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Marlise James / Marlise Wabun Wind
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Research thread started from this suggestion:

In 1970 I met Sun Bear, a Native American teacher and visionary. After completing my first book, The Peoples Lawyers, and a magazine article for Life, I moved west to work with Sun Bear and the Bear Tribe.

From 1971 until 1995 I was his “medicine helper”. I helped him to found a community of people of all races and backgrounds attempting to learn to live together in a more positive way than that taught or practiced by the mainstream culture. In my work with the Bear Tribe I was the executive director of the community, a counselor, teacher, lecturer, curriculum developer, public relations person, ceremonialist. I found and directed a publishing company and edited a national magazine. The publishing company produced eight books, four videotapes, over one dozen audiotapes, and a number of related products. In my years with this organization I met elders and teachers representing Native peoples from all parts of the world.

Ultimately, love, and a ticking biological clock motivated me to leave the life I had built with the Bear Tribe, and to dive as wholeheartedly into the mainstream culture as I had into the alternative and indigenous ones. I am now married to a child psychiatrist who specializes in character analytic therapy.

She lives in Philadelphia now. Her twitter feed actively advertises her participation in Red Tent movement stuff.

She is also into this:

Ms. Wind was searching for an alternative to the surgical treatments for an arthritic ankle when she was referred to Dr. Shiple, and it was through him that she learned about RIT and underwent successful treatment. Her enthusiasm over the results of her experience led her to collaborate with Dr. Shiple on Regenerative Healing For Life.

Because of her own knowledge of the physical limitations of other illnesses, and pain, Ms. Wind has become an advocate for RIT and related non-invasive treatments. She has lectured widely on topics related to integrative healing, complementary and holistic medicine, and wellness.

This RIT stuff, a form of "prolotherapy" is not based on scientific evidence, is invasive, expensive, and possibly dangerous.