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Chief Richard Grimes
« on: October 04, 2015, 12:50:46 am »
He has his name in other posts scattered across the boards.  Richard Grimes is the son of Mary Grimes aka Mary Thunder.

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Re: Chief Richard Grimes
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This seems as good a place as any. I appreciate the work of this website.
However,  In looking squarely at my behavior from 2012 to 2015(6), I am filled with regret for my actions by posting this thread and others on this website.  I think that is why after a period of time I deleted my Account.  I cannot take back the words made indelible here. I can only apologize,  say I was wrong, I said these things from a deep place of woundedness, my intent was not to shine a light but to cause pain, and if my words caused anyone reading this harm, I am not difficult to locate. There are some I will contact directly to make arrangements to make f2f amends.

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Re: Chief Richard Grimes
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the good chief has the same name as the main character of the walking dead  :)