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A Poem I Wrote About Frauds And Their Followers...


Frauds and Twinkies Beware!

Petty tyrants try
To make warriors rage

The deliberately bait and switch
They blur any reasonable set of lines
They babble on incessantly
How they are the holy put upon kind

They attack with innuendo
They slander lie and cheat
They've got a discount on their soul
And it's going for dirt cheap

They whine and moan and groan
They distort and warp the thought
That might lead them to the open
Because they don't want to get caught

They cannot help themselves
Because they have no faith down deep
They cannot make the leap
They're doomed to remain forevermore
A bunch of eternal creeps

They're small and twisted up inside
But they can puff up really big
They claim they are     a predator
But the reality is that they are the pig

Not that they can't slather
Or layer it on real thick
They're just intelligent enough
To know how to be slick

It's the Idiots Of The Week Award
The slant rant point of view
Going to the one who's got
A crock full of talk,talk, talk
But isn't much on follow through


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