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Re: Joseph Bruchac, author, storyteller, presenter and fake Abenaki
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Besides Joseph Bruchac not having any Native American blood, I wonder is he was a plagiarist also?
He claims most of his Iroquois stories were passed on by elders he spoke to, but a lot of his work seems to Mimic Arthur C. Parker's Seneca Myths and Folk Tales and other works by him and others.
Bruchac's books seem like a much more watered down version of Iroquois oral historians.

Re: Joseph Bruchac, author, storyteller, presenter and fake Abenaki
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Bruchac's went from being "St. Francis-Sokoki" over in Swanton, Vermont members to being members of the Nulhegan-Cowssuck over in Orleans County, Vermont.

They allegedly have a few Native connections in the 1600s. Ots_Took and another line. But so far distant it doesn't even remotely come down to the Bruchac's, genetically or in their blood.

Re: Joseph Bruchac, author, storyteller, presenter and fake Abenaki
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UPDATE on Bruchac/Bowman "Abenaki" Narrative and research: Joseph Bruchac is still claiming his grandfather Jesse Elmer Bowman (1886-1970) was an Abenaki, as allegedly so was Jesse Bowman's father Louis (1844-1918). Working with some descendants of the brother of Jesse E. Bowman, John Jack Bowman (1893-1973) we are now awaiting Big Y-700 testing through FTDNA. Clearly the direct male "Bowman" great-grandfather Louis and all of his direct-male line descendants carry the Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b-KMS67, which comes from Europe (YFull has Vaudry from Lamberville, France ... and another Y match in Italy).

And a new discovery genealogically speaking has happened.
Baptism No. 314

Dated June 11, 1845 per the Notre Dame du Rosaire Catholic Parish, in Granby, Quebec, Canada.
In English translation from the French script, this record reads:

June 11th, eighteen hundred and forty five, we the priest undersigned have baptized Louis, born July 20th, eighteen hundred and forty four, at Ely, of unknown parents. Godparents: Louis Sénécal and Josephte Vincent, who could not sign.

Per the Bowman Bible the Bowman direct male Y-DNA tester has in his possession, indeed Louis (1844-1918) knew when he was born, in either East Farnham Twp., where his mother Marie Elisabeth Sénécal dite Laframboise was apparently, for a time, living with George Raymond, from at least ca. 1850 (or near there), where they baptized their two daughters.

Clearly, his baptismal shows his Godparents, and it is through these two people, this couple, that through genealogical mapping, that we can ascertain WHO Marie Elisabeth Sénécal dit (Sophie) Laframboise’ parentage was. It was Louis Sénécal dit Laframboise born in 1788 and died in 1855 (per the Notre Dame de Granby Parish records) and his first wife, Marie Elisabeth (nee: Benoit dit Livernois). She died before January 1822, when her husband remarried to Marie Josephte Jarret dite Vincent.

So, the narrative storytelling about her (Sophie) being an Abenaki or even an Indian (by Marge Bruchac's "historical re-imaginings" about Sophie Senecal) is based on merely Marge's own imagination. NOT on facts or reality. The same goes for Louis (1844-1918) and his alleged "Abenaki" ethnicity. Yet more research is happening to discern his paternal ancestry. We're getting closer to the answers. We are testing to the level of Y-700 at FTDNA at present, and waiting for the results, and evaluation/analyzing at YFull in the coming months.

Re: Joseph Bruchac, author, storyteller, presenter and fake Abenaki
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To: Douglas Lloyd Buchholz <>
Sent: Friday, June 16, 2023 at 02:56:52 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Another entry (in another book)

Here is the evaluation conclusion by retired director of the Project DNA d’Héritage Français (ADNHF) Dr. Jacques Beaugrand PhD.:

According to the sharing of segments and the Thrulines generated by AncestryDNA, Simon VAUDRY (1872-1848) is the most recent common ancestor of the contemporaries who were tested by this company.

The "Simon VAUDRY" effect passes obligatorily in people tested through Simon's children.
Brianna Rae Schmelzer (through her mother Donna Lee WASHBURN) and Donald James VOUDRY (1938-2020) received their DNA via Léandre VAUDRY (1810-1875), a son of Simon's first marriage to Catherine BOYER.

Michael LAUZON and Jean Pierre BEAUDRY received theirs via Charles VAUDRY (1820-1896),  Simon's son from his second marriage Catherine CHAGNON.
Based on the total of autosomal DNA segments shared between Brianna Rae Schmelzer (through her mother Donna Lee WASHBURN) or Michael Lauzon or Jean Pierre BEAUDRY and the BOWMANs, it appears that the BOWMANs are also descendants of Charles VAUDRY.
In other words, the presence of autosomal DNA from Simon VAUDRY in the Louis BOWMAN (1844-1918) lineage can only be explained by the fact that Louis BOWMAN's parent was one of Simon VAUDRY's sons.

The fact that the autosomal DNA of Michael LAUZON, Jean Pierre BEAUDRY and the BOWMANs all converge onto son Charles VAUDRY strongly supports that Charles VAUDRY was also the father of Louis BOWMAN (1844-1918).
In the equation, it must be taken into account the fact that the BOWMANs have the Y chromosome (yDNA) of the VAUDRYs who descend from Jacques VAUDRY (1636-1688) m. 1661 Jeanne RENAUD (1642-1714), which includes descendants of Simon VAUDRY. This signature has been triangulated at
Please note that the yDNA signature of the BOWMAN descendants of Louis BOWMAN (whose mother was Elisabeth Sophie SENECAL-LAFRAMBOISE and whose father was Charles VAUDRY) differs from those of the English-speaking BOWMANs of Great Britain and the British colonies ( It differs as well from that of some French-Canadian BEAUDRYs (the yDNA signature of Toussaint BEAUDRY m 1670 Barbe BARBIER, can be found at (
In conclusion, the documentary information compiled by Douglas Lloyd BUCHHOLZ, as well as the results of the multiple DNA tests clearly demonstrate that one of Simon VAUDRY's sons -- most likely Charles -- was the biological father of Louis/Lewis BOWMAN (1844-1918), from which descend the BOWMANs tested in the present study.

If one seeks to KNOW more, do a scratch and sniff test across the internet on the Bruchac Abenaki Fraud. Or one can simply ask my person to clarify this email (jpeg).

HINT: Charles Vaudry (1820-1896) = 100% French-Canadian.
HINT: Sophie Senecal (1810-1901) = 100% French-Canadian.
HINT: Louis Bowman (1844-1918) = 100% French-Canadian.
HINT: Jesse Bowman (1886-1970) = NOT ABENAKI.

What does this make the Bruchac's?

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Re: Joseph Bruchac, author, storyteller, presenter and fake Abenaki
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I am also going to do a posting in the blog 'Reinvention of the Vermont and New Hampshire Abenaki as well soon regarding the Bruchac's ancestral connections to the the Senecal lineage.

There is both a blog (cited in 2016 and 2018) and also a Facebook page:

[The Reinvention of the Alleged Vermont and New Hampshire Abenakis]

Facebook page:
[The Reinvention of the Alleged Vermont and New Hampshire Abenaki]

A friend of mine just told me about these links being posted on reddit, so sharing here. I know that the person is sharing this sites URL about the Bruchac's as well.

Here is what was posted in reddit: VERY IMPORTANT TO READ, REVIEW, and STUDY.

Vermonter's are being duped by Pretendian$ claiming to be Abenaki$.

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Re: Joseph Bruchac, author, storyteller, presenter and fake Abenaki
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These links both yield the following message:

"Preview not available. The file is in the owner's wastebasket". (Translated from Norwegian, which is my language …)