Author Topic: Lakota Oyate Foundation in Germany  (Read 15855 times)

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Re: Evelin Cervenkova — Lakota Oyate Foundation in Germany
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[…] We have an article about her ready to publish in the NAIS Gazet but I put it on hold […]

This morning an e-mail from Russia told us that Evelin Cervenkova is doing it again in name of the Lakota People. We try to follow it up and all will be published in (Dutch) in the NAIS Gazet.

I found an article at this URL. It starts with quotes from the present NAFPS forum thread, then an update of March 6, 2017:

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Re: Lakota Oyate Foundation in Germany
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EVELYN_CERVENKOVA has recently attacked us, & we AIM to also shut her down! She is a Lunatic and is no match for our abilities, power, resources & more!
She has met her match, with us! She is done, Finished! She dared to attack us, but her attempt backfired on her!
The rest "will" be "HISTORY!"