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Aboriginal Moabite Nation
« on: June 16, 2015, 10:03:28 pm »
Over at the Quatloos forum, where they track sovereign citizen groups, they say this group is tied to the Washitaws. So far haven't found that connection, but they do use the same nonsense about "Muu and Muurs." The AMN are in Greenville SC, Washitaws in north Louisiana. But the phone for their "embassy" is a cell used by a tax consultant in Bowie, MD.

Lots of altmed scams, homeschooling, sovereign citizen nonsense, claims of being a kingdom in the Americans pre 1492, and you have to pay to be an "affiliate."

There's little mention of names on their homepage. Among the few tied to AMN are Elizabeth Trutwin.
"...visiting the Organization of American States (OAS) as a delegate for the Aboriginal Moabite Nation..."
Her homepage.

Lillie Williams Akali El, listed as their "prime minister."
Listed here as being 75 years old. Friends or family listed, Usiku El and Mecca Bey.
"Kutisha Jamata Kazi El Minister of Humanities at Aboriginal Moabite Nation" and bizarrely, nothing else about him at all at LinkedIn.

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Re: Aboriginal Moabite Nation
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2019, 08:54:50 pm »
This militia group's website is down since 2016. They operate on FB now. Still selling alt medicine, still with faux Arab names, and still tied to the Washitaws.

CafePress gifts, discounted.

Faux history and Bible claims from a member.


Elizabeth or Beth Trutwin is one of their organizers.
Beth Trutwin -ARGGGGH!
Post Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:29 pm

I haven't been visiting Beth TruthWind, er, Trutwin's sites much recently - her stuff bores me to tears. Today I note that here Cosmic Ascension site is down, and she hasn't posted on Welcome the Light (Mark Huber's old site) since July (and their webmaster Tony hasn't given his two cents since March). Yes, I know you can listen to their BBS2 Radio show and call in, but I find my tolerance to listening to them quite limited and would much rather read the transcripts, which have be absent from the web for quite some time.

I also note that Lord Rama and Lady Tara (Mr. Berkowitz and Marilyn Green) now go by Rama Ajuna and Tara Green (at least on their BBS2 show).

As for the Aboriginal Moabite Nation and a certain POTUS membership as asserted by Beth TushWink, you will note how President Obama mentions Wahitaw every chance he gets.

Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah, say that fast 3 times. Empress Verdiacee Tiari Washitaw Turner Goston El-Bey claims to have secretly met the President during a visit to New Orleans where every minute of his time was accounted for a broadcast live. But was it really him or one of those New World Order clones? I mean, if he was really tuned into this anti-new-world-order thing would he allow clones of himself to be made? Or was it his clone the Empress and former mayor met with? If it was, is the Empress sane enough to tell?

As for the pyramid scheme, I assume you are referring to the 777 Prosperity Club or whatever it was called that is referenced in another thread here. I especially liked the site's present-on-every-page denials that they're a pyramid scheme.

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Re: Beth Trutwin -ARGGGGH!
Post Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:46 pm

I think that she's trying to cut back on spending, since more and more people leave every day. GRT has been disallowed to anyone who does not have an e-mail invitation from Beth, and the blog has been taken down, so no one can actually see what she's posting, if anything. Honestly, it's better this way, given that it will be much more difficult for people to fall into the trap...and we don't have to see her BS anymore.

Also, a point of information on Tara's name--I've seen it in the iterations of Marilyn Green, Marian Green, Tara Green, Tara Berkowitz, and Marian Harris (this is what you get when you reverse lookup their phone number).

In addition, the reason they asserted so heavily that Obama is Washitaw is not because of the "Empress"' claimed meeting with him, but because Rama/Ari/Mr.A/Osiris/whatever else he called himself claimed to have heard it from Michelle Obama. Because, you know, everyone who's anyone wants to talk to Rama, because he does SOOOOOOOOO much... >.>

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Re: Beth Trutwin -ARGGGGH!
Post Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:18 pm

Build a border around her house, require her to get a passport to go to the grocery store, impose a tarriff on all goods going in or ouot, cut off all utilities across the border etc...

And then, round up all the people she has sold "citizenship" packages to and deport them to her back yard.

But of course, she won't need to have license plates.