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Marie Louise Cruz AKA Sacheen Littlefeather
« on: January 13, 2023, 09:26:51 pm »
From the topic "Siobhan Marks Our Grandmothers Strap Dress" today:

Never do we go after someone who just repeated what they were falsely believed, or taught as family stories. They must gain something from it. A good recent example is Marie Cruz who called herself Sacheen Littlefeather. She made up the name and posed as Yaqui, which is as common among Mexicans as Cherokee claims are among whites. Except for two small roles in exploitation films, there was no other benefit to her. She spent her life establishing theaters and hospices. I think because she was doing good, the many people who knew of her falsehoods, not just family, never came forward.

I became aware of this earlier today via a Sámi-related news item in Norway, which linked to this 2022 article:

(Also here:

Also re-reported here:

Before that, in June of 2021, she was interviewed in The Guardian, where she told her 'official' story:

In August of 2022 came this tribute to her:

Sacheen Littlefeather also mentioned in the thread "Susan Fairweathe AKA TAIRP AKA AmericanIndian8":

They are the people who committed identity theft by stealing photos and the name of Sacheen Littlefeather, leading her to make this video exposing them:

In addition to that video these may be interesting:
[Marlon Brando's Best Actor Oscar win for "The Godfather" | Sacheen Littlefeather]
[Sacheen Littlefeather Reads Marlon Brando’s Full 1973 Oscars® Speech]

There is a 2018 documentary (26 minutes):

I found only the official trailer to watch:

There is a comprehensive Wikipedia entry with lots of interesting links:

Her own website is only one page: