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Ed McGaa-An Insider's View
« on: May 22, 2005, 12:10:56 am »
This is an account from our new member pattyz, which she gave permission to repost. Quite a sordid story, hitting on followers inside sweatlodges, breaking up marriages, and a king sized ego. And I'd like to hear more about the pipe she mentions, if it was an actual sacred pipe he abuses, or he just pretends it is.

I don't know that I personally have anything that important to add that you don't already know and I apologize in advance if this is a waste of your limited time and energy!  I have no problem with sharing what happened, even if  more detail is requested.  Have always felt my life is an open book since my AA involvement/sobriety in 1980.

Because of one of my ancestors involvement in the theft of gold from the Black Hills, I felt compelled to fill in the blanks of my education in regards to the first peoples of this land and 'verify' my ancestor's recorded narrative.  What I learned both sickened me and made me want to know more, first-hand if possible.  A flyer from the "Present Moment" nuage shop announced Ed McGaa's upcoming seminar, offering me the opportunity to do just that.  I thought.  In the spring of '89 I attended one of McGaa's first workshops on Native American Spirituality with a friend of mine.  

It really began that first evening during our introductory sweat with his hand on my leg.  I was such a dope, what did I know...  
After two months of seduction, lies, a two week affair, five more months of 'come here-go away', I finally learned some valuable lessons.   It cost me a 20 yr marriage, my two daughters, 20 lbs and nearly my sanity.  But I take full responsibility for my part in that.   I felt so very flattered, desired and it was exciting to be singled out,  included in the behind the scenes of Ed's  'business'.

One thing I learned was that I was not the first, just one in a growing line of 'seductees' that were used to boost Ed's ego.  I was also not the last by far...  Ed McGaa is a predator.  Sixteen years later at age 69, I don't imagine he is still quite that active, but he's left a lot of wreckage in his personal 'path to sprituality'.

He also uses those he comes in contact with to gather 'stories' (which he changes to suit his own needs) for his latest book.   ie:  I'm in that 'Mother Earth Spirituality' along with a lot of other dupes.  (In 1989 his only book was the juvie non-fiction of Red Cloud.)  He also had a manuscript he passed around about the 'Blue Man' story, asking for 'feedback' which angered him when it came back constructive critisizm.  He was told by publishers the manuscript was worth several books with lots of changes needed.  His idea for his next book was on the Celts.

Ed's favorite, most used expression is: "F%ck 'em!!"   It is also his basic attitude toward everyone, behind their back.  His favorite posture is that of bomber pilot, which he works into the first personal conversation you have with him.   But he does have a small place where he is terrified that he is offending his ancestors by his actions....I remember the look he'd get and the shivers down his back.

He is a master of knowing what buttons to push and where/when to stroke someone.  He makes a good first impression and if kept casual or superficial he comes across sounding like he knows what he's talking about.  Much of what he says has truth in it.  He has a good sense of humor and is charismatic.  If the harm he does to individuals and all of the NA community was not so devastating, he'd be a likable enough guy.

He'd always say: "I'm no 'Guru'."  Yet he cultivated that attitude from people.  Welcomed it until the clamoring for his attention and time became a burden.   He'd say something to the effect of:  "I've taught you what to do, now you go out and do're on your own."  That's not necessarily a bad way of being, but what he DOES is so harmful.

I can name names, dates, places and be more specific if needed for verification.    Another NA I met showed me the error of my intent.  Through that association I passed the pipe I had wrongly held and confronted that first group of 'Rainbow Tribe'ers.  Their b.s. rationalizations were the same I see today online from so many others just like them.
Al, I leave it up to you to decide if this information is in any way helpful.  Any part or none.

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Re: Ed McGaa-An Insider's View
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2005, 01:45:29 am »
Yikes! This guy was just here, sponsored by Roy Wilson's bunch. Two of my friends went to see him and bought his books. Yikes. I sent this page to two other friends because the two that went to see him will not listen. I know. They just get mad at me for telling them. :(

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Re: Ed McGaa-An Insider's View
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2005, 12:06:55 pm »

I have to take blame for possesion of the pipe.  I bought it at Pipestone, MN during a family trip a few years before I met McGaa because it had a carved buffalo on it.......this is bad, I know.  But didn't then.

Ed said it should be covered and treated with respect, not on 'display'.  So,  I made a deerskin bag for it.

However, he taught us how to pray with these sacred items and we were encouraged to have one of our own.

His canupa was used for the early 'ceremonies' we were taught.  It was well worn as was his bag.

I hope that answers your questions, or else I just don't know enough or understand what your concern refers to.

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Re: Ed McGaa-An Insider's View
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2005, 02:15:06 pm »
Very often, frauds will pass out what they claim are sacred pipes to just about anyone, to impress them, get their money, or even "franchise out" their fraud business by "apprenticing" them, for a very high fee of course.

Sometimes frauds will get hold of an actual sacred pipe, medicine bundle, or other sacred item, such as Chuck Storm when he stole one from an elder. Either approach devalues what is sacred, turns it into just another moneymaking scheme.

In this case he encouraged you to hold onto a sacred pipe, but not one of THE sacred pipes held dear by a tribe or band.

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Re: Ed McGaa-An Insider's View
« Reply #4 on: September 13, 2017, 03:36:50 pm »
Saw that Ed Mcgaa was dead on James Diago Davies wrote a tribute to him in his column. Apparently they were friends.

His obituary:

Melvin ‘Ed’ McGaa
September 7, 2017071

Melvin Edward McGaa was born April 16, 1936, in Pine Ridge, S.D., to William Denver McGaa II and Julia Russell McGaa.

Ed received a law degree from the University of South Dakota, was an author, speaker, publisher and veteran. Major Ed served as a Marine in Korea and flew 110 combat missions as a F4 fighter pilot in Vietnam.

Ed “Eagleman” authored 14 books including “Mother Earth Spirituality,” “Nature’s Way,” “Rainbow Tribe,” “Native Wisdom,” “Black Elk Speaks IV” and “Exposing Terrorism – Indigenous Spirituality and Religious Extremism.”

Eagleman did six Sun Dances in six years under the tutelage of holy men Chief Eagle Feather, Chief Fool’s Crow and Ben Black Elk.

Ed advocated for truth, knowledge, mystery and harmony including environmental solutions. Ed was instrumental in passing the American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978 and protected Lakota language and ceremonies from external persecution.

Ed died Aug. 25, 2017, at his home in Hill City, S.D. He was 81.

An honoring memorial service will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 11, at Crazy Horse Memorial with a subsequent service in Minnesota in October TBA.