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This REALLY happened to me!!!


A few months after the loss of my husband, a group of people we had extended a helping hand to in their time of need came to my house with lots of food, loving support.......and, PRESENTS?

The food was delicious and the support appreciated.  Soon, everyone gathered around, anxiously waiting for me to open up the 6 gaily wrapped presents.  They brought the gifts, they said, to cheer me up.

I took a deep breath, hoping I could get through this graciously.

The first opened present was a cassette of The Bear Tribe Songs.  (It felt like someone whacked me on the back of the head but I managed a very polite thank you.)

The second gift was Black Elk Speaks.  (Oh, hells bells, I couldn't even speak)

The third gift was Coyote Medicine by Lewis Mehl-Madrona  (Geeze, just shoot me, NOW)

The fourth - Sacred Path Cards & book by Jamie Sams  (The once delicious food is now seriously threatening a fast release upwards)

The fifth - Four books by Sun Bear  (Eyes now running & nose twitching from unexpressed hysterical laughter)

Lastly - A kit containing Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards by Archie Fire Lame Deer  (THAT DID IT!!  I exploded with weird sounds & tears flying.  I was clutching at my midsection, painfully trying to gasp out some form of coherent words)

I managed to plead an exhausted headache and they left.  It took about an hour for me to get it out of my system.  The occasional giggle would crop up for quite some time after that. 

I took the whole kit and caboodle of the professional frauds to one of those "Donation" boxes and flung them in!!

These non-indian folks bought all of their gifts from a book store in Kent run by a twinkie/wannabe with a Cherokee Princess Grandmother.

Older than Dirt here too.


OMG!!! Hahahahaha! Reminds me of the time we were at this big ol potluck with my then 80 year old mother-in-law. Some woman singledher oput and read her cards. Jamies Samms cards of course! When we left my MIL asked "What was that S**t about?" (she never minced words and swore like a sailor.)

those are great..lol good thing we can laugh.

when i was in london a couple years ago..a friend of my friend thought he was doing a wonderful service by handing me a plastic bow and arrow set with plastic headband and feather that he bought in a toy shop. i was speechless. he went on to say "here take this back to your chief and let him know about these things so he can put a stop to it."  my friend wanted to crawl under the table. lol somehow that bow and arrow got left in the booth at a down town pizza hut in london. guess my chief will never know now......

When I was speaking in Sweden a woman in I think her 50s proudly gave me a photo of her in her homemade "tipi". It was a plastic tent that had been cut to fit tipi "poles" (awkward looking sticks with smaller branches that hadn't been stripped off very well). She had her own version of Indin paint on the thing.

I didn't say a word, and she didn't say a single word during my speech or after.

At another speech, this poor woman broke down crying when I told her Samms was a fraud. She'd wasted many years believing in her. I'm stilling trying to figure out the right way to tell people like her.


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