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Add your suggegtions everyone. And you'll received credit for anything that winds up in the book.

Nuagespeak to Plain English Dictionary (Including Spelling Dictionary)

“Give???- 1) Using force, theft, or threats. 2) Receiving stolen goods.
As in, “The Lakota people gave us the sweat lodge for all to use,??? when they really mean, “Our white shaman pipe carrier told us not to listen to Native protests, and if you don’t shut up we’ll sue you to try and silence you!???

“Harmony???- 1) Mindless unquestioning obedience. 2) Censorship, a refusal to allow any questions which are not sufficiently brownnosing enough.
As in, “We must keep good group harmony,??? when they really mean, “Don’t you dare point out our blond blue-eyed white woman from New Jersey is not a reincarnated Cherokee Mayan crystal skull caretaker like she claims!???

“Hate???-Criticism or disagreement.
A typical exchange:
Native: “I don’t think it’s right for you to exploit our beliefs. Our ways are not for sale.???
Nuager (fumes and foams at the mouth, cannot think or gets words out, then finally explodes): “YOU ARE JUST FULL OF HATE YOU RED NAZI SAVAGE! Why don‘t you want to share this with us?! You should just evolve, adapt your primitive ways, help us save the planet, help us promote harmony and understanding, etc. OTHERWISE YOU‘RE JUST FULL OF HATE!???

“Pathetic???-See “Unhappy.???

“Racist???-Anyone who disagrees with Nuage exploitation of Natives. Said most often and most fervently by those who have never experienced actual racism.

“Shaman???- 1) Anyone who sets themselves up as a dispenser of allegedly sacred ceremonies for profit to a clueless upper middle class white suburbanite market. Usually trained in a “lengthy??? or “advanced??? weekend seminar by a similar dispenser of allegedly sacred ceremonies for profit. 2) An attempt to claim that indigenous healers who train for decades to selflessly serve their own communities are somehow the same as dispensers of dubious ceremonies for profit to clueless upper middle class white suburbanites.

“Sharing“-Stealing, taking, or theft.
As in, “We are sharing these wonderful Native ceremonies,??? when they actually mean, “We have taken these ceremonies without asking Native people’s permission and in spite of repeated requests to stop, and we are so self involved, we would not stop no matter what anyone says.???

“Unhappy???-A claim that is a favorite personal attack tactic of Nuagers, based on the flimsiest attempts at pop psychology diagnosis, used against any critic of Nuage, and often projecting their own inner turmoil onto the critic.
As in, “You must be a very pathetic, unhappy individual to criticize my shamanistic pipe keeper Chief Silly Name. Before I met him I was alcoholic and suicidal because I found out I was dying from cancer.???

Spelling Dictionary
Most of these Nuage “creative spellings??? are attempts to sound or appear more authentic by appealing to stereotypes of Natives as mysterious or archaic.
Aztekah- Aztec, Azteca, or Mexican
Inka- Inca
Mexikah- Mexica, Mexican, or Aztec
Tsalagi-Cherokee (OK, here’s where I’d like some Cherokee input about how Nuagers use Tsalagi instead of Cherokee.)

Ah Cherokee input. Now Vance you correct me if I am wrong. A dead giveaway for a name a person has chosen for themselves is, well let me use an example. "Little Wolf". Usid is 'little' in Cherokee, wayha is 'wolf'. If I see Usdi Wayha I figure they gave themselves the name. The descriptive comes after the noun and the name should really be Wayha Usdi.

I hear nuagers say I am ani-tsalagi. If I am not mistaken that would actually mean I am the Cherokee people. But you know we never called ourselves Tsalagi anyway.

I know am I am straying off the topic but I like all the various ways of pronouncing hello in Cherokee that they come up with. Oh-say-you, Oh shee, yo, Oh show, say-yo.

Another side note, when I hear nuagers that claim to be Cherokee they talk in, I think its the thrid person. Instead of saying "My people use to do this or that..." they say "The Cherokee people use to do this or that..."

And someone using the porper name "Aniyuwiya" does not mean a thing since Diane Fisher did her homewrok well enough to know that one.

I will think some more Al, but I bet Vance will have some input.


Here are some other words that I love. 'matrix' as in energy matrix and energy grids etc. "Past Life Regression" as in I was an Indian in a past life so I have the right to steal your ways or there are not enough Indians for all the spirits of Indians to come back into so they are coming back into white bodies this time around.



--- Quote ---Here are some other words that I love. 'matrix' as in energy matrix and energy grids etc.
--- End quote ---

How about this for 'energy'?

Energy: subjective feeling or perception mistaken for external force or principle eg 'Mmmm, yeah, there were some really good energies in the sweatlodge last night.'

'This chunk of quartz I paid two hundred dollars for channels extremely powerful energies from the star-beings.'

Often said to critics: 'I'm feeling some really dark energies from you!' (That is, 'You popped my bliss-bubble! Oh no, painful reality is intruding! Ouch! Help!')

Another newage usage: 'Money's just an energy'. (That is, 'I want your money').

Note: when used by newagers, 'energy' is the least favourite word of British actor/playright/comedian/novelist/national treasure Stephen Fry:

Q: You have a great command of language, but which are your least favourite words and why?

A: 'Hopefully' and 'disinterested' are nearly always used wrongly and, although it's silly to be pedantic, it annoys me. But the worst is 'energy' when used in a meaningless, new-age sort of way, as in 'positive energy' and all that arse-wallop.


Nuagespeak: 'The Universe will provide'. Often intoned piously by hopelessly deluded nuager unable to afford spiralling dope habit (see 'Teaching Plants').

Plain English: someone else will provide.


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