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Flyers & Handouts
« on: May 19, 2005, 02:52:22 pm »
Some I've been working on for Europe that anyone is welcome to copy, repost, hand out at protests, etc.

1st Handout

Ten Things About Native People Today That May Surprise You

Native people are a lot like you.

Rap is the most popular form of music among young Natives.
Metal, punk, reggae, and country are also very popular.

Natives have always used technology. There is an American Indian astronaut, John Herrington. One of the five inventors of the Internet was a Choctaw Indian.

We Live in the Modern World and have modern problems like crime, gangs, racism, AIDs, diabetes, pollution, unemployment, and political corruption.
We drive cars, use computers, fly on planes. We live in the year 2005, not 1491.

Most Natives live in large cities.
New York City has the highest number of Natives in the US.
Mexico City has the highest number of Natives in the world.

Most Natives are Christians.
Most also practice their traditional religions at the same time.
For many Indian nations, being Catholic, Baptist, etc, has become what IS traditional.

Most common professions for Native males: agriculture, construction, military.
For Native females: healthcare, agriculture, social work.

Native people are nothing like hippies or New Agers.
We have strong warrior traditions. Most males are military veterans.
We value sobriety. We look down on drunks and drug abusers.
We value marriage and hard work.
We don’t respect people who “do their own thing??? if it is not the right thing, if it harms others, or if it lacks respect for the community or for Native people.

Native elders and medicine people are deeply aware of and involved in politics.

Native people laugh and cry as much as anyone else. We are not unemotional or stone faced like they show in movies.

Native people are a lot like you. We are not Noble Savages or Red Gandalfs.
We are not here to have fantasies invented about us. We are not here to live up to the stereotypes outsiders make up. We need to be seen as we really are.

Handout 2

Good Sources About Native Peoples, Cultures, & Spirituality

As Long as the Grass Grows and Rivers Flow by Clifford Trafzer, Harcourt Brace
500 Years Since the Invasion
Decolonization Methodologies by Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Zed Books
Natives and Academics edited by Devon Mihesuah, Univ. of Nebraska Press

How Nuage/Pseudo-Shamanism Is NOTHING Like Native Beliefs
Cherokee Tribal Warnings
Gohiyuhi, Respect in Cherokee
Hopi Tribe Warnings
New Age Frauds Plastic Shamans (NAFPS)
Playing Indian by Phillip Deloria, Yale Univ. Press
Spiritual Abusers Anonymous
They Call Us Indians, Various, World In Our Hands Foundation
Travelers Warning for “Spiritual Tourists??? in Latin America
Signs of a Fraud

Modern Native Warrior/Military Veteran Traditions
Crossing the Pond by Jere Franco, Univ. of North Texas Press
Medicine Bags and Dog Tags by Al Carroll, Univ. of Nebraska Press
Strong Hearts Wounded Souls by Tom Holm, Univ. of Texas Press

Native News
Indian Country Today

Native Studies and Tribal Universities
Arizona State University, H-Amindian
Haskell Indian Nations University
University of Arizona, Evaluating Native Websites

Spiritual Beliefs and Traditions
Cultural Theft
Declaration of War on Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality
God Is Red by Vine Deloria, Fulcrum Publishing
Navajo Nation Declaration
Protection of Ceremonies
Warning on Sweatlodges
Wisdom Sits in Places by Keith Basso, Univ. of New Mexico Press.

Handout 3

Damage Done By Frauds Posing as Native Medicine People

Silencing Actual Native Voices & Replacing Them With Imposters

Justifying Genocide, Racism, & Religious Bigotry Against Natives

Turning People Away From Activism in Favor of Empty
Feel-Good Do-Nothing Beliefs

Disruption of Native Communities, Ceremonies, & Sacred Sites

Environmental Destruction, Loss of Native Sacred Plants, Desecration of Native Sacred Sites

Stereotyping Natives as Noble Savages & Red Gandalfs

Sexual Abuse & Exploitation of Followers

Commercialism, Putting Native Beliefs & Ceremonies Up For Sale, Distorting & Changing Native Beliefs

Some Frauds Promote Racist & Religiously Bigoted Violence

Spiritual Disruption & Harm Leading to Physical & Psychological Harm

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Re: Flyers & Handouts
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2005, 09:05:31 am »
Posting this here rather than the tour list in the hope of being able to pick lots of people's brains at once:

I get the feeling that, like all your statements on the tour, these statements will be questioned by hostile newagers demanding far higher standards of evidence than they expect from the Indians and "Indians" they're used to. With that in mind it'd be good to know the name of the Choctaw computer scientist who helped develop the internet. I've only skimmed through a  few "history of the internet" pages, so perhaps I missed the information. I did find some great general Native science sites:,1240,010083,00.shtm

I only thought of this because a local newager, Amida Harvey, makes a living from website design  and hosting and might consider himself as expert on the history of the internet as he is on 'the Native American culture", a phrase he used on a reality TV show a couple of years ago, shortly before putting the hapless participants in a fake sweatlodge.