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Re: Geoffrey Hoppe & Crimson Circle Cult
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Geoffrey Alan Hoppe (born 1955) has a puff piece on Wikipedia that needs lots of editing, if not removal.

Hoppe learned how to do his act from Lee Carroll "the original channeler of Kyron". He used to perform at annual Kyron conferences.

I watched one of his performances. His wife did the introduction.  She acted like a stern unsmiling enforcer.

Basic message of this performance: You're special. You're enlightened. But maybe not. You might be doing it wrong. You're part of a group but it isn't a group. Spirits are always watching and judging you. You might not make the cut. You need to work harder. Good job! This spirit will stick around longer.


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Re: Geoffrey Hoppe & Crimson Circle Cult
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This cult has it's own lingo. For instance followers are called "shaumbra". They are told that 2000 years ago they first all came to earth as human angels. They would wear red clothing to indicate to each other secretly that it was time for a meeting.

Modern day followers are supposed to remember that they did that, that they made an agreement to be family to each other. Regularly they are told to wear red.

I see quite a bit of emphasis on cult = love. Cult = home. Cult = family.

So much drama. Followers are supposed to breathlessly await messages from whatever Hoppe pretends to channel.

In July 2009 Hoppe put his followers through an emotional roller coaster. During a weekend of channeling performances, "Tobias" tearfully said farewell. I still see references to this event, looks like it was designed to shake everyone up.

After a deeply poignant weekend of channels by Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain, Kuthumi, Kryon and others, Tobias gave his touching and tearful farewell message. He shared that his shell body, a boy he referred to as “Sam,” had been in an accident and was currently unconscious in a hospital. And it was during this time of openness that Tobias’ full energy of To Bi Wah was merging fully into Sam.

Tobias also shared that the character of Tobias, while it included that of To Bi Wah, was also made up of the energy of each individual Shaumbra as well. He related how “Tobias” was a character in a story that we all agreed to create long ago as a means of one day bringing Shaumbra back together at this incredible time of transformation. As the energy of To Bi Wah embodies within Sam, we are each invited to bring back our own “inner Tobias” as well, and become all that we truly are.

Perhaps the day will come when “Sam” will find his way to the Crimson Circle and reunite with his dearest friends, also known as Shaumbra. He will walk beside us as we all work to manifest the New Energy era on Earth.

Hoppe, performing as "Tobias" narrated Time of the Sixth Sun ( ). He promoted and fund-raised for the movie. The cult newsletter "Shaumbra Monthly" has several essays on the movie, including one by Nikki Williams in which she refers to "the dulcet velvety tones of our beloved Geoffrey Hoppe of the Crimson Circle".


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Re: Geoffrey Hoppe & Crimson Circle Cult
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Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Benyo Hoppe look to be raking in lots of money from their cultists.

They now have a "Tuscan style villa" in Holualoa, Hawaii. This is used for events, to rent out to followers and also to the public through Airbnb. The Hoppes use acquisition of this place as further proof of their prosperity message.

In the tradition of Louise L Hay, Chuck Spezzano, and other purveyors of "New Thought" - they blame people for experiencing health challenges.

They claim that one of the causes of "mental imbalance" is:

Self-inflicted karma from past lives (this includes mental retardation)

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Re: Geoffrey Hoppe & Crimson Circle Cult
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Hoppe, performing as "Tobias" narrated Time of the Sixth Sun [- Nuage fraud film]

Here are a couple of quotes from that thread, concerning Geoffrey Hoppe & Crimson Circle Cult:

narrated by ‘Tobias’, an angelic being who has lived many lifetimes on Earth, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

This "Tobias" was the guide and narrator for the entire film.

Geoffrey A Hoppe and his wife Linda Benyo Hoppe run the domestic corporation CRIMSON CIRCLE IP, INC., incorporated in Nevada. They operate out of Colorado.

They hold events like this:

Adamus 10-Year Gathering
A Shaumbra Gathering of the Extraordinary Kind!
Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 15-16, 2019

It’s hard to imagine that Adamus Saint-Germain has been guiding us for 10 years! Adamus came in full-time after Tobias’ departure in July 2009 and has been with us every step of the way ever since.


May 17 - 19, 2019

From the Crimson Circle Connection Center

They have all sorts of ways to take people's money.

There are accounts online of this Crimson Circle group being a destructive cult. Families are broken up and bank accounts are drained.

Time of the Sixth Sun is an inspirational and uplifting documentary film about the shift in global consciousness and the emerging movement to find a new way to walk more lightly on this Earth. Our ancestors understood our symbiotic relationship to nature and the elements, and foresaw the collapse of an unsustainable world. Filmed predominantly in North America, Mexico, Peru, S.Africa, India, Egypt, Israel and Australia, this film is a synergy of ancient wisdom from the indigenous Elders and insights from pioneers of new energy consciousness, who collaboratively hold the vision of a new earth experience.

The film is introduced by Greta Scacchi and narrated by ‘Tobias’, an angelic being who has lived many lifetimes on Earth, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe.  Our crew flew to Colorado and whilst Geoffrey was in a trance state, we asked Tobias if he would tell our story. He called it ‘the biggest evolution of consciousness humanity has ever experienced’.

“You are witnessing the dissolving of old systems and the birth of new energy consciousness. It is time to re-member who you are and why you are here, at this time of the greatest change ever.” (Tobias)

I think this is incredibly crazy:

Tobias of the Crimson Council
Following in the footsteps of Lee Carroll, Hoppe established himself as a channeler in his own right in 1999.[3][4][14] The entities that Hoppe claims he channels are Tobias, Saint-Germain and Kuthumi.[1][15][16] Tobias - according to Hoppe - is an angelic being who has lived many lifetimes on Earth, but is most noted for his lifetime as Tobit (also known as Tobias), one of the main characters in the apocryphal biblical Book of Tobit.[4][14][17][18]

(For a short introduction to the phenomenon, see: