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Cherokee Nation List of Frauds Posing as Cherokee Tribes
« on: October 15, 2011, 02:05:29 pm »
Tribe establishes Cherokee Identity Protection Committee
October 14, 2011By Scott By SCOTT MCKIE B.P.


                There are three federally recognized Cherokee tribes in the United States including the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (NC), the Cherokee Nation (OK) and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians (OK).  According to a list compiled in March by the Cherokee Nation, there are 212 fabricated groups claiming to be Cherokee tribes. “Fraud List” compiled by Cherokee Nation

                Some of those groups are from areas thousands of miles from traditional Cherokee territory including the Northwest Cherokee Deer Clan in Oregon.  And, several aren’t even in the United States at all such as the Chewah Cherokee Nation in Manitoba, Canada.

                The EBCI Tribal Council passed a resolution – No. 6 (2011) – during annual council on Thursday, Oct. 13 to establish the Cherokee Identity Protection Committee.  

                “It’s something that we’ve had an ongoing issue with and it’s something that’s important,” said Big Cove Rep. Perry Shell who submitted the resolution passed on Thursday.  “Many times people are taking our identity.”

                The resolution states in part, “the ongoing and growing problem of these fabricated Cherokee groups has resulted in the need to better coordinate internally to better assist Cherokee Nation on this shared issue of continuing concern…”

                According to the resolution, the Committee will consist of Rep. Shell, Big Cove Rep. Bo Taylor, Painttown Rep. Terri Henry, Birdtown Rep. Tunney Crowe as well as representatives from the EBCI Legal Department, Tribal Historic Preservation Office and the public relations department.   Myrtle D. Johnson will serve on the Committee as a fluent speaker of the Cherokee language and Marie Junaluska will serve as her alternate.  

                The two tribes have worked previously on this issue and passed “A Resolution Opposing Fabricated Cherokee ‘Tribes’ and ‘Indians’” during a Joint Council session held in April 2008.  That resolution states, “the sovereignty and reputation of the Cherokee Nation and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, as well as members of the general public continue to be in jeopardy due to the acts of individuals who organize and administer fabricated Cherokee tribes.”

                Upon hearing of the passage of the legislation on Thursday, Cara Cowan Watts, Cherokee Nation Tribal Council, said, “I am pleased Eastern Band has formalized our partnership on fighting groups and individuals fraudulently claiming Cherokee identity and creating false ‘Tribes’.  Fraudulent Cherokee identity is a direct attack on our Tribal sovereignty and an affront to our culture and traditions.  We must protect our elders and traditionalists by stopping these groups and individuals from appropriating our culture, language and traditions.”

                James Billy Chance is the leader of the Indian Creek Chickamaugan Tribal Nation, a group based in Deltona, Fla. which claims Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Shawnee bloodlines.

                He said the United States Constitution grants people the right to “be who they are and to say what their history is and to use their religion and history.”

                “The Oklahoma and North Carolina Cherokee cannot change the Constitution of the United States,” Chance related, “no matter how hard they may wish to try.”

                Lamar Sneed, of the state-recognized Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee, commented, “I, too, am opposed to unregulated state recognition of fake wannabe Indians.  The State of Georgia did not adopt any criteria for a group to be state-recognized.  As such, many fake groups exist in Georgia.”

                Sneed said his great-grandfather is buried on the Qualla Boundary and he has many cousins who are EBCI tribal members.  “I personally do not support the resolution just passed, but I do support that any legitimate group meet all of the requirements of the BIA for recognition.  State politics should not be involved.  None in Georgia, at the present time, can do that.”

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Re: Cherokee Nation List of Frauds Posing as Cherokee Tribes
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This is an excel document. The fake tribes are listed by state, then alphabetically. The list includes notes such as applications for federal recognition, fees charged to join or be a member, etc.

Notes for those not familiar with what makes a legitimate tribe:

Charging fees to join or be a member is generally considered a sign of being a fraud and/or motivated solely by money.

Applying for federal recognition does NOT mean legitimacy. Many of these groups know they have no chance of being recognized since they are not authentic. In some cases, application for federal recognition may be a way for fraud leaders to demand further money from its members or hopefuls.

Some fraud groups choose not to apply as a supposed show of independence, but really know they have no chance of being recognized.

Many of the members of these groups may be victims, people who have family stories or claims that just don't know any better and are being used by fraud leaders.

Many of these fraud groups we have additional information on. Use the search button.


   State   Name   URL   Status   Status 2   Seeking Fed/St Rec   Fees   Additional   
   AL   The Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama   State   501c3   Federal Recognition Petition filed 9/23/81      "Must be a resident of the state of Alabama.
A.k.A. Cherokees of Jackson County Alabama
Must provide required documentation of Cherokee ancestry.
Must not be a member of any other tribe."   
   AL   Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama   State         $45.00 - Annual Membership      
   AL   Chickmaka Band of the South Cumberland Plateau                  
   AL   Chero-Creek Intra Tribal Indians (Dothah, AL)   State               
   AL   United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation   State      Federal Recognition Petitioned 11/08/01         
   AL   Cherokee of Southeast Alabama   State   Incorporated   Federal Recognition Petitioned 5/27/88         
   AL   The Langley Band of Chickamogee of Cherokee Indians      State      Federal Recognition Petitioned 4/20/94         
   AL   Eagle Bear Band of Free Cherokees                     
   AL   Cherokee River Indian Community   501c3      Federal Recognition Petitioned 8/3/00      "Judge wrote letter regarding Raven Laws  - Mericopy Co AZ issue

First Video:;jsessionid=97E9EF0FD45B21C0E86F1225AF574BB5?contentId=2177079&version=8&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1

Second Video:

Third Video:

Forth Video:
   AL   Cherokee of NE Alabama (formerly Cherokee of Jackson Co.)            Federal Recognition Petitioned 9/23/81         
   AL   Chickamauga Cherokee of Alabama               The site state that "We are not a 501C3 fictitious entity, corporation, because we are the Aniyunwiya, the real people".   
   AL   Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama Wolf Clan   State            Part (Clan) of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama   
   AL   Phoenician Cherokee II Eagle Tribe of Sequoyah            Federal Recognition Petitioned 9/18/01         
   AL   Principal Creek Indian Nation East of the Mississippi                     
   AL   Cherokee Nation of Alabama            Federal Recognition Petitioned 2/16/99         
   AL   United Cherokees of Alabama (AKA Ani-Yun-Wiya)                     
   AR   Confederated Western Cherokees of Arkansas                  
   AR   Arkansas Cherokee Nation   501c3      Federal Recognition Petitioned   $35.00 - Per Application   "AKA Chickamauga Cherokee of Arkansas
Formerly a part of the Lost Cherokee of Arkansas and Missouri"   
   AR   Central Tribal Council            Federal Recognition Petitioned 01/21/03         
   AR   Cherokee Nation West of Missouri and Arkansas (formerly Cherokee Nation West - Southern Band of the Eastern Cherokee Indians of AR and MO)                     
   AR   Lost Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri  (Two factions 1. Conway 1. Dover)   501c3      Federal Recognition Petitioned 02/10/1999      Convinced Ark. Schools to register kids for NA educational grants with a 5% "administration" fee to the LCN   
   AR   Arkansas Band of Western Cherokee INC (formerly Western Arkansas Cherokee Tribe) Sulphur Springs, AR   501c3      Federal Recognition Petitioned 4/7/98         
   AR   Arkansas White River Cherokee (Lady Lake, FL)            Federal Recognition Petitioned 10/22/03         
   AR   Cherokee-Choctaw Nation of St.Fransis and Black River (Paragould, AR)            Federal Recognition Petitioned 08/01/06         
   AR   Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory                     
   AR   Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indians of Missouri and Arkansas                     
   AR   Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee (Mammoth Spring, AR)                  
   AR   Ozark Mountain Cherokee Tribe of Arkansas and Missouri (Melbourne, AR and Alton, MO)                     
   AR   Old Settler Cherokee Nation of Arkansas (Timbo, AR)            Federal Reognition Petitioned 9/17/99         
   AR   The Arkansas Cherokee                     
   AR   Sac River and White River Bands of the Chickamauga and Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri (Springfield, MO) formerly known as No. Chickamaga Cherokee Nation of AR and MO)              Letter of Intent to Petition 9/5/91         
   AR   Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas & Missouri (Paragould, AR)   501c3      Federal Recognition 05/01/98   $60.00 Per Application - $10 Annual      
   AR   Western Cherokee of Arkansas and Louisiana Territories                     
   AR   Neches Tribe - Cherokee Nation (Hot Springs, AR)                     
   AR   Chickamauga Cherokee Nation White River Band                  Now may be Chickamauga Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri White River   
   AZ   The United Cherokee Nation (UCN) Western National Office   501c3         $35.00 App fee - $15/annual   No proof necessary   
   CA   Cherokee Nation Heritage Organization of California               $35 Initial, $15/yr   Only requires statement if Cherokee heritage claim. Also reports main offices in AZ and GA. Also reports "Clans" in every state including international "Clans" in Canada and Puerto Rico.   
   CA   Tuolumne Band of Cherokee Indians (Twain Harte, CA)                     
   CA   Ani Yvwi Yuchi (Cherokee)                     
   CA   Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee CA                     
   CA   The Cherokees of California (Marysville, CA)   501c3         $20/Adult - $10/Minor      
   FL   Florida Tribe of Cherokee Indians, Inc.   Milton, FL               Duping local county government   
   FL   The Hunter Tsalagi-Choctaw Tribe (Marianna, FL)             Federal Recognition Petitioned 3/2/05         
   FL   Chickamauga Cherokee Indian Creek Band (Deltona, FL)   501c3      Federal Recognition Petitioned 2/19/04   Free   States in the application that you do not have to be Native American to become a member.   
   FL   Choctaws of Florida (AKA Hunter Tsalagi Choctaw Tribe)                     
   FL   Tuscola United Cherokee Tribe of  Florida, Inc. (formerly Tuscola United Cherkees of Florida and Alabama, Inc.)       Incorporated      Federal Recognition Petitioned 1/19/1979         
   FL   Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe, Inc. of Florida   501c3            Does not require proof but mentions ability to supply CDIB cards   
   GA   Cherokee Indians of Georgia, Inc.   Incorporated      Federal Recognition Petitioned 1/9/1979         
   GA   American Cherokee Confederacy                      
   GA   Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee (1st)   State      Federal Recognition Petitioned 8/8/1977   $14,00       
   GA   Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee (2nd) Dahlonega,GA            Federal Recognition Petitioned 3/9/1979         
   GA   Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee (3rd)                      
   GA   United Cherokee Nation (Arizona and Georgia)                     
   GA   Cane Break Band of East Cherokees (rejoined Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee, Inc.)      State      Federal Recognition Petitioned 1/09/1979         
   GA   Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Inc.  (American Cherokee Confederacy and Southeastern Cherokee Council) Albany, GA      State      Federal Recognition Petitioned 3/9/78         
   GA   Broad River Band of Cherokee               affiliate of The Cherokee Indians of Georgia Tribe   
   GA   The United Cherokee Nation (UCN) Eastern National Office   501c3         $35.00 App fee - $15/annual   No proof necessary   
   GA   Uganawvkalvgv Kituwah Ayeli            None   Does not require proof for membership   
   GA   Chickamauga Cherokee Band of Northwest Georgia                     
   GA   SouthEastern Indian Nation            Federal Recognition Petitioned 01/05/97         
   GA   Southeast Cherokee Confederacy                     
   IN   Lone Wolf Band of Cherokee Indians                     
   IN   Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indiana            Federal Recongnition Petitioned 7/26/85         
   KS   Red Nation of the Cherokee (also operates in AR)            $15.00 Annual Membership   Accepts any tribe for membership   
   KS   Kanasas (Awi Akta) District of NCNOLT                     
   KS   Kaweah Indian Nation (Chief Thunderbird Webber)                     
   KY   Black Wolf Clan of SE Cherokee Council, Inc.                     
   KY   Cherokee Tribe of Kentucky                  
   KY   Kentucky Cherokee Heritage Group (Henderson, Co. KY)                     
   KY   Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky (Henderson, KY)         Federal Recognition 9/13/06      Trying to pass off a letter of tribute by the govenor as state recognition   
   MI   Southeastern Cherokee Council, Inc.   501c3         $30.00 per Application   Promotes registration of Bands with an additional $25.00 fee per band.   
   MO   Ahi Ni Yv Wiya, Inc.                     
   MO   Western Cherokee (Salem, MO)   501c3                
   MO   The Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory (Columbia, MO)   501c3      Federal Recongnition Petitioned 2/19/92   $30.00 per application   Application asks for "MAIDEN and/or INDIAN or other name by which you are known".   
   MO   Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee   501c3      Seeking Federal Recognition   None but Donations Accepted      
   MO   Chickamauga Cherokee Nation      State      Seeking Federal Recognition      Now may be Chickamauga Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri White River   
   MO   Cherokee Nation West  (Seneca, MO)                  
   MO   Dogwood Band of Free Cherokees                     
   MO   Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indians of Missouri and Arkansas (Clinton, MO)            Federal Recognition Petitioned 7/26/85         
   MO   The Wilderness Tribe of Missouri                     
   MX   Cherokee Nation Mexico                      
   NC   Cherokees of Hoke City or Co. (Lumber Bridge, NC)      Incorporated      Petitioned 9/20/83; determined ineligible to petition, 10/23/89         
   NC   Cherokee Indian Tribe of Robeson and Adjoining Counties (Red Springs, NC)                     
   NC   Cherokee Powhattan Indian Association (Roxboro, NC)            Federal Recognition Petitioned 9/7/84         
   NC   Cherokees of Robison and Adjoining Counties            Petitioned 2/1/79; determined ineligible to petition, 10/23/89          
   NC   Creek-Cherokee Indians, Pine Tree Clan                     
   NC   Free Cherokee (Chapel Hill, NC)                     
   NC   Ridge Band of Cherkees (Ridgecrest, NC)                     
   NC   Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Silver Cloud Clan,  (Cedar Grove, NC)                     
   NC   Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy (Haw River, NC)                     
   NC   Tsalagi Nation Early Emigrants 1817                      
   NC   Nee Tribe (AKA Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe and Near River Dwellers)                  
   NJ   Osprey Band of Free Cherokees                     
   NJ   Cherokee Nation of New Jersey                     
   NY   North-Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (The Bronx)                  
   NY   Deer Council of Free Cherokees                     
   NY   CherokeeBlackfeet   501c3               
   NY   Nuy Keetoowah, Inc.                      
   NY   Ohatchee Cherokee Tribe of New York and Alabama                     
   OH   Cherokee Delaware Indian Center (Coshocton, Ohio)                     
   OH   Cherokee United Intertribal Indian Council                     
   OH   Chickamauga Keetoowah Unami Band of Cherokee            Letter of Intent 8/28/06         
   OH   Eastern Cherokee Nation, Overhill Band (Columbus, OH)                     
   OH   Etowah Cherokee Nation (Portsmouth, OH)                     
   OH   Tallige Cherokee Nation, Fire Clan (Lucasville,OH)   501c3   State Recog         Has a Cheroke Bing Hall   
   OH   Free Cherokee, Four Direction Coucil (Toledo, OH)                     
   OH   Free Cherokee, Hokshichanklya Band (Creola, OH)                     
   OK   OK (Ani Tsi Na) District of the NCNOLT                     
   OK   Canadian River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation                     
   OK   Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indians (Weatherford, OK)                     
   OK   Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Horse Clan                     
   OK   Southern Cherokee Nation  (Webbers Falls, OK)                  
   OK   Northern Chickamaunga Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri (Miami, OK)            Federal Recognition Petitioned 9/5/91         
   OK   United Band of the Western Cherokee Nation             Federal Recognition Petitioned 3/14/03         
   OR   Northwest Cherokee Deer Clan                     
   OR   Northwest Cherokee Wolf and Paint Clan (Salem,OR)                     
   OR   The Cherokee Delaware Tribe of the Northwest                  
   OR   Northwest Cherokee Wolf Band of the Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy (Talent, OR)            Federal Recognition Petitioned 3/9/78; acknowledgement declined, 11/25/85          
   PA   Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy of Pennsylvania   501c3               
   PA   Tsalagi Elohi Cherokee Earth                     
   PA   Free Cherokee-Chickamauga (Chesne,PA)                     
   PA   United Cherokee Tribe of West Virginia, (Sewicky, S. Carolina)                     
   PA   White Path Society                  
   SC   Cherokees of South Carolina (Columbia, SC)                     
   SC   Broad River Band of Cherokee                     
   SC   Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois & United Tribes of South Carolina, Inc   501c3            Membership requires lineage to any Cherokee roll (official on non-official)   
   SC   Free Cherokee-Chickamauga                     
   TN   Chikamaka Cherokee Band of the South Cumberland Plateau Region, Inc.                  
   TN   Tennessee River Band of Chickamauge Cherokee                  
   TN   Cherokee Wolf Clan (Yuma, TN)                     
   TN   Chota Nation (Sweetwater, TN)                     
   TN   Turkey Town Association of the Cherokee (Nashville, TN)                     
   TN   Cherokee of Lawrence Co. (Sugar Creek Band of the SECCI AKA Central Band of Cherokee (Leoma, TN)                     
   TN   Buffalo Ridge Cherokees                     
   TN   Chickamauga Circle Free Cherokee (Chattanooga, TN)                     
   TN   Cumberland Creek Indian Confederation (Tracy City, TN)                     
   TN   Eastern Cherokee Nation (Chattanooga, TN)                     
   TN   East Tennessee Overhill Cherokee Descendants                     
   TN   Elk Valley Band-Council of Chickamauga Cherokee (Estill,TN)                     
   TN   Free Cherokee Tennessee River Band Chickamauga (Jasper, TN)                     
   TN   Free Cherokee (Grandview, TN)                     
   TN   Free Cherokees Chickamaugan Circle (Ooltewah, TN)                     
   TN   Free Cherokee Good Medicine Society  (Grandview, TN)                      
   TN   Red Clay Band of Southeast Cherokee Confederacy (Ooltewah, TN )            Federal Recognition Petitioned 3/9/78; acknowledgement declined, 11/25/85          
   TN   Red Stick Confederacy (Franklin, TN)                     
   TN    Free Cherokee of Tennessee (Evensvillie, TN)                     
   TN   Elk Valley Council Band of Free Cherokee (Pigeon Forge, TN)                     
   TN   Etowah Cherokee Nation (Cleveland, TN)            Federal Recognition Petitioned 12/31/90         
   TN   Etowah Cherokee Nation (Pigeon Forge, TN)                     
   TN    Tennessee Band of the Cherokee (Strawberry Plains, TN)                     
   TN   Aniywiyai Native People (Cleveland, TN)                     
   TN   Appalachian Confederated Tribes (AKA Upper Cumberland Cherokee)                     
   TN   Aniyunweya Nation (Lyles, TN)                     
   TN   Over-Hill Indian Nation - Cherokee  (Englewood - Tellico Plains)                     
   TN   Deer Clan of East Tennessee (Lenoir, TN)                     
   TN   Faraway Cherokee Association (Memphis, TN)                     
   TN   Tanasi Council of the Far Away Cherokee (Memphis, TN)      501c3               
   TN   Tanasi Native American Group (Knoxville, TN)                     
   TN   Tennessee Band Cherokee, Inc. Earth Clan (Nashville, TN)                     
   TN   Tennessee Band of Eastern Cherokee (Knoxville, TN)                     
   TN   TeeHahNahMah Nation  (Rockwood, TN)                     
   TN   Tohcahe Band White Wolf Guardian Spirit                     
   TN   Tsalagi Intertribal Warrior Society                     
   TN   United Eastern Lenape Nation Middle Division Inc.  (formerly known as Cherokee of the Upper Cumberland,  Knoxville)                     
   TN   United South and Eastern Tribes (Nashville, TN)                     
   TN   Central Band of Cherokee AKA Cherokees of Lawrence Co. Tennessee                  
   TN   Western Cherokee, TN (Break Away from AR and MO,  Atoka, TN)                      
   TX   American Cherokee Tribe of Texas (Lumberton,  TX)                     
   TX   Cherokee Nation of Texas Limited                     
   TX   Free Cherokee, Hummingbird Clan, (Dallas, TX)                     
   TX   Cherokee Nation of Texas Tsalagi Nvdagi Troup                     
   TX   Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Hawk Clan (Mineral Wells, TX)                     
   TX   Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Sequoyah Clan (El Paso, TX)                     
   TX   Southeastern Cherokee Tribe and Associated Bands (Porter, TX)                  
   TX   Texas Band of Cherokee Indians of the Mount Tabor Indian Community                     
   TX   Texas Gulf Coast Cherokee and Associated Bands New Caney, TX                     
   TX   Texas Buffalo Bayou Band of Chickamaugan Cherokee, Southern Cherokee Nation                     
   TX   Court of the Golden Eagle, The Oukah                     
   TX   Sovereign Cherokee Nation (Tejas, Mesquite, Dallas)                  
   Utah   Cherokee Indian Descendents Organization of the Ani-Yun-Wiya                     
   Utah   Colorado River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation                     
   Utah   Rocky Mountain Band of Cherokee Descendents - Magna                     
   VT   Free Cherokee, Tribal Council (Springfield,  VT)                     
   VT   Green Mountain Band of Cherokee (Bristol, VT)                     
   VT   Sunray Meditation Society  (Bristol, VT)                     
   VA   Appalachian Cherokee Nation                     
   VA   Buffalo Ridge Cherokees                     
   VA   Cherokee of Virginia Birdtown                     
   VA   Free Cherokees Spider Clan (Richmond, VA)                     
   VA   Inagel Tsalagi, Cherokee of Virginia (Rapidan, VA)                     
   VA   Northern Tsalagi Indian Nation                     
   VA   Southern Cherokee Confederacy, Pine Log Clan,  (Fairfax, VA)                     
   VA   Turtle Band of Cherokee  (Evington, VA)                     
   VA   United Cherokee Tribe of Virginia (Madison Heights)                     
   VA   Wolf Creek Cherokee Indian Tribe of Virginia   501c3            Does not require proof but mentions ability to supply CDIB cards   
   WV   United Cherokee Tribe of West Virginia                     
   WA   Free Cherokees, Four Directions Council, Toledo                     
   WA   Anisahani Blue Clan, Woodland                     
   WS   Southern Cherokee Confederacy, Wisconsin                     
   VBC   Southern Cherokee Confederacy, Haddock/Compton Clan (Vancouver, British Columbia)                     
   WDC   Cherokee Tuscarora Nation of Turtle Island (Washington, D.C.)                  
   MB   Chewah Cherokee Nation (Amaranth, MB ROH OBO Canada)                     
   Iowa   United People of Cherokee Heritage                     
   NJ   New Jersey Sand Hill Band of Lenape and Cherokee                   
   TN   Wolf Clan (Yuma, TN)                  
   SC   Paia Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation                     
   MO   Nemenhah Band (Humansville, MO)                     
   KS   Neutral Land Cherokee Group (MO and KS)   Baxter Springs                  
   AZ   Arizona Cherokee Pioneers                     
   AZ   American Cherokee Confederacy                      

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Re: Cherokee Nation List of Frauds Posing as Cherokee Tribes
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The Arkansas group that calls itself the amonsoquath has changed their website to :


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Re: Cherokee Nation List of Frauds Posing as Cherokee Tribes
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Just an FYI -

United South & Eastern Tribes is a legal advocacy and loiter group that goes to Washington DC on behalf of the Federal and State recognized tribes east of the Mississippi.

They are not a "fake Cherokee Tribe".  In fact they are not a tribe at all. They are a non-profit organization filled with a board of directors that hail from legally recognized indigenous communities.
Their headquarters is housed in the same office complex as the Bureau of Indian Affairs Clearinghouse office in Nashville, TN.   (They've been around approximately the same amount of time the American Indian Movement has.)

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Re: Cherokee Nation List of Frauds Posing as Cherokee Tribes
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                  TN   United South and Eastern Tribes (Nashville, TN)

United South & Eastern Tribes is a legal advocacy and loiter group that goes to Washington DC on behalf of the Federal and State recognized tribes east of the Mississippi.
[…] Their headquarters is housed in the same office complex as the Bureau of Indian Affairs Clearinghouse office in Nashville, TN.

United South and Eastern Tribes (USET)
Established in 1969, the United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc. (USET) is a non-profit, inter-Tribal organization promoting the interests of and advocating for 33 federally-recognized Tribal Nations from the Northeastern Woodlands to the Everglades and across the Gulf of Mexico. USET is dedicated to enhancing the development of Tribal Nations, improving the capabilities of Tribal governments, and improving the quality of life for Indian people through a variety of technical and supportive programmatic services.

Good to know. And, as so often, good thing that educatedindian quoted all of that long Excel document. The website is long since down.