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The latest unintentional comedy from this guy. I love how he can't answer any of my points, so he pulls the relly-spirchul card again.

Can anybody add their own comedy bits to the list I started, Top Ten Lessons About Speaking With Nuagers? My first three are numbered below.

An answer to your incredibly funny email

Thanks for being unintentionally funny yet again, for proving your own ability at self delusion knows no bounds.
More comments within the text. Mine have >>>

classe waltin <classewaltin@yahoo.se> wrote:
Greetings! A central part of my personal vision/intention/work is about taking the best from the old ways

>>>First let me congrtulate you on another Freudian slip. You said "take" which also means "steal". You are no longer pretending to be "sharing".

>>>The further problem is absolutely NONE of what you are taking is real. "Peace shields" are absolutely phony and don't exist in Native cultures.

>>>I made the offer to you before: Show me that Williston or Talbot are "representatives" of any Native people. You couldn't. That is an admission they are New Age people, not Native leaders.

>>>I'll make a second offer: Show me where "peace shields" are part of Anishnaabe tradition. They aren't. They're phony and made up to take money from gullible people such as yourself.

together with the best of the new ways, in order to obtain more balance in our current ways of living.
When inaccurate information is spred about my friends and Elders I find it natural to not let it pass

>>>"Elders"? LOL! Oh my, you really think you became Indian because you foolishly gave money to frauds?

>>>And I'll make you a third offer: Show me where any "inaccurate information" is being spread about frauds like Williston or Talbot.

Changing focus a bit,

>>>Yep, can't let the truth get in the way, can you?

I try to figure out what kind of lesson there is to draw from our correspondance.

>>>Sure there is. Titles for the Lesson:

>>>1) Denial Ain't Just a River in Egypt

>>>2) The More You Use Me, the More I Like It: Masochism Among Nuagers

>>>3) Clueless In Sweden

>>>And I'll see what else people can come up with. There's a comedy thread about you over at http://newagefraud.org/cgi-bin/forum/YaBB.cgi?board=comedy;action=display;num=1122332625 Come see how people find you so funny!

Maybe I could have left out some of the most sarcastic expressions, in order to show more respect for the Peace Shield and it´s peaceful vision...

>>>LOL! "Peace shields" don't have visions, bubba, it' a piece of leather and wood made up by twinkies like yourself.

>>>Here's an idea: How about you show respect for the Anishnaabe and quit spreading lies about their traditions?

Finally a story.
A Native American Grandfather talks to his young
grandson. He tells the boy that he has two wolves
inside of him, struggling with each other. The first is the wolf of peace,love and kindness. The second is the one of fear, greed and hatred.
-Which wolf will win, Grandfather? Asked the young
Grandfather replies.
-The one I feed.

>>>That story is well known among a lot of Native traditions bubba. Gee, that's incredibly condescending of you. That's mighty white of you.

>>>Look up Freudian slip, bubba, because you criticized yourself in that story.

>>>You feed the wolf of greed when you TAKE (in your own words) Native traditions without asking and distort and lie about them.

>>>The fact that you insist Indians must live up to your expectations shows you feed your racist hatred towards Natives.

>>>And by failing to look within yourself and examine the harm you do, you feed the wolf of your own fears. Ask yourself: why are you afraid to look within and see the harm you do?

>>>So while you may make us laugh, in the end Native people truly pity you and your self delusions.


--- Quote --->>>3) Clueless In Sweden

--- End quote ---

Aaaah, I took that course!  Quite tough but extremely good!! Highly recommended for all Swedes ;D


Really good to see you back Trish.

It's good to be back Al. Sorry I missed you on the tour. But with all the new stuff going on, I'm sure we'll meet up sooner or later.



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