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I am joining this forum based on some of the postings I have read looking through the archives. Generally you all seem to be kind, thoughtful, and intelligent people. I appreciate the balance I read in how you interact here. I have also not dug very deep into past postings so I expect everything doesn't always go so smoothly but still my first impressions are good.
I am unfamiliar with the navigation of how to use a site like this so I might get this wrong sometimes. I sure wish there was a spell checker on this thing I get dyslexic like and my computer often has to decipher for you what I am trying to say before it goes out. I am going to miss that here.
I was born south of Miami Florida in what was in the 50s the little town of Homestead. I grew up moving from place to place in florida and had no contact with native peoples in any real way. My mothers side of the family comes from West Virginia. My great great grandmother was, my family always said, from the Mingo tribe of the Cherokee. I have never looked into it enough to personally verify if there really is a mingo tribe within the Cherokee nation. I know where she lived, at my uncle Bills land outside of Spencer which had been in the family for generations. I understand she married into the Hatfields clan and I have an old picture of her. This makes me a 16th but it also means nothing. I am like tens of thousands of americans who's family generations ago got separated from native culture.
In my late 20s I got involved with Hyemeyohsts Storm. This event in my life is a long story to tell and perhaps in time I can tell some of it here. I was with Wolf for 15 or more years. I have other family members that were there for close to 20 years. When I read what you have on him in the other postings here I can see that for the most part your information is very old and you don't really know much about this guy. I would like to go into some of the important information about what has transpired over the last 20 years in relationship to wolf.
I am afraid that maybe I should try to be careful about how I represent myself with this information in that what I write here is permeant public record and will follow me legally. I do not began to understand the legal issues of slander and libel. I am willing to tell you what I know, what I have heard but did not witnessed personally, and what I think. I personally would like to see Wolf go to prison for the protection of others. I dont want my desire to talk to you to jeopardize that possibility at some point. I do not understand what can and can not be said without creating problems for myself. I would not want to say something here that complicated a court case for someone else either. I don't even know if that is possible. Perhaps one of you can help me with advice on how to navigate this.
I do not intend to be allusive or vague. The crux of what I want to share here is that I have been in a support role with a group of others who all had lived closely with wolf over the last twenty years. We have worked to try to build a criminal case against Wolf and his wife Swan on child molestation charges. I do not want to jeopardize this. Wolf and Swan left Mendocino County California where this case was being put together with the Ukiah police and is thought to to have gone to New Mexico.  I suspect I need be clear about how I represent myself so that I dont have to fight a libel case with them in court myself someday. I am sure there is a way for me to speak freely without stepping over any legal lines. I just want to know where those lines are.
I am going to stop here for now. I probably should start this discussion in the fraud category next but it seemed the way to begin in this forum is to introduce myself here first. I look forward to beginning the discussion.

Welcome, and thanks for your honesty on something that must be painful to talk about for people you obviously once admired for a long time. Anything you can tell us about Storm we'd be grateful for, and if there's anything you'd like to speak about in private please email myself or others using the messages function near the top, or my email at Anything you ask me to keep confidential I will, as I've done many times in the past with others.

The most important thing to understand about libel or slander is that truth is an absolute defense to either charge. Nuage frauds often toss the words around to try and threaten or censor criticism of any kind. In literally every single case I've ever seen involving exploiters, the threat to sue is pure hot air. Frauds have threatened us with lawsuits repeatedly, and in every single case never done it. In most cases they've never even talked to a lawyer, and don't even understand what the terms are.

You won't endanger any ongoing cases because as far as I know there are none. People are extremely reluctant to admit they've been fooled or harmed by exploiters, usually feel very ashamed or embarassed. Many exploiters deliberately seek out those they sense will never go the authorities.

These charges against the Storms are extremely serious, and I hope you go forward as with anyone else who abuses children. Have you been to the police? The DA in the jurisdiction where it happened? Child welfare? It's them more than anyone else whose advice you should seek to know exactly how to proceed to make sure the case has the best chances of succeeding.

When children are being hurt, tell every authority everything you know, and keep pushing. The longer these children are around the abuser, the worse it is for these kids. The sooner these kids get professional help to cope with their experience the better.

Again, please contact one of us in private for anything you don't want to say in public, and please keep pushing on this case. These kids need to be helped, and any abusers need to face prison.

Thanks for the advice on how to proceed here. To the best of my knowledge the last of the children in question have been separated from wolf. I am posting here to in a way try to keep pressing the case. A private investigator named Armand working with the attorney Seth Goldstein out of Santa Rosa California amassed most of the case against Wolf. This case of some 500 pages documents Wolfs movements over more than the last thirty years. I want to interject here that what I am saying about this document is what I have been told by Armand. I have not read the report. There are many graphic recountings of abuse in those pages stretching over many years. I have felt that this is so personal to my friend who is the center of this case that I have not asked to read it from her. From the courage and organization of my friend, a woman now but who was a pre-teen child when the abuse began. Many of the other women that had been as adults manipulated into having sex with Wolf and his Wife have added their stories into the documentation. Many of these stories have been shared with me directly.  My wife and I helped our friend with love, travel logistics, and some financial support over the many months of interviews that it took to built this case. Armand took this case to heart and followed the trail of wolf's life back beyond where I came in the 80's in Nevada City, to LA and then further back up into Canada. I think he talked to the Yellowtail family. Wolf used to say that he led sun-dances with Tom Yellowtail many years ago? From what I heard from Armand there are allegations that these kinds of things happened even then, 30 years ago.
In my opinion Wolf is sick with this. he has manipulated people in the name of healing and in the pretext of ceremony virtually everywhere he has gone in life. I think it is a danger to the public to let this continue.
This is one of those stories in which many of the people involved would rather never acknowledge what they went through and I do not have their stated permission to tell there stories. When I think it can do more help than harm I have stretched this confidence. I am stretching this now. I will try to tell you about events without involving the names of people who I think would be upset with their privacy being broken. I tend to think sharing my mistakes might be helpful for others and I am for myself trying to put right whatever I can at this point.
The case that was built was taken to the local county police in Ukiah California. They took this seriously and began their own fact finding work. Wolf and Swan lived in a remote part of Mendocino county with a group of people you might call their students, followers, trainees... I hesitate to add family or friend to the list. We thought we were in this endeavor together but things were not what they seemed on the surface. I can come back to this story at another point because I am trying to lay out the legal history here that you asked about. There are a number of tangents that you would find interesting that can perhaps be gone into later. Briefly I will say that a group of us purchased several hundred acres of wild land in a remote location and built multiple large buildings and small residences to house what fluctuated between as little as 18 or so people to at times upwards of over 30 people when we had visitors and ceremonies. Wolf took to calling this "The International School of Metis Art". A grand idea that never took off in my opinion due to the fact that his hidden agenda required tighter control than any real school could encompass. Wolf would also call this a mystery school, and or a training for flower soldiers depending on who he was talking to. On the surface Wolf was teaching. He was working with a core group of people mostly who had hooked up with him in the 80s. That branched out somewhat after he started  going back on the road with the new age teaching tours again. I think his book Lighting bolt flopped and he needed money. If nothing else Wolf is a writer. He has always been working on a book a little every day for all the years that I knew him. Over the years that he was working on Lightning bolt wolf had disdain for the New Age circuit and the selling of medicine. In his mind I think he tried to distance himself from that superficial encounter that is the workshop experience. In fact he returned to the workshop tours and in doing that other people began to be recruited into this residential arrangement we had created.  
There was a family from England with two small children that came late to this group. In time these parents separated and the husband began to live with Swan and the wife and children with Wolf. I had already left the group by this time and from a distance I can only say that I think this arrangement went on for a couple of years or more at least. Adults have the right to do whatever they want. As the abuse case was being presented to the local police there was concern for what might be happening with the young children currently around wolf. The police, from what I was told, went to the local elementary school to interview the children. This was done apparently with the mother present. Shortly thereafter Wolf and the mother and children moved out of the county to Santa Rosa California. The assembled case was transfered to the Santa Rosa police and while they, the santa Rosa police, were evaluating their response Wolf and Swan moved out of the state. The family moved out of the country also. They are English and I am told they went to Ireland. Last I heard Wolf and Swan went to New Mexico. Swan has family in Texas her maiden name was Stephanie Leonard. There is a chance they may be there as well.
This case was taken to the FBI at that point. This is the extent of what I know about the pursuit of Wolf. This all happened about four or so years ago now. Given how much time has past I do not know how high a priority the FBI holds in finding this guy. If I knew where Wolf was now I would pass that fresh information to the local authorities wherever he is and again to the FBI and try to again connect all parties to the documentation that had been assembled. This is where someone here could be helpful If anybody hears of anything.
I tried to send my responce and it is to big so I am cutting it in half and will post the rest right behind this one.

the rest of my post
Wolfs network for workshops was organized in England by a man named Macarther in the town of Bath. Macarther on receiving this information has cut all ties to wolf and I am told contacted everyone he introduced to wolf in Europe with the information I have been sharing with you here. Wolfs american coordinator also was contacted and has done something of the same. I understand that Mary Bellows of wolf song ranch has also been helpful in trying to get this warning out to people as well. Wolf might have some continuing support in Germany. You would think that given all the facts that people would distance themselves but that may not be entirely the case.
Your assessment of the exploiter exploited profile rings generally true. So many people just try to put it behind them and close off to there embarrassment. I still wake up with nightmares where my mind is trying to come to terms with what I went through and I was never manipulated in the ways sexual rape must rip at the fabric of your self esteem. I do not want to judge a young woman for wanting to have a life or her sisters or any of the myriad of people who were coaxed to compromise themselves in some way. I do not hear you making any judgement in your statement but I would like to add that I think the central theme that ran through us all was that we were idealist. Idealism is what is manipulated buy sociopathic cult-thought reform charlatans. I hesitate to put such a big title to this phenomena. It lends to a sense of separation from the us of everyday life. It is safer to view these things from a distance. It happened to other people that are by the very label different than self. I suggest you let my story as well as others you come across of deception come close. The people in this group were not so much simple minded and malleable as much as they were inclined and willing to take the leap and try to walk the path of what they thought was a more sane relationship to mother earth. As misguided and misdirected as that turned out to be is this not at least part of what guides you also? You are very fortunate if you find guidance in your life that truly cared for your well being. This thing with wolf is not entirely black and white. He was not entirely a monster and yet his monstrous acts overshadow all else and has caused immense pain for those that got close to him.


--- Quote ---The people in this group were not so much simple minded and malleable as ... willing to take the leap and try to walk the path of what they thought was a more sane relationship to mother earth... This thing with wolf is not entirely black and white. He was not entirely a monster and yet his monstrous acts overshadow all else and has caused immense pain for those that got close to him.
--- End quote ---

I think that sums up what goes on with many of the frauds and the groups that form around them. I was personally involved with one of the worst of them, for many years. I saw his evil side and expressed my disapproval of it, but the bright side was bright enough to keep me hooked, for a long time. Then it got way out of hand, mostly because he was spending more and more time in the company of other frauds and those who admire and enable such people. Like "good dogs" who are not very inclined to misbehave until they form into packs!


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