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What do you call an Indian who robs from the rich and gives to the poor?

Ribbon Hood.



ah, c'mon Barnaby! It was funny! LOL! ;D


That is just one of the jokes that's going around the Rez, lately.  It is unfortunate that many of our jokes lose a great deal, when translated into English, so wouldn't make a lot of sense to tell, here.

I'll try one anyway!

"Three men, one white, one black and one oriental, are riding in a car, discussing God. The white man said, God is white.  The black man disagreed and said that God is Black.  The orienatal man said that he knew that God is oriental.  After a while, the discussion became quite heated, with very strong emotions coming up.  With the argument going full strong, the men had an accident and all died.

When they approached the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter greeted them with "Tansi Boysak"  (hello, how are you, boys)." 

This one was quite funny amongst the Metis crowd, since the greeting was in our language, Michif, proving that God is Metis(?).


hehehe..i like it.


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