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"Gini Graham Scott
Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., is the author of 35 books including The Power of Fantasy, Mind Your Own Business: The Battle for Personal Privacy, Secrets of the Shaman, Shamanism and Personal Mastery, Shamanism for Everyone, and Shaman Warrior. She has appeared on such television programs as Oprah, CNN Talk Back Live, and The O’Reilly Factor."

"You’re no idiot, of course. You know that shamans are also known as medicine men and women, who use the power of the mind and call on spiritual helpers to heal the afflicted. However, this ancient art has been put to more modern uses, including problem solving, empowerment, and personal mastery.

But you don’t have to trek through steamy Amazonian jungles or frigid Siberian tundra to become enlightened in the ways of shamanism! The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Shamanism will show exactly how to discover your own shamanic power—and how that power will guide you in your everyday life! In this Complete Idiot’s Guide®, you get:

--Shamanic history—from its origins in Paleolithic times to its spreading influence today.

--Power animals—where to locate them and how they communicate with you.

--How to take a shamanic journey—traveling through the Lower, Upper, and Middle Worlds, and exploring your past or future.

--Shamanic healing techniques in use with modern medicine."

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Re: Book "Complete Idiots Guide to Shamanism&
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Scott has absolutely no qualifications to write this book. Basically she writes whatever will make money.
"Besides writing over 35 non-fiction books on diverse subjects, Gini Scott has written 12 screenplays for feature films -- one to begin filming in 2004 by Liv 'N' Luv Productions.  She has designed over two-dozen games published by major game companies. She uses games and simulations in some of her workshops and seminars, and was Nintendo's national spokesperson for its Tetris II game line....  


She also has a series of books on pop culture and social issues, including on privacy and talk shows; on success in business; and on personal success techniques....

Her screenplays are mostly in the mystery, crime, action, sci-fi, and legal thriller genres."

But make no mistake about it, she is an exploiter...

...just not a very successful one!
"SHAMAN WARRIOR. An account of experiences with a shaman, a la Carlos Castaneda and Lynn Andrews, written by a woman who studied and trained with a shaman as part of a small San Francisco Bay Area group. She reports on her experiences in accompanying the group on numerous trips to work with the forces of nature, use power objects, work with energy, contact spiritual beings, and participate in other activities. >>>The book was originally published in two sold-out printings by a small publisher who ran into financial difficulties and the author got back the rights. (Published book). <<<

SECRETS OF THE SHAMAN and SHAMAN INITIATION. A continuation of the experiences described in Shaman Warrior, based on additional personal training in Southern California with the same shaman.
>>>Secrets of the Shaman was co-published by the writer and a small publisher, and rights could be obtained again for republication. Shaman Initiation has not yet been published.<<<
Both books describe the author's experiences of more advanced shamanic training in working with spirits and the forces of nature. (Published book and manuscript).  

USING THE SHAMAN JOURNEY FOR SUCCESS. This book draws on traditional shamanic techniques of taking an inner journey to gain insights and power to use in daily life. Techniques include gaining advice from teachers and guides, and working with the forces of nature. The author has published 4 books on shamanism.>>> (Proposal and chapters available).<<< "

I couldn't find out who this alleged shaman was, though she does claim to have studied for a grand total of *two years* with the guy.

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This topic is still of concern, since the author's several books on shamans and shamanism are still widely offered and talked about.

All earlier links in previous posts are now defunct, and I will add several links, some with short comments:

The book is still for sale here:

She is on Facebook:

She is Owner/CEO/Producer at:

Some bios: [Spam instead of bio?]

The Wikipeda article's bibliography lists her as the author of five books about shamanism:
• The Complete Idiot's Guide to Shamanism (Alpha Books, 2002)
• Secrets of the Shaman: Further Explorations with the Leader of a Group Practicing Shamanism (New Falcon 1993, 2007)
• Shaman Warrior (New Falcon 1988)
• Shamanism and Personal Mastery: Using Symbols, Rituals, and Talismans to Activate the Powers Within You (Paragon House Publishers August 1991) ISBN 1-55778-381-0, ISBN 978-1-55778-381-3
• Shamanism for Everyone (Whitford Press March 1997) ISBN 0-914918-86-9, ISBN 978-0-914918-86-8

Here are links to those books at Amazon: (Not in Wikipedia article.)

She is also a contributor to Huffington Post:

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Re: Book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Shamanism" by Gini Graham Scott
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I couldn't find out who this alleged shaman was, though she does claim to have studied for a grand total of *two years* with the guy.

I found some information, e.g. here (my bolding):

THE SHAMAN WARRIOR is a classic book of magic and psychic exploration, much like the series of books by Carlos Castaneda and by Lynn Andrews. The author, a sociologist/anthropologist, first met Michael Fairwell, the shaman teacher she studied with, at a magical encampment, and much of Shaman Warrior consists of her descriptions of expeditions into the wilderness to work with Michael and other members of the group in contacting and communicating with the forces of nature. But she also highlights Michael's teachings of the principles of the shaman warrior way, provided in a series of ten lessons by Michael.

I found this in the book that is named in the title of this thread. Seems it's an assumed name (my bolding):

Additionally, my thanks to Michael Fairwell, as he preferred to be called, when I studied shamanism with him as one of his students in the Order of the Divine Flame and later wrote about his teachings in Shaman Warrior and Secrets of the Shaman.

More information in the two books mentioned in the quote, plus one other book:

… the ODF leader, Michael Fairwell, and his associate Gene Perry …

— Further googling of these names and the named order may yield results, however, this is as far as I got.

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That book page has a bio with some links that I overlooked in the first place, including her homepage (my boldings):

About the Author
Gini Graham Scott has published over 50 books with mainstream publishers, focusing on social trends, work and business relationships, and personal and professional development. She has previously written a series of books on shamanism including: Shaman Warrior, Secrets of the Shaman, Shamanism for Everyone and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Shamanism. She has gained extensive media interest for previous books, including appearances on Good Morning America, Oprah, Montel Williams, CNN, and hundreds of radio interviews. She has frequently been quoted by the media and has set up websites to promote her most recent books, featured at and As of this writing, she has about 75,000 listings in Google Search Results. She has been a regular Huffington Post blogger since December 2012, and a Facebook page features her books and films at She has written, produced, and sometimes directed over 60 short videos, which are featured on her Changemakers Productions website at and on YouTube at