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Research Needed / Re: Rain Bear Stands Last, MMIW Filmmaker
« Last post by Laurel on January 18, 2022, 10:34:23 am »
Here's the article text:

 Author/photographer documents Indian culture

 CHRISTENE MEYERS of the Gazette Staff Nov 16, 2002

 Author and photographer Serle Chapman has created a photographic homage to the Native American culture with two handsome and thought-provoking coffee-table books.

"We, the People" and "Of Earth and Elders" are two very different books with a common theme.

"Of Earth and Elders" has entered a second edition after five reprints.

The recently published "We, The People" is attracting attention for its gorgeous portraits and moving documentation of the contributions, hardship and triumph of native peoples.

From graceful young dancers to wrinkled and wise elders, from Oklahoma to Washington to an Alaskan village and the Flathead Reservation in Montana, Chapman and his tape recorder and camera have documented the frustrations, hopes, anger and insights of Indian people.

Many of his subjects have connections to Montana, either by birth or relatives or through visits on various circuits, including Writer's Voice.

Musician and poet Joy Harjo, for instance, played her saxophone, sang and lectured here. Artist Kevin Red Star maintains his gallery and family connections to Montana. With more than 35 years of experience in art, Red Star's observations represent the earnest and dedicated sense of survival inherent in much of the culture today.

Chapman captures that spirit, both in his portraits and his well-chosen quotations from both famous and little-known Native Americans.

Red Star was born in Lodge Grass on the Crow Indian Reservation. He reflects on the artistry of his mother, a bead worker, whose beautiful designs on moccasins, vests and hair barrettes inspired his early-day drawing. His policeman-game warden dad was a moonlighting musician, who with his buddies formed a band called the Reservation Hot Shots.

In Chapman's book, Red Star recalls his dad and the guys "playing all those old Hank Williams honky-tonk and country songs … I was a young guy surrounded by music and art and that combination is still with me when I work."

The book is both a visual and literary assemblage of contemporary Native America, and the author lets the people take their own time, often getting close to the bone in their observations of broken treaties, lost land and life.

Chapman takes an unhurried look at dozens of Indian lives, from author Vine Deloria Jr. to activist Russell Means, tribal chairmen, composers, lawyers, actors, poets, educators, students, journalists, historians and more.
Find out more Kibler & Kirch Gallery, 2815 Second Ave. N., carries "We, The People" and "Of Earth and Elders," royalties of which support tribal colleges of the American Indian College Fund. Call 238-9955.

The Gallery also handles Kevin Red Star originals and prints. Both Red Star and writer Serle Chapman will be at the Dec. 6 Artwalk.

The books are published by Mountain Press of Missoula, 1-800-234-5308.

Whether Pulitzer Prize winner, descendant of a great chief, pageant-prize winner or college drop-out, the insights are thought-provoking, occasionally raw and sometimes troubling.

The diversity of his subjects immediately fascinates. Their observations range from blunt to eloquent, controversial and angry to touching.

The thoughts are as varied as insights into the family structure, the meaning of sacred dances, thoughts on war, observations about the corruption of the younger generation and cryptic criticism of the American obsession with money and profit at the expense of the planet.

"I feel that we will see a great resurgence of our people and I believe our spiritual struggle will prevail," writes Floyd Red Crow Westerman, an award-wining film actor, musician and activist.

He relates the Native Americans' struggle for spiritual and cultural survival to the need to preserve the land.

Their politics range from mildly conservative to militant, but there is a moving undertone of commitment to the culture.

Grace Thorpe reminisces about her father, the legendary athlete Jim Thorpe, and talks of her own efforts to fight the placement of nuclear waste on Indian land.

Chapman took three years to compile "We, The People."

He is a world traveler and adopted son of Cheyenne teacher Henrietta Mann, endowed chairman of Montana State University's Native Studies Department. His biological father, Thomas Howard Chapman, is a decorated World War II Air Force veteran, and his birth mother is Margaret Elizabeth, a member of the European Kalderas tribe.

The family traces its lineage from Europe to the Dakotas, and one of Serle's greatest influences was the late Dakota elder, Fern Eastman Mathias.

Based near Cody, Wyo., Chapman is recently back from Paris, where he finalized a contract for a French-language edition of "We, The People." That will be published in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec and Africa.

"Of Earth and Elders" showcases more of Chapman's gorgeous photographs, but with the bonus of an originally conceived portfolio of animal photos - fox, bighorn sheep, moose, elk, bison, coyote and antelope. Christene Meyers may be reached at 657-1243 or at
Research Needed / Re: Rain Bear Stands Last, MMIW Filmmaker
« Last post by Diana on January 18, 2022, 01:35:19 am »
Cellophane,  you need to post the article. It won't let anyone read it unless you pay a subscription of $5.99. We always post the articles in full. A lot of times the links to the original article often disappear or are archived by the magazine, newspaper or author. This way we will always have them. Thanks 😊

Bahesmama, is the Romani ancestry claim supported?

This article:

says, "His biological father, Thomas Howard Chapman, is a decorated World War II Air Force veteran, and his birth mother is Margaret Elizabeth, a member of the European Kalderas tribe." The Kalderash are a Roma subgroup.
Recently profiled in this article:

Claims on his website to be:

Rain Bear Stands Last

Rain is the director of the trending documentary Somebody’s Daughter which focuses on the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW) crisis. One review describes the film as “among the most important documentaries made on not only MMIW, but also on Indian Country in the twenty-first century.” His previous film, Not In Our Name, had the distinction of being entered into the Congressional record at a House Natural Resources Committee hearing in May 2019. Rain is a member of the Strange Owl family from Birney and Lame Deer, Montana. He is also Romani and is often listed among “notable Romani people.”
Research Needed / Re: Rain Bear Stands Last, MMIW Filmmaker
« Last post by cellophane on January 17, 2022, 06:19:30 am »
Bahesmama, is the Romani ancestry claim supported?

This article:

says, "His biological father, Thomas Howard Chapman, is a decorated World War II Air Force veteran, and his birth mother is Margaret Elizabeth, a member of the European Kalderas tribe." The Kalderash are a Roma subgroup.
Frauds / Re: Jose Arnaldo Rivera & Laralyn Davis AKA Joseph & Laralyn Riverwind
« Last post by educatedindian on January 16, 2022, 11:53:36 pm »
I received a very bizarre and amusing letter from Rivera and Davis's "lawyer." Whether he is actually a lawyer for them for anything beyond this strangeness is unknown. If I were them I'd demand a refund. Below is my response, sent to their law office but also posted publicly here for all to see.


Mr. Feldstein,

I received the Fedex package from you. It was quite entertaining that you would spend the funds to send several dozen pages of the NAFPS research thread on Rivera and Davis and rather ludicrously entitle it "Exhibit A," pretending it was anything from an actual court. Such a tactic is more typical of someone posing as a lawyer rather than an actual one.
We at NAFPS get empty threats to sue many times a year. But typically they come from frauds posing as lawyers rather than an actual lawyer.

Actual lawyers know better. Sending photocopied online posts and pretending it's a legal exhibit, or sending a letter and pretending it's a Cease and Desist order from a court, as you've done, are typically what Sovereign Citizen nuts try, not actual lawyers. What would your state bar have to say about such posing?

I see that the posts were photocopied for you on Nov. 10, but you sent the faux Cease and Desist "order" on Jan. 10. So you had at least two months to do research before you embarrassed yourself with what you've sent on your law firm's stationary.

No doubt it would occur to you to wonder why it took Rivera and Davis nearly thirteen years from the time the research thread began on them to claim "defamation," and that same amount of time to claim "mental distress," that we hurt their feelings by publicly debunking their numerous obvious lies.

I have to wonder at the thoroughness of your research before you sent the letter. Given your background, some may find it commendable you would still take a case representing members of a hate group and longtime associates of literal Nazis.

You sent the "exhibit," so you supposedly read it. This means you know about Rivera and Davis associating with Yehuda Glick and his Neo Nazi friend Strache, several genocide advocates Ariel and Gopstein, and Neo Nazi Billy Roper.

You know about their long membership in the hate group Act For America and appearing on the same stages as their notoriously bigoted leader, Brigitte Gabriel. Again, given your background, some would find it commendable you still represent them, unless you share their views.

It's bizarre you keep assuming I alone said every single thing on the thread, and have only made the not-believable threat to sue to me, and none of the others. There are nearly a dozen people writing on the research thread, and over 2000 NAFPS members from dozens of tribes, many nations, and many faiths. Those writing on the research thread include Rivera himself, who I quoted in full. We always welcome all information, and would be glad to post any statement from him or Davis.

How about it? Tell them we'd post their statement, just as we did before. They could even join, post, correct any mistakes or try to justify their actions. We'd welcome the debate to get to the heart of such matters.

As another example of your sloppiness and lack of research, you falsely attributed the genealogy research to me, when it was not me. It was several others. So I'm quite sure a judge or jury would throw that claim of "defamation" out.

Not only because its's a false accusation. It hasn't even been considered "defamation" to argue someone is of a different race than they claim for over 50 years. Only racists from segregation days ever considered, "That's not your actual race," to be insulting or painful. But then you, as a lawyer, should know this.

Your claim that Davis is "proven" to be Cherokee is laughable. You point to the Georgia "Tribe" of "Eastern Cherokee." State governments have no legal power to recognize a tribe. Constitutionally, only the federal government does. Part of the reason is that states have no credible standards for recognition, and because state congressmen want to get elected, they often back dubious or even obviously false claims.

No recognized Cherokee consider them to actually be  Cherokee. Charitably, I called them a heritage club, even though their claims of heritage are not backed up. The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma lists them as frauds. The Bureau of Indian Affairs says they are neither Cherokee nor anything resembling a tribe.

But then you, as their lawyer, should know this. The BIA states in their decision that GTEC only submitted eleven members that were allegedly Cherokee. And GTEC couldn't even provide any evidence at all they were Cherokee.

All you have is Davis's unbacked claim of being allegedly Cherokee. You don't have any evidence backing it, or you would mention it in your letter. You chose to ignore that every census with her ancestors lists them as White.

You chose to ignore that she keeps changing her claims of her ancestry. It's striking you don't even try to defend her claims of being Creek or Taino.

It's also striking you don't claim that Rivera is Taino. You know he kept changing his claim of his ancestry, and is only part of a heritage club similar to GTEC. A heritage club doesn't have actual Native chiefs, any more than the Boy Scouts or the YMCA. But then you, as their lawyer, should know this.

You should also know you have just defamed *me* with your false claims. You falsely accuse me of claiming David falsified her genealogy records. I challenge you to point to me writing this anywhere.

Again, I did not do any genealogy research, nor claimed to. I'm curious as to how your state bar would react to your lying about and defaming me.

You also repeatedly falsely refer to Davis as a doctor. Again, as their lawyer, you should already know this is false. She's not a medical or any other kind of doctor. She bought a worthless online "degree" from a diploma mill. Again, this is highly unethical and questionable for you as a lawyer to spread deliberate falsehoods.

The final ludicrous part of your letter was claiming I damaged them. I'm sure you know, as a lawyer, you have to prove damages.

Yet you don't list any monetary losses, no job losses, nothing that happened to them. Just their pouting and hurt feelings because we pointed out their bigotry and obvious falsehoods.

You even go so far as to claim I "defamed" them in my classes. I'm curious, are you claiming you have spies in my classes, secretly recording lectures? Why would you even think I would have any reason to mention them? They're not exactly famous, except perhaps as legends in their own minds. Just a few gullible conferences of other bigots.

I'm not exactly confident in your research abilities. Any of this you could find out literally in just a few minutes. As a lawyer, you should know to research first before repeatedly embarrassing yourself publicly.

Then again, you could just be going through the motions and taking the money of these crackpot bigots. Certainly no good lawyer would waste anyone's time on this, or risk their good name.
Research Needed / Re: Gowa Peshewa - Doc Macaki Peshewa relative?
« Last post by Sparks on January 15, 2022, 05:32:29 am »

That link is also in this Facebook post:

Native News Online
January 10 at 11:41 PM
Gowa Peshewa hopes to educate her community about Native American topics and create a safe place for Native people with her new Neon Moon coffee saloon concept, which she bills as a social enterprise. Our Tribal Business News affiliate has the story.

The comments are mostly very critical as to Gowa Peshewa's claims of being Shawnee. The article itself has been edited:

EDITOR’S NOTE: In an initial interview for this story, Gowa Peshewa said she was a Shawnee woman. She later clarified to Tribal Business News that she is not a member of any federally recognized Shawnee tribe, but does come from mixed Indigenous ancestry.

Then I found a Facebook Page called "Fake Indian Blog Fans":

They also have a website:

At the Facebook page, I found this post:

Fake Indian Blog Fans
January 13 at 3:05 PM

Gowa Peshewa is not Shawnee nor does she have Native American ancestry.   She is a granddaughter to Macaki Peshewa who was a part of the Fake group calling themselves "United Remnant Band of Shawnee in Ohio" founded by the well known fraud,  Jerry "Hawk" Pope.

If correct, that will answer this question:

Anyone know if this Gowa Peshewa who was recently featured in Tribal Business News … is any relation to late Dr. Macaki Peshewa of the fake Tennessee Indian Council?
Research Needed / Re: Siobhan Marks Our Grandmothers Strap Dress
« Last post by WINative on January 14, 2022, 06:31:10 pm »
Siobhan Marks and her partner Mark Denning appear in this video promoting a "Unity Fire"
Research Needed / Gowa Peshewa - Doc Macaki Peshewa relative?
« Last post by Bahesmama on January 13, 2022, 04:45:23 pm »
Anyone know if this Gowa Peshewa who was recently featured in Tribal Business News ( is any relation to late Dr. Macaki Peshewa of the fake Tennessee Indian Council?

There was a thread here about Macaki Peshewa AKA Jerry Dills. Here is his obituary:

We couldn't find any ties between Gowa and his children. She was born in 1991 and has apparently scrubbed personal information off the internet. We think this is her legal name because she received a federal PPP loan under that name.

Research Needed / Re: Rain Bear Stands Last, MMIW Filmmaker
« Last post by Bahesmama on January 13, 2022, 04:36:16 pm »
Yes, it appears Rain Bear Stands Last is Serle Lovell Chapman. Author of several books.

He goes from not claiming Native in a 2001 Guardian interview (he's from Yorkshire, England) to falsely claiming in his 2004 book on the Bozeman Trail to be of Cheyenne descent through a US army private in the Indian Wars. We have done his tree and he has no American ties. Strictly English with some Scottish and Irish ancestry.

I wonder if he went underground after he was accused by AIM of being a government informant in the trial of Richard Marshall for the murder of Anna Mae Aquash? (See here:

I heard his wife is also falsely claiming to be Alaskan Native. She is also from Yorkshire.
Frauds / Re: Jose Arnaldo Rivera & Laralyn Davis AKA Joseph & Laralyn Riverwind
« Last post by educatedindian on January 12, 2022, 11:27:25 pm »
Firekeepers International
1815 Gap Creek
Elizabethton, TN 37643

Firekeepers International is a Other Individual and Family Services Non-Profit Organization located at 1815 Gap Creek Elizabethton, TN 37643 with 1 employee.

# of employees 1
Average salary $33,331.00 /yr
Business type Non-Profit Organization

Loan Details
During round 1 of the paycheck protection program, Firekeepers International requested a PPP loan for $6,944.00. They were approved on 6/26/2020 by the SBA for an amount of $6,944.00. The loan was facillitated by Eastman Cu. Of the approved amount, Firekeepers International has received 100% of the approved amount.

Approved $6,944.00 Disbursed $6,944.00

Originating Lender Eastman Cu
Servicing Lender Eastman Cu

SBA Code 474

Race Unanswered Ethnicity Unknown/NotStated Gender Unanswered Veteran Unanswered


2 yr. ago
Yeah... this source is incredibly spurious. Before buying into anything on their website, including this article, you might be interested to find out that the site runners, "Chief Joseph & Dr. Laralyn RiverWind" have both been long considered frauds.

For one, "Chief" Joseph RiverWind was born Jose Arnaldo Rivera, and has claimed a variety of indigenous tribes as his own over the course of his lifetime while his wife, "Dr." Laralyn RiverWind received her doctorate from a known diploma mill. They've been at the forefront of numerous failed enterprises and and subsequent rebranding efforts, including two name changes each as far as I've discovered, partly in an attempt to suggest descent from a lost tribe of Israel.

In addition to fluffing up his military record, claiming a MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) that has never existed, they have a history of close relation with a variety of far-right organizations.

For anyone more interested in their colorful history, here's a link with years of compiled efforts to discern the truth surrounding the couple.

User avatar
level 2
2 yr. ago
Thanks daemos360, I'm rather skeptical about this particular claim. I see this story crop up too many times in my search for stuff about native americans both in Canada and the U.S. I didn't really trust the website but I did get this info from a credible source.

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2 yr. ago
So actual reporting and quoting of researchers in the Miami Herald explicitly state they are not Hebrew, nor even writing:

Christopher Rollston, a professor of Hebrew, Phoenician and Aramaic at George Washington University:

“[T]here aren’t enough [symbols] to think of it as an alphabet or even a complex non-alphabetic writing system.

My sense is that these [symbols] are not Mesoamerican writing — they’re not Aztec or Mayan — they’re definitely not that,” he said.

And later, from Rollston:

And contrary to what Father Nazario believed, the symbols aren’t Hebrew or Phoenician brought to the New World by one of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

The story:
Research Needed / Re: Rain Bear Stands Last, MMIW Filmmaker
« Last post by educatedindian on January 10, 2022, 06:45:08 pm »
Chapman looks much like RBSL. Here he claims Cheyenne descent.

....His own forebears include legendary frontier scout Amos Chapman and Mary Chapman, also known as Long Neck Woman, the daughter of Southern Cheyenne Chief Sleeping Bear and adopted daughter of Chief Stone Calf.

But here he claims adoption.
....For most of the year he lives near Bear Butte, the sacred mountain of the Cheyenne, and has an adoptive Cheyenne "mother", educator and campaigner Dr Henrietta Mann. But his accent has a mid-Atlantic twang, and he cheerfully admits that he was born and raised in West Yorkshire.


Mann, to put it wildly, is very well known. Chapman's work would be very laudable. So would RBSL (if he's not the same person) if it weren't for the name and his cosplay causing some deliberate confusion. He (they?) aren't anything like the usual exploiters we look at. There is some self promotion getting in the way, drawing attention away from pretty damn important issues. But you can't point to direct profiting or harm as we're used to seeing.
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