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unread posts not showing up

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Pono Aloha:
Hi, since getting on today at about 2 am your time when I press "show unread posts" nothing comes up. But I can see that at least 5 posts were made in forums I was active in. thanks for your help.

Defend the Sacred:
I've had that happen, too. I don't know why. My guess is that it could be something with cookies. I think the forum software uses a cookie to tell when you were last on, and if that is blocked or deleted it may not be able to tell when your last log-in was. Or something.

Pono Aloha:
Well, I haven't changed my cookies. But as an example, I just clicked on unread posts and yours above did not come up.   ???

Pono Aloha:
Hi, I'm still having this problem. I just opened a new, never before used, cookie-less browser, logged in, and it tells me no unread posts since my last visit -- though I see that there are. Would love to know how to fix this problem. Thanks.

Dear Pono,

we are still running an outdated version of SMF. I will upgrade to 2.x soon, and I hope this will fix this and other problems.


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