused often become the abuser. I see now where you are coming from, you are abusing me and my work. I was a friend of Thomas Banyacya and Wallace Black Elk and Grace Spotted Eagle. You are a disgrace and if you are Native American your people would be ashamed of your behaviour. I'm sure you will edit this to suit yourself as you have edited every thing that I have communicated. You are obviously delusional and suffering from negative influences. You are incapable of discussion and choose to criticise from a position of obscurity. I do not need to defend my work. I do not need to defend myself. You are showing yourself to be in deep psychosis and your hate for everything but yourself is palpable. You are grossly ignorant and disrespectful to the Native American and all indigenous people. I find it hard to see you as anything but a white wannabe and possibly working for a government organisation to discredit the good work of those who honestly offer themselves into the service of God. You don't need others to discredit you, you do this for yourself. God bless you with some wisdom, a little will go a long way. If anyone would like to know me just look at my work.

Even for an exploiter and fairly cheesy and obvious fraud, this was pretty childish and ignorant.
Since you failed to show even one person whose been helped by your work  outside of you building your own bank account, I take there is no evidence at all of you helping anyone except your own dubious word.

That you'd think anyone would be impressed by claiming to be friends with WBE and GSE only shows how very ignorant of Native traditions and peoples you are. WBE and GSE were frauds, and really obvious ones widely denounced by just about everyone for more than forty years.

Claiming the endorsement of those who have passed on is a standard tactic used by exploiters. Conveniently, they're not around to contradict you. So your claim of friendship with Banyacya is phony. I'd be surprised if you'd ever done more than ask him a few questions when he was on a speaking tour. It's obvious you don't understand what he says because the Hopi are very opposed to exploitation of their or any other Native tradition.

Your attempts to insult us just make you look even more foolish. It's condescending and downright racist for a white exploiter to lecture several thousand members of a Native traditionalist forum on what he thinks "true" Native traditions are.
Far from "being ashamed" traditionalists work with us and are glad to have our help. In fact many of us ARE tradititionalists.

And the final last spitting of bile from your mouth is a letter you wrote to the forum email. Apparently you didn't realize it went straight to the mods. In that email you repeated in shorter and angrier and more libelous form what you've said in this thread: That your critics must be mentally ill, should be locked up, and are out to destroy you.

Any destructiveness clearly comes from you. The only remaining question is still unanswered: Is your claim of "feeling spirits" a cynical con game or your own self delusion?

Classified under Frauds. Not even close.

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This creep is still sniffing around NDNZ on facebook, trying to collect anyone who might sell out. Or even collect folks to just sit on his friends list and make it look like he actually knows Natives. Meanwhile he posts ignorant crap.

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This creep is still sniffing around NDNZ on facebook, trying to collect anyone who might sell out. Or even collect folks to just sit on his friends list and make it look like he actually knows Natives. Meanwhile he posts ignorant crap.

I am trying to locate Brendan O'Callaghan's Facebook presence. He himself wrote:

We use Facebook to provide a forum for spiritual discussion and another for free Distant Spiritual Healing. … My books are available on Facebook free to download.

I also found this:

Oversees FB Groups and an two online websites.

Two FB groups:
Distant/Absent Healing
The later is where he utilizes social media to further build an online presence of Cult Leader, Man who talks to God or highest source of spirit.

The two Internet sites I could not find. One of the two Facebook links doesn't work properly. Here are my findings: [Irish Spiritual Forum]
Public group — 2,0 k members. Active up to this day.

Two of the 12 administrators:

1. [Brendan O'Callaghan]

2. [Brendan O'Callaghan] [Distant/Absent Spiritual Healing]
Private group — 3,1 k members. Two of the administrators are the same two 'Brendan O'Callaghan' as above. Also active up to this day.

Facebook page:
[Irish Spiritual Movement-ISM Publications] Active up to this year.

Facebook page: [Spirit-]
("Transcribed writings of Brendan O'Callaghan") Active up to this year.

That Facebook page runs a group:
[Transcribed writings of Brendan O'Callaghan from Spirit.] Private group — 8 members.