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Roy Steevensz AKA Roy Littlesun
« on: November 16, 2006, 02:37:09 am »
Before he became a world-famous Hopi impostor, Roy Littlesun spent a lot of his money at Kinko's, making copies of his own writings - for distribution to whoever he could persuade to read them. Those writings consisted of basically the same ideas presented in different words, in endless variations. I use to think that Hell, for Roy, would be any place where he was deprived of pen/pencil and paper. Not anymore...

It took him a while to catch on to using the internet to spread his "teachings" far and wide, and once he did, he produced a long series of one-shot websites containing collections of his writings. They were posted by whoever he could persuade to put them into web page form and pay a hosting fee. None ever lasted longer than it took for the person doing the work to realize what they'd gotten themselves into.

But now, thanks to the popularity of blogs, he no longer needs to do that kind of persuading. All he needs now is access to the internet to make his "insights" available to us all. Tonight I found that he has started SIX different blogs, all connected to one another. Some of them are still empty, but when you can't stop rewriting the same stuff, and free blogs have limited space, I guess you need to have a few in reserve.

The cool thing about blogs is anyone can post comments on them.... ;)

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Re: All you need is the internet!
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Comments are on their way
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RLS now has several youtube channels. In his latest video he's begging for money to help him save the world. Anyone who may care to comment on the video should visit