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Siobhan Marks Our Grandmothers Strap Dress

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"We neglected to go that far back in Siobhan Marks family tree here"
No we did not Winative!!! 2 years ago I msg'd you several times about what I found about Siobhan Marks. I have all the msgs. I told you that I found she may have been related to Madeline Corbine and Angeline Diamond. Madeline Corbine appears in the 1880 census with her daughter Angeline and family. In the census her race is down as I. Her daughter's race is down as1/2 I.  The others are white as is Angelines. You have to look at the original census to see the Indian blood.

I have looked and looked for thier Tribal affiliation and I can't find them on any Tribal rolls. There is another Madeline Corine who was born in 1865. She is on the Lac Courte Oreille Tribal rolls. I believe and have seen this Madeline Corbine 2 being mistaken for the Madeline Corbine born in 1802.

I was still working on this genealogy when I informed Winative about this, I sent him all the info and yes he is correct about the blood quantum being1/32. If these people are her relatives which I told Winative that I was pretty sure they were I would post the info.

During this time 2 years ago we had some very bad storms in my area and I had some damage to my house and got distracted with insurance adjusters and workmen etc etc. When I finally got back to NAFPS, Winative had posted that Siobhan Marks was not Indian. I contacted the moderators with the information and what Winative had posted. I'm not sure what happened but things fell through the cracks.

Now here we are 2 yrs later and there is alot of disinformation.

Yes, I did see a family tree and some of the info is wrong. Like I said before people keep mistaking this Madeline Corbine 2  born 1865 who is on the Tribal rolls. I cannot find Madeline or Angeline on any Tribal rolls. If someone can prove what Indian Tribe these 2 people are from that would be great. In the mean time the only place where it says Madeline Corbine and Angeline Diamond are Indian is in the 1880 census.

--- Quote from: WINative on January 13, 2023, 06:42:51 pm ---We neglected to go that far back in Siobhan Marks family tree here, so her great-great-great grandmother Madeline was listed as an Indian in 1885 being born in 1802. So that would make Siobhan Marks at most 1/32 Ojibwe ancestry. Which is very distant, since there’s jokes about even great grandmothers being Indian princesses.
Since Madeline married a white man as did all of her descendants and they all identified as white from thereafter, and do not appear on any Indian Census records. All her ancestors have lived in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin which is over 90% white on every census, and Siobhan herself has lived in Muskego since at least 1996, a suburb of Milwaukee in Waukesha County with a population of 97% white in the last census. She has no ties to the Milwaukee Native community, and her family and lodge are many hours drive away from where she does her business and extracts resources, so they cannot censure her effectively, nor have the right to advance her claims over other Indigenous people who are enrolled and connected to their nations.
The Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge has a right to set their membership levels at wherever they choose, if it’s under a “One Drop Rule,” that’s their right, but all other Indigenous communities and Native people have a right to consider 1/32 not enough blood quantum for leadership or cultural positions. Each community and person can set their own standards and Three Fires cannot force her membership with them on other Native people.  If they choose to condone her behavior and actions, and still speak out and defend her, then they bear part of the responsibility as well.
Siobhan Marks acting as a Gatekeeper for the Indian Community School, Gerald Ignace Indian Health Clinic, and Spotted Eagle Inc. is not acceptable to me or appropriate based on her background. She is occupying important positions of power in the Milwaukee Native community, in which she does not have the background, experience, or right to occupy. She has given cultural teachings, and pushed Native people out of their jobs, decided who got hired or fired, and made others uncomfortable while choosing others for opportunities who are close to her or belong the Three Fires as well, all while hanging on this very distant connection to her families past to justify it all. She has re-written community history that she has taken no part in with inaccurate information and sources, in order to be the media spokesperson for the Milwaukee Native community. She has lived with white privilege all her life, so this must allow her to feel she can go anywhere and takeover a community space she is unfamiliar with.
The greatest weakness of an Urban Native community is allowing people to self-identify and accepting everyone at their word and not doing anything until the damage has been done.

--- End quote ---

Defend the Sacred:

--- Quote from: Diana on January 13, 2023, 09:27:27 pm ---"We neglected to go that far back in Siobhan Marks family tree here"
No we did not Winative!!! 2 years ago I msg'd you several times about what I found about Siobhan Marks. I have all the msgs. I told you that I found she may have been related to Madeline Corbine and Angeline Diamond.

--- End quote ---

Confirming what Diana says here. I was cc'ed on these messages. Diana wanted to post the genealogy and I told her to go ahead. When things seemed to be going in circles I told her to do what she needed to do. WINative did what they did. I pretty much stayed out of it, which I now realize was a mistake.

The data I was shown about Marks' possible heritage at the time... was unclear and confusing. It wasn't what was just posted above and, honestly, I had no idea whether the woman had heritage or not. I wasn't in a space to deal with it. But I was always adamant that if someone had found a possibility of heritage, that should be disclosed. I insisted the members I spoke with be honest and transparent about their findings.

Unfortunately, with the other, very serious hassles we had going on with the board, and my other responsibilities, I did not adequately follow up. I didn't have the time or energy to get involved in this thread and forgot to keep an eye on what was and was not posted, whether those discrepancies were ever cleaned up, or even what section this thread was in. I didn't have a chance to do any of my own research on Marks.

That was clearly a mistake on my part, but there were circumstances. We're all volunteers here and we've had a lot on our plates. I'm sorry it got to this point.

I can confirm what both of you said and there was some uncertainty in the records at the time, andso  I thought that she or her family should confirm their ancestry or post the correct information which I indicated at the time, and which has just been done now.
So I want to move on beyond the records, now that the proper information has been received and confirmed, and I will retract my previous statements that Siobhan Marks has No Native blood, when in fact she has 1/32 Indian blood.
I hope this helps to clarify my part at least, which has become a distraction to the issue and post.

It looks like Lac Courte Oreilles has some of the lowest blood quantum requirements of all Wisconsin Tribal Nations for enrollment. They operate under Lineal Descent, with no specific blood amount required, but must be able to trace to an ancestor from the 1940 census for LCO as listed below.
Ms. Siobhan Marks being 1/32 and far removed from an ancestor on the LCO tribal census roll and is therefore ineligible for enrollment at Lac Courte Oreilles, and labels herself a "Descendant."
So it would be illegal for her to manufacture, market, or sell her Grandmother's Strap Dresses or any others items, as Native American made under the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 posted link below also.
Under the Act, an Indian is defined as a member of any federally or officially State recognized tribe of the United States, or an individual certified as an Indian artisan by an Indian tribe.

Article II: Membership

Section 1. The membership of the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin shall consist of the following persons:

All persons of Lac Courte Oreilles Chippewa Indian Blood whose names appeared on the official census roll of the Band as of January 1, 1940, or whose names were eligible for inclusion in such rolls, PROVIDED, such persons are citizens of the United States and are not enrolled with another tribe, band or group of Indians. This roll will be the basic membership roll.

Any lineal descendant of a member born prior to the effective date of this Constitution, provided, an application for enrollment is filed with the Governing Board and provided further, that such person is not enrolled with another tribe, band or group of Indians.

Any person gaining membership after the effective date of this Constitution through ordinances enacted under Section 2 of this Article.


Section 2. The Governing Board shall enact the ordinance subject to approval of the Secretary of the Interior stating the criteria for future membership and adoption of the new members. Such ordinance shall include the provision that to be eligible for membership persons must possess Lac Courte Oreilles Indian blood and must be a lineal descendant of an enrolled member. Any amendments to the ordinance shall require approval of the Secretary of the Interior.

Section 3. Any person who has been rejected for enrollment as a member of the Band shall have the right of appeal to the Secretary of the Interior, whose decision shall be final.

Section 4. The Governing Board shall have the power to enact ordinances governing loss of membership, such ordinance subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior. The ordinance shall include a provision for appeal of decisions to the Secretary of the Interior.

I'm curious how Siobhan sharing her research that she did on the strap dress has anything to do with the issue of whether/what % of ancestry she has. I am not aware of her 'manufacturing' or selling strap dresses (in contravention of the IACA1990 Act) but maybe she is, go ahead, report her to those authorities. What I DO know is that almost all of the research she did on strap dresses was with museums that have strap dresses in their holdings, and that information (from museums) was most likely research by white historians and archivists. Her workshops are no different than one of those individuals sharing their research with the general public or with Native American groups who want to hear it. I attended one of her strap dress workshops, because I know her and also because I am aware that the Cree women from northern Canada (some who are my own Cree ancestors) historically wore strap dresses and distinctive hoods. Siobhan conducts a good workshop, and is very respectful of the knowledge she has gathered. On another note, If Siobhan is in any position to hire or fire people, confront the agency that employs her or on which she holds a committee/board seat,,, etc. The blood quantum question is a minefield, the administrators of this site have not, as far as I know determined a cut-off % /timeline to determine who is in or who is out.


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