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Timothy Redding AKA Geronimo Redfeather
« on: October 14, 2021, 11:41:21 pm »
Claims Cherokee, but peddles a lot of Nuage ideas and practices.

Warrior of the light. First nations student of nature and shamonic ways. Seeker of truth.Dragon king.
About Geronimo
Helping others find themselves, through sacred shamanic ceromony. Always learning new methods to help others. Constantly growing  spiritually. Starting a global tribe of like minded people who are going to help me change the world.

The Yoga Rave was a blast! What a blessing sharing energy....

Ravenflower Jot
A safe space for women to come together and heal, empower, and connect deeply with one anothe.r. Our circle will be cultivated through sacred ceremony, Energy Healing sessions, Energy Mastery tools/Spiritual lifestyle practices and Dance. Monthly Circle....

Black Gems Root Chakra Protection Power....

Former Marine, Native American healer. cosmic traveler

---------- Sept 15
It has come to our attention that a female has died after being in a plant ceremony with Geronimo Redfeather founder of Medicine Tribe. There is a police investigation currently underway...two women were taken to the hospital from a ceremony circle with Geronimo Redfeather and Nicole Woodall [GR wife] Both went into a coma after ingesting substances provided by Geronimo. One died...Both tested positive for amphetamines and THC...according to the survivor, neither had taken them prior. Rape kits were done on both women and the results are not yet in....Both had a highly adverse reaction including memory loss...and do not remember consuming ayahuasca...there was no medical clearance nor any medical screening prior...

[The other woman posted. I won't repost her name. She described waking up with large unexplained bruises. She says GR has not even checked to see if she was OK and continues to do "ceremony." She then describes gathering eight similar accounts that appear to be assaults. She reports the tox report shows a mix of sassafras with ayahuasca.

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Re: Timothy Redding AKA Geronimo Redfeather
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2021, 01:57:41 am »
 Geronimo Redfeather's Facebook Profile:

The following comment has been added many times (by at least two persons) to several posts within the last hour (my bolding]:

(this is a post that was shared by a woman in an Ayahuasca group that I belong to) ----2 mths ago a dear friend and I sat in a private ayahuasca ceremony in Orlando Florida. .
??My friend died and I was put into a coma to save my life.??
The facilitators were Geronimo Redfeather and Nicole Woodall. They also have a group on Facebook.(Medicine Tribe) and a website Deep Seed Awakening
I name them so nobody will ever think about coming to them for healing and lose their life or be harmed.
We also tested positive for THC and amphetamines. (We were also given sassafras)
We suspect ketamine laced hape'/rape' as well since I have done hape' and never felt "high or paralysis" after use.
I have testimonials of other saying he has dosed entire groups with ketamine unknowingly and without their consent.
He has also been named by many to be a recreational.and even addicted user of the substance.
I had horrible bruising all over my body and a dinner plate sized bruise on my inner tjight that covered my vulva. I couldn't walk for a few days without pain.
I also have no memory of the 2 ceremonies we supposedly sat through. (7/31 & 8/1)
I came home and was horribly depressed and suicidal.
I have since been able to recover a but mentally thanks to intensive therapy and therapeutic psilocybin use.
After this incident many women have come forward with their horrible endings with Geronimo as well.
The victims are all women!
*Our rape kits have yet to be processed.
**Detectives are now "working on the case" but I need your help.
He is still free and has done 3 more plant medicine ceremonies since this tragedy.
If anyone here is affiliated with the justice department, please tell me why this man and woman are free after there being proof of manslaughter.
I am pioneering an awareness campaign for women against predatory shamanism.
I am in the baby stages and right now could use all the resources you can send my way.
End note.
I had to integrate this myself. I haven't met anyone yet or read a story of someone who has experienced this. So I got through this alone.
I am now using my voice, as the survivor to bring justice, awareness, and prevention education to the public.
There is no support system in place for situations like this. No victims groups.
All these women I talked to were scared!
Scared of the police or the actual so called "shaman" [emoji]

There are no standing authorities to make sure there are safe and qualified facilitators who serve these sacred medicines.
And because we are in short supply or legal and regulated spaces to sit with medicine most of us will end up in the circle with someone who is not a Qualified facilitator who treats this as a transaction.
[emoji]s It is my mission now to battle this [emoji]
??Give voice to those who are no longer here, and who have been silenced. And create a supportive space for victims to find healing.
??To create a manual, text, checklist or course to prepare those considering a ceremony to make sure they are with a safe and integral facilitator.(s)
??To educate the public on psychedelics and not demonize them and create hysteria.
??To educate law enforcement on what to look for as far as differentiating a medicine ceremony vs and illicit overdose. And how their prompt a d knowledgeable service can help in identification of the substances used as their half lives are very short in the body.
Thank you for taking the time to read through this.
I am very grateful.
Namaste & Blessed Be [emoji]
Feel free to email me as well: [e-mail address withheld by Sparks]

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Re: Timothy Redding AKA Geronimo Redfeather
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2021, 02:49:38 pm »
It has come to our attention that a female has died after being in a plant ceremony with Geronimo Redfeather founder of Medicine Tribe. There is a police investigation currently underway …".
The other woman posted. I won't repost her name.

The name of the deceased person is tagged in there. I googled for news items about her death and the police investigation, and I found nothing. The only relevant thing I found was a fundraiser for her funeral costs (Created August 2, 2021), where I found this statement:

"… passed away Saturday night/ Sunday morning. We do not know the cause of her death, there is a pending investigation."

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Re: Timothy Redding AKA Geronimo Redfeather
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2021, 12:37:05 am »
Some of his claims:
July 23, 2019 — Spiritual Facilitator
We use First Nations and indigenous ceremonies, plant and animal medicines to help all in need, especially childhood traumas, addiction, anxiety, depression and Veterans battling PTSD. Humble servant guiding others thru healing?

There is a YouTube Channel:

Two videos, one shows that he promotes Kambo, which is another New Age cure-all originating from the Amazonian area:
Deep Seed Awakening
13 subscribers
Kambo has been used for thousands of years in the Amazon and is now gaining popularity in the US and abroad.

It’s being used in hospitals to treat all ailments from cancer to viral infections, depression, chronic stomachs issues and more.

NY Times article on this:

Visit to book a session. [SIC! Correct URL added by Sparks:]

Join our Medicine Tribe  on Facebook!

The Facebook group referred to has gone into hiding.

See also:

From the (corrected) link under the YouTube video:
Serving veterans, families & communities  through Native Ceremonies and other healing & holistic modalities.
I am a Former Marine and of First Nations decent. My Journey of healing began when I the Marines and was lost and had to connect back to my roots and the earth. I found my way with the help of other healers and the power within myself. Learning the old ways of my people, I work with veterans with PTSD and anyone who needs a little guidance….

[Photo caption: Kambo Ceremony, Pennsylvania]

I seek enlightenment and understanding for myself and my intention is to help others. This is my purpose and passion in life, is to help others set themselves free from the burdens in themselves. I am here to show you that you are your own healer and have that power within you. I love you all and hope to work with you. Spread the Light and Love!

All that remains of a former website:
Deep Seed Awakening
Online scheduling is not currently available. Please contact the business directly.

Business information about DEEP SEED AWAKENING, INC.: