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Murray Small Legs PresentationsMein Name ist Murray Small Legs. Ich bin ein Blackfoot-Indianer vom Peigan-Stamm der Blackfoot Konföderation. Meine Heimat ist dort, wo die nördlichen ...
Zwei Welten Fachverlag - VerlagZusätzliche Kontakte erhält sie durch ihre Mitarbeit bei der "Murray Small Legs Presentations", der Veranstaltungsagentur ihres Ehemannes zum Thema Indianer ...
Murray Small Legs Presentations
Flotowstraße 35
D-14480 Potsdam
Murray Small Legs is doing alot of sweatlodge and sundance cermonie
in germany
not sure if he ok doing this ?


--- Quote from: ladybug on December 14, 2009, 09:41:14 pm ---
Murray Small Legs is doing alot of sweatlodge and sundance cermonie
in germany
not sure if he ok doing this ?

--- End quote ---

on his website i cannot see, that he is selling ceremonies or sweatlodge.
if you have information, post the "link".

Once again, I have as yet to be presented with proof of Murry Small Legs selling ceremony. As far as I can tell, he makes a living as an artist and doing educational speeches on Blackfoot culture and history.

Ladybug, what we're doing here is serious work and we make sure what we publish is correct to our best knowledge. What we can do without is somebody bouncing in and dropping numerous mails, most of which are hardly based on research but instead on libel.

I haven't found anything questionable on him on the sites in English. He's a dancer and artist who does some very commendable presentations on Native cultures. Ingeborg's research on the sites in German shows the same thing.

Moved to No Longer a Concern.

While we appreciate people wanting to know more, flooding us with many requests and not taking much care in who you label as doing harm, well, that harms both NAFPS and, more importantly, good people who harm no one, like the NAAoG and Murray SL.

We received an additional message of support for him.


At first thank you to the Administrators for welcoming me in NAFPS: you are doing really a great work. I am from Italy: here too exploitation of Native Spirituality is really a bad problem.

Anyway, i am stealing few minutes of your time about Murray Small legs.

I confirm that there was probably confusion with Devalon Small legs (his brother).

I have been knowing Murray for about 8 years now: every summer he comes to italy for Festival organized by Associations (actually 3/4 serious associations) which have been working for many years in order to spread a truer knowledge of Native Cultures, trying as much as they can to invite Natives here, fighting again spiritual exploitation, and giving Native people the opportunity to personally talk about their culture. Never, never, and never any issue related to more "private" areas (such as spirituality) has been mentioned. During these festivals there are lectures, conferences about historical, social topics, poetry readings, social dances (we have professional Pow Wow dancers performing), sometimes games, tipi setting competions, good food and good humor. That's it.

Murray is a really good dancers, he makes beautiful craft working with obsidian 8 years I NEVER heard him mentioning anything related to things (Things) which must be respected and kept private.

I felt I must write this comment, because Murray doesn't really deserve to be misunderstood.


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