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The Do's and Don'ts of Being a Good Ally

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Defend the Sacred:
Having problems with attachments again. The poster version is linked at the FB page.

Let's try again.


In Solidarity:
Thank you for this information.

I will do my very best to learn it and let it it inform my behaviour.

In Solidarity.


--- Quote from: Defend the Sacred on July 06, 2012, 08:08:36 pm ---...

The Ally's ToolKit  http://allystoolkit.tumblr.com/
"Here you will find practical guidelines on how to support survivors of abuse and oppression, as well as informative insights on what support means and can look like."  Understanding the role of intent, tone arguments, intersectionality and accountability.

--- End quote ---

I don't know where else to do this, but it looks like the Ally's toolkit has either been moved or hacked. I checked out the link to read the information. The result was not what I expected :)

Defend the Sacred:
Oh my. Yes. That link should be updated. Here's an archived version: https://web.archive.org/web/20130626030246/http://allystoolkit.tumblr.com/

A lot of this needs to be updated, anyway. The accomplices article and the poster address some of it... but what we've seen, especially in the  Frauds and Exploiters Profiting or Promoting Themselves off NoDAPL Thread, is that the Self-Declared Ally thing has become a huge problem, with people from an oppressor class declaring themselves allies to an oppressed people, rather than realizing that oppressed people are the only ones who can name who is doing the work of an actual ally or accomplice to their community.

It's also not all linear or black and white. Most of us are oppressed in some ways, and privileged in some others. It's rarely simple, and bullies looking for an excuse to push people around are not helpful, especially when they barge into communities they have no history with, and whose members have no reason to trust them. Entitled, wannabe white saviors are continuing to cause more harm than good.

Very good info I think all "allies" should ready and even if you do everything above there is No reward. You won't get an adopted or an Indian name or eagle feather or be invited to ceremonies or honored in any way. One ally I know and trust said it's about being humble with no expectations and accepting the fact you will always be an ally.
It is getting harder to spot these true allies because many come with the look of just helping out but eventually their true motives come out. That's why I'll never bring another ally into the inner circles I take part in. You have to learn from your mistakes and they just don't belong there.


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