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I am the Quantum Shaman , Aloha!

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Yes, I am the one and only Quantum Shaman.

Aloha, hoka-hey and yo! wassup?

I have realized I'm missing out on lots of money-making
opportunities, so I decided to start a nuage scam of my own
and cash in.  I have discovered that many nuage scams involve
a "shaman" who guides the company, and they usually use the
term "Quantum physics" somewhere in their promo ads.

The HAARP Antenna Neutralizer
BY Votron Cybertech

Put a stop to the HAARP!


Are you becoming aware that Big Brother really IS watching your every move? Are you and your family bothered by strange thoughts in your head which seem to be coming from an external source? Are you troubled by weird, unexplained phenomena in your home? Are you tired of Government mind control? Do you want to regain control of your mind?

  Protect yourself and those you love from the potentially harmful rays of the HAARP Antenna. Our revolutionary new device cancels out the disruptive force-field of the HAARP and renders it harmless. Quantum physics has proven conclusively that the character and blueprint of all matter is magnetic and electrical first, before it becomes molecular and physical. Our revolutionary technology is based on the fundamental premise that the characteristics of a molecular substance are derived first from their subtle electro-magnetic fields, and only then from the protons, neutrons, and electrons that make up the physical characteristics of matter.

For more information about the revolutionary new HAARP Antenna Neutralizer

 The Quantum Shaman
  AKA Johnny Asia, Guitar Avatar

"Johnny Asia hails from Woodstock, N.Y., so the cosmic energy may just be in the water. Whatever the source, Asia's transcendent, genre-spanning guitar journeys chart new musical cartographies, juxtaposing Django Reinhardt-like hard swing with dangling fusion harmonics and the space-age chord structures of John McLaughlin." - Editors' Picks in Worldbeat at Download.com Music

 Are you for Real???? So you speak a little Lakota hey???

This needs to be moved to frauds. I can't believe you would have the "guts" to even post this rediculous stuff. ;D ;D ;D ;D :o :o

I think it is probably a joke . I wondered if he was serious and googled the guy . He appears to be a musician with a quirky sense of humour . Having a odd sense of humour isn't being a fraud but it can lead to misunderstandings ( I know from having a wierd sense of humour myself )


--- Quote ---I am also the Pope-About-Town of the First Church of Common Sense. My motto is: Pucker your lips for the Apocalypse!

My band is the Woodstock Quantum Ensemble.

Johnny Asia, guitars
Phoebe Legere, vocals, piano and accordion
Joakim Lartey, percussion
--- End quote ---

LOL Might even consider joining that Church myself !

Well, talents must not be in too much demand if he has this much time  on his hands. frederica


--- Quote from: frederica on February 05, 2007, 04:23:15 am ---Well, talents must not be in too much demand if he has this much time  on his hands. frederica

--- End quote ---

Silly girl.

"If you want to know what the future of music sounds like..listen to Johnny Asia, then you'll know!"
- Jazz Guitarist Dom Minasi http://domminasi.com

"I love your playing. I am listening to your Matador tune... lots of fire and heart. Hope to meet you one day.....all innovators get negative comments. People don't like change or growth. To me it means you're doing something right. Keep doing what you're doing. Much success to you."
- Jazz guitarist Jimmy Bruno http://jimmybruno.com


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