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--- Quote ---Your removal of what YOU deemed offensive was a bit heavy handed don't you think?
--- End quote ---

It wasn't just me who found it offensive, as a quick read through the thread would have shown you.

--- Quote ---You deleted rule #4, which is milder than other items I have seen in these forums...
--- End quote ---

The general tone, rather than particular words, was what got it deleted.

--- Quote ---Explain why item #7 is offensive or are you one of those who think nursing mothers should be relegated to the bathroom, out of site, out of mind?
--- End quote ---

I think nursing mothers should not be made the subject of prurient jokes.

--- Quote ---Had not realised Free Speech was a qualified conc ept....
--- End quote ---

Stop whining: of course it's qualified. If you'd said those things in my home and then acted as you have, your feet wouldn't have touched the ground as you left. You've had your warning: you will be banned from this forum if you continue to post inappropriately. I'm now locking this thread.


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