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Ruby Sylina Lynch AKA Sylina Buehne AKA Sylina Two Bears AKA Sylina TaliniYona

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Here is a woman selling ceremony. You can see her event on Facebook. Sylina TaliniYona -  She claims to be a Cherokee medicine Woman and a Mayan Shaman.

[Just changed title-Al]

Also uses the name Sylina Two Bears

Works as an online psychic

--- Quote ---Sylina Two Bears is a Seventh generation healer channel hypnotherapist and intuitive. She has worked in the medicine ways of her Creek and Cherokee Ancestors with her Grandmother since she was young. She spent many years studying the shamanic techniques and ceremonial practices with the Mayan Elders in Guatemala. While there she studied the ancient Mayan Calendar learning the long count and mastering many sacred Mayan healing practices including the sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony. She has worked as an instructor at the Edgar Cayce Association of Research and Enlightenment teaching skills for deeper connection and communication with Spirit. She also studied at The Monroe Institute and is certified as an Outreach Facilitator. Sylina holds a Ph.D in Herbal Medicine Metaphysical Sciences and Divinity. She has a Master of Science degrees in both Business Management and Organizational Leadership and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She has dedicated her life to raising the consciousness on this planet and serving her community through healing modalities.

She offers workshops in Mayan Healing Techniques Native American Traditions
--- End quote ---

Also uses the name Sylina Buehne

--- Quote ---SYLINA BUEHNE "Two Bears" is a Native American medicine woman of Creek and Cherokee heritage.
--- End quote ---

Some background:

--- Quote ---For the last eight years Sylina has been locked in a pitched battle with her ex-husband for custody of their three children. She is well-educated and gainfully employed, and despite having drained $500,000 of her personal net worth to engage in this fight, she can support her family. She has submitted to every alcohol and drug test, no matter how invasive, as well as a battery of psychological tests and financial reviews. Not one shred of evidence has been revealed to challenge Sylina’s fitness as a parent. Nevertheless, she is denied her children simply because she is openly gay and dares to practice the spirituality of her Native American heritage.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---It could be easy to brush off Sylina’s complaints as the whining of just another desperate housewife who didn’t get her way, except that the issues at the heart of Buehne v. Buehne in Virginia speak to very large civil rights and constitutional matters. The judge in this case has allowed Sylina to suffer multiple day-long sessions of cross examination of her gay life, as if she spent every day in a rainbow-soaked sapphic orgy. For the record, Sylina has been in a long-term monogamous relationship.

The family court judge also permitted Sylina to be interrogated on her occasional participation in a sacred Native American sweat lodge ceremony — a day of fasting and prayer — as if it were a peyote-drenched magic carpet ride.
--- End quote ---

A past web site

There may be several women named Sylina Buehne. Our Sylina Buehne may have a different first name, haven't pinned that down yet.

The Mayan Fire Ceremony is actually the Nuage teachings of Erick Gonzalez, a white Guatemalan posing as Mayan we've discussed much before.

Here's her Linkedin. That's clearly her, despite the blond beehive hairdo in the photo. Contrary to her claims of being sooper spirchul traditional, she worked mostly for Mary Kay until 5 years ago. Before that, HR and accounting.

Her FB shows her moving every couple years.
Canton, Georgia Current city
Mill Spring, North Carolina Hometown
Chesapeake, Virginia Moved on August 6, 2009
Corpus Christi, Texas Moved on August 6, 2003
Whidbey Island Moved on June 6, 2000
Jacksonville, Florida Moved on January 6, 1997
Lubbock, Texas Moved on January 6, 1996
Pensacola, Florida Moved on September 6, 1995
Columbia, South Carolina Moved on August 6, 1992
Charleston, South Carolina Moved on September 6, 1988

Her spirchul pose didn't start until she went to University of Metaphysical Sciences. That's a useless degree mill we talked about here. "PhDs" in a year, "degrees" for a couple hundred bucks.

There's nothing remotely Cherokee or Creek in what she teaches, whether or not she has ancestry. Faux Mayan Nuage ceremony selling for profit. Moved to Frauds.

She was born Ruby Sylina Lynch

A brother has passed away, his obituary includes her name

She is Sylina Lynch Buehne in court documents involving her former husband in Chesapeake Circuit Court, Virginia.
The Lynch side of her family is laid out in public research Looking over records on the rest of her family, I don't see anything to back up her heritage claims.


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