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Latest thing over here for Nuagers: spiritual haircut.  The spirit world and your spirit guide will tell the hairdresser what style and colour you need.

Couldn´t believe it when I saw it at a New Age Fair!!  (Don´t the spirit guides have something better to do??)

Smart business idea, though! Wonder what will be next.....


Well I sure hope some North American hairdressers catch on to this real soon, because I sure would not want to have to go overseas for the right haircut. and I'm sure there are many more who feel the same way.

If that fair is still going on, please try to get back over there and pass on this message!


As soon as some entrepenuring person reads this over here, it will be everywhere.   BTW  haha I DID get my haircut on Saturday.


I can see it now.  I shave my head, and leave a scalp lock, then go to work at Johnson Space Center.  Ya, that would go over well, what are these people thinking!  Oh excuse me, I assume too much.


Oh, Lord and Lady!  THAT is the dippiest thing I've ever heard of.

Which means it will go over big once it hits America (especially California).


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