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Re: Turtle Island Tribal Nation
« Reply #15 on: May 05, 2022, 02:44:43 pm »
This might be a record, four angry delusional emails within minutes of each other. First four are his, last response is mine. The typos are his. He even is claiming injury from posting his side of the story.

You are incorrect. The Delormes were cleared by the FBI and that other
group were people from Florida not related. The ADL never updated their
site and that is being addressed as well.

In case you werent aware I am a lineal to Joseph Montriel and Red Bear,
signers of the 1863 Treaty at Old Crossing and in February of 2014 was
requested by Judge Thomas F. Hogan in DC Court to address the issue, and
I did. Ie I am actually an indian and you are a hate group. [Says the man working with white supremacists.-Al]

I will be contacting you via lawyer next.
My family is enrolled at Turtle Mountain and Red Lake and with the
Treaty Tribe who in 1964/65 won original title and occupancy in the US
Court of Claims as the Little Shell Band of North Dakota.

Get a lawyer, you will need it as I am suing for damages.

Let me rephrase,
People use your site thinking what is posted is valid. When it is
invalid you do not update your site.

The Delormes are grandchildren of Karyence Delorme who was a Grand
Councilman of Chief Little Shell III, half their family is enrolled at
Turtle Mountain and Half their family is with the Treaty Tribe.

Karyence Delorme and Little Shell III were first cousins, both going
back to Little Shell I and his brothet Joseph Little Thunder Gourneau.

So I am not sure what you need clarified, I am with real indians with
real indian cards and you are a hate group spreading lies about people
and you dont care when you are wrong.

You know nothing about anything factual related to our issuez.

Since you do not seem to be aware,
Posting emails is against the law. The e-mail contains intellectual
property and it must not be published without asking permission.

You prove, you do not know the law, or care if whom you harm are actual
indians or not.

I have my membership record from the BIA, my fathers, my grandparents
and my pedigree from the BIA.

Porter Wright is helping me find a firm in your state, as they prior
assisted us with the Federal Hearing in DC regarding the Pembina
Judgment Settlement.

I have screenshots of what you just posted and I inform you that you are
going to have to deal with this in court.


See attached. [Screenshot of German site attached.]
You also violated GDPR and European law, which I am
protected by as I am currently in Germany caring for my sons (split
Learn the law.
We have identified a firm in your filed city.

[This is me responding.]

Still waiting to hear if you claim to be part of the Pembina militia and sovereign citizens group or not.

We get threats to sue every month or so. Hasn't happened yet. This is because truth is an absolute defense to libel.

For example, I challenge you to say where we have claimed you are or are not NDN.

It's irrelevant. What we have shown repeatedly is that the Pembinas are a dangerous bunch of terrorists, the Delormes letting themselves be used by white supremacists and an Indonesian who tried to carry out a coup.

And that you are not a "chief." You just play one on the internet.

But I do thank you for admitting that your claim of having a law firm representing you was a lie.

I'm sure you will have as much "success" as other sovereign nuts.

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Re: Turtle Island Tribal Nation
« Reply #16 on: May 05, 2022, 07:58:36 pm »
TITN seems to be pretty much dead. There's not even an archive of the old site, which lasted only a few months. If it weren't for Barker joining up with the Pembinas, there'd be little concern about that group.

Barker also says he's descended from Pocahontas. Really. Bolding is mine.

Chief Midegah Mide Ogichidaa Winini is a Hereditary Chief of the Adik Songab Doodem (clan) of the Ojibway of the Anishinaabeg people. Midegah is also a direct lineal descendant of Chief Miscomukquoh, Sub Chief Joseph Montriel, and Red Lake Principle Chief Old Chief Medweganoonind, all signers of the 1863 and 1864 Old Crossing Treaties. All 3 of Chief Red Bears sisters are Chief Midegah's grandmothers (Techomegood Margaret Bottineau wife of Charles Bottineau; Utinawasis Margaret Grant wife of Cuthbert Grant; and Machequayaince Margaret Bottineau wife of Chief Pewanakum a signatory on the 1789 Treaty at Fort Harmar). Utinawasis in Cree means Sky Child; Techomegood in Assiniboine means Clear Sky Woman; Machequayaince in Chippewa means Clear Sky Woman.

Chief Midegah is also a lineal descendant of Metis Chiefs Joseph Perronteau, Jean Baptiste Paul Charette, and Francois Desjarlais "Chief Peaysis"; additionally through his mother, Chief Midegah is one of 100,000 lineal descendants of famed Indian Pocahontas or Amonute Matoaka. Midegah's family maintains the grave location of Chief Little Shell I who died in 1813. Midegah also descends from Chief Tabashaw the oldest son of Chief Little Shell I.

Websites: [the militia]

There's at least one person disputing Barker's claim of descent.

Alonzo Quixana
April 21 at 9:11 PM ยท

A man under the various guises of David Taylor, David Taylor Barker, Mide Ogichidaa Winini, Midegah Ogichidaa ~
and possibly others has been perpetuating an active fraud against the Indigenous Peoples throughout Canada & the United States by falsely claiming historical Tribal right of succession and leadership.

To assist him in bolstering these fraudulent claims he is using stolen property in the form of STOLEN UNPUBLISHED manuscript proofs from a project that was dropped when his scheme was discovered in 2019.

When proof of actual authentic Anishinaabe leadership was established in 2020, the original manuscripts were purged, corrected and finally published for distribution.