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Re: Fascism and the New Age
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Australia's Far Right movement looks a lot like the US's.
There is a large overlap between far right organizations and New Age (see ASW 2000/1) or other fringe, alternative lifestyle groups, whose rhetoric is heavily laden with conspiracy theories. The New Age magazine Nexus, available widely at newsstands and by subscription, has for some time promoted extreme right writers, organizations and conspiracy theories. In 1995 its links to US-based militia groups were exposed; Nexus advertisers, the Loyal Regiment of Australian Guardians, were later investigated for possession of “dangerous weapons,??? in the midst of the gun-ownership debate in 1996.

The magazine New Dawn, available through New Age outlets, prints conspiracy theories and LaRouchite, Nation of Islam and Libyan propaganda. During the period in review there was far less discussion on matters relating to Jews and the Middle East than in the past because of preoccupation with Australian political issues.

Annwn, an Internet newsletter with associated hard-copy publications, generally authored by webmaster Joseph Chiappalone, contains blatant examples of antisemitism cloaked in New Age rhetoric. Jews have been depicted as “the anti-Christ??? and “Zionists??? were blamed for the death of Jesus. Annwn urged readers to subscribe to the essays of US white supremacist William Pierce, commenting, “Although he is a self-confessed racist and bigot, his research is immense and much valuable data is presented in his essays.???

As far as I know, there's no relation between One Nation in Australia and One Nation in the US.
10 June 1998
There is growing evidence of One Nation links to:
The AUSI Freedom Scouts.
Beliefs in a UN conspiracy as advanced by far-right and New Age racist groups.
The far-right publication The Strategy and League of Rights publications.

This is evidenced in a number of ways:
Tom King, President of the Queensland State Electoral Committee for One Nation, has been revealed to be a former President of the far right Australian Defence Association (SE Qld Branch) who has espoused conspiracies about the UN taking over and ruining Australia. King has had material published in the extremist far-right publication The Strategy as well as the League of Rights publication On Target. King has also admitted knowing the editor of The Strategy "very well". King continues to distribute Australian Defence Association material. Tony Pitt is also closely associated with The Strategy.

Furthermore, endorsed NSW One Nation Federal candidate Ross Provis has been revealed to have links to the militant AUSI Freedom Scouts as well being an active member of Grahame Campbell's Australia First Party. The AUSI Freedom Scouts advertise extensively in extremist gun magazine, Lock, Stock and Barrel and The Strategy.

A book written by Joe Vialls of WA, who has had material published in the racist New Age magazine New Dawn, advanced the conspiracy also espoused by Hanson confidant Tony Pitt that the Port Arthur massacre was a cover up perpetrated by a number of secret agencies.

Excerpts of the book have been published in the Victorian extremist publication The Strategy as well as New Age magazine Exposure which is edited by former One Nation candidate David Summers. The book PORT ARTHUR MYSTERIES OF THE MASSACRE has been actively distributed in all National Party seats with an accompanying oral message of "vote for One Nation or Australia First"."

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Re: Fascism and the New Age
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I read the post above with a bit of a chuckle I must admit, being in Australia and familiar with the Loonies you mention.  Most folks regard Nexus as a kind of Mad Magazine for grown-ups, the few who take it seriously are the same kind as the folk who when daylight saving came in, thought it would upset cows & fade the curtains faster or actually think the Aliens will come for them (and a good thing it would be too in some cases) or that our goal is to evolve beyond phyiscal form in this lifetime (which some 'traditional' people used to call "Death" and did not see the need to rush there through courses and workshops lol).  

The book about the Port Arthur conspiracy is equally laughable (and bombed) and One Nation also bombed out badly politically.  The media made it bigger than it ever really was.  It never got real power.  

while many of the left and multicultural folks were appalled by One Nation's emergence, some observed that at least the racists had a card to carry, so could all be identified at least.  some of us had kidded ourselves the "White Australia policy" really WAS a thing of the past. ha.  It is worth noting the poster girl for the party, Pauline Hanson, is now a C-grade Tv celebrity, last seen in a reality show which paired talentless celebrities with dancers in a dance-off, and giving interviews for women's mags about her love life.  Hardly a major intellectual threat to anyone, and has finally done in whatever credibility her party may ever have had.

Of course, our Government in incidents such as the Tampa and the disgrace of the Nauru and Australian refugee detention camps (not to mention detaining and deporting the odd NESB (non-english speaking background) citizen recently by mistake), along with dismantling ATSIC is enough proof that there are racist agendas going on, without reading our kooky loonies like Nexus.  Check out The Australian (the major national newspaper) and the real problem becomes more obvious.

I wouldn't want anyone getting the impression you can measure my nation by the lunatic fringe.  The real worry is the "mass" of "comfortable middle Australia" (our Prime Miniature's phrase) the so-called "Anglo-Celtic majority" and theirleaders, who appear most of the time, to be perfectly sane & rational (by their own standards anyway, which are debatable).  They are why we are at war in more countries than we can keep track of, and they are also what perpetuates the ongoing systemic racism of mainstream culture here, where there never was a treaty, and the orginal people are still facing genocidal policies and programs, and cultural dismemberment.  From what I gather, it's not much better for Native peoples in most other places on Earth right now.

Thanks for listening, and remember, take Nexus or Golden Dawn or whatever with a hefty dose of salt. or salts-- keep it for the dunny (outhouse).  Thats the place it should end up anyway.

from Mummulgum Australia