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How do I edit a post?

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Is it possible to edit a past post?

Thank you

You can remove an entire topic, including all of the replies, by going to the bottom of the topic and clicking on the "Remove Topic" button.

Deleting an Individual Post
To delete an individual post, locate the post in question and click the "Remove" button located on the top right.

Sorry, I'm not seeing those options. Can you possibly send a screenshot?

I'm sorry, I appear to be mistaken. I thought I saw a button for it but there does not appear to be one. You will probably have to contact the moderator.

No one except a moderator can edit or delete a post. We've had too many people not mention some trolls come in here and start a post/conversation. And when things didn't quite go as they expected they edited or deleted, in some cases, page after page of postings which didn't make much sense without the deleted/edited comments/exchanges. I hope this helps.


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