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melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
« on: November 22, 2013, 09:42:12 pm »
 where to start on this broad....i wasnt sure whether or not to put it here or in the comedy section

i dont even know her, last week i did a youtube search on my screen name (xgymratx) and saw a post with her accusing me of being other people and harrassing her....i knew nothing about her previously....NOTHING!!!

here is what i found out about her over the last few days via google

1) she is batshit crazy

2) she fancies herself a medium and has tons of failed radio programs which she rants in fits of batshit craziness

3) she is an associate of dogsex boy eliase gaywolf

4) she claims to be potowatami, and related to pocahantas amongst other indians, also looks kike she claims her husband, a white guy straight off the set of revenge of the nerds is lakota

5) she is batshit crazy

6) she singles people out at random and threatens them with bodily harm, if she can she calls their employers and threatens to get them all fired, she also calls the families of people who she thinks are "haters"

7) more on haters, she thinks there are people stalking her, and want coitus with her because she is so sexy i guess  ;D and want to ruin her life because she will not sleep with them

8) she made her own IDLE NO MORE t-shirts and tried selling them for $40 and INM organizers are PISSED...she claimed it was her right as a native american lol lol....she aint got a drop of indian blood, we all know the type......oh yeah she also designed a S.A.I.M. all know how i feel about them phonys

9) she claims....get this...that she was navajo in her past life and statuatory raped billy the kid and married him, had his kids then descended from him.....she is all over the net getting called out on her insanity....mostly because dates/places dont match....she gets upset easy and threatens to killed everyone or kill herself

10) she is batshit crazy

most of it happens on facebook and some respectable young man keeps fucking with her via ripoffreport, facebook and encyclopedia dramatica.........he archives her lunacy and reposts them with commentary before she deletes it and starts over again....and he makes fun of her for the amusement of others....i would like to buy that man a cigar look what i found from 2007, she couldnt be anymore delusional

i AM taos pueblo, im goin there for turkey gonna ask around and see if anyone even knows her and what they think of her

google may agree she might belong in COMEDY except for the fact that she claims indian ancestory, charges for her hokey mediumship and then there was the INM thing.......

i am NOT kidding you gotta check her out!!!!

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Re: melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2013, 09:47:54 pm »
my fourth experience was where my Past Life experiences began. Even
then, I really didn't think much of it, until a year or two ago.
I was 14 at this time.
I was going on a trip to Arizona and New Mexico.
When we got to Tucson, AZ., I knew Exactly where we were at.
I could tell my way around, and knew Exactly where everything was,
where we needed to go.
Then, it only heightened through New Mexico.
I can navigate my way around without maps.
Here is where it gets interesting!
a.) We went first through Taos, NM. We went to the Spring Green Corn
Festival and Powwow at the Taos Pueblo.

The Elders immediately took a liking to me.
Word seemed to spread through the Pueblo that I had arrived.
It was as if I had returned home from a long time away. I felt warmly

This place, this board, it gives me the same feeling.
The Elders and Medicine Men had pulled me aside and asked me if I
knew anything about my Heritage or my Family's History
, which at the
time, I really did not.
I had the year previous, found a Family Tree, but really didn't think
too much of it.
The Elders, with Tears in thier Eyes, told me this message: "You are
she who has returned to us. You are our Elder returned for a very
special purpose. You will find your Native Heritage. Your Heart is
right for this."
"You have come home. You are always welcomed here, we will be waiting
with Open Arms. Return as often as you can."

I told them that I knew nothing of that, but that I would look into
Sure enough. I DO have Native American Heritage. I am Lineally Native
American and as well as on other collateral Lines
Not only this, but their Tourist Trinkets, they would only sell to me
at the Tribal Prices, and the Fried Bread Cooking Recipe went to me.
I was told that I would be the one to learn this, but that they would
not teach my family. That I would be the one to teach them this, and
pass it to them when the time was right.

Then, at Santa Fe, NM., it gets even more interesting!
b.) We had then gone to Old Town Santa Fe, NM.
I was reading a Book that I am still in posession of today, and read
of a reference to Inn of the Governors.
As well, we decided to take a look around Old Town.
Sure enough, I knew every street, restaraunt, and shop, as if I were
a Native New Mexican.
Then, I saw what looked to be a place familiar to me, as if I had
graced its door before, but I had never previously known of it nor
been there that I could recall in my collective mind at that time.

It was bitterly cold outside, as the spring thaw was just beginning.
It drew me to it like a moth to a flame.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ;D ;D ;D :D cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo LOL there is plenty more where that came from..........she also said all the taos elders approached and told her she "was a very old soul".........i never heard of them telling anyone stuff like that...EVER and im related to em all haha....HERES MORE!!!
I am Not a weakling
January 11, 2012
That can be beaten, subjugated, pounded and harassed into submission! I am 16th Great Granddaugher of a Powerful War Chief; Powhatan the 2nd. He took over for Pocahontas’ Father; Powhatan Sr. My Uncle is Dragging Canoe; War Chief of the Cherokee People. We Cannot be subjugated, lest a Curse falls upon those who attempt it. My Ancestors know what it is to fight to the death for what it is that belongs to us! We fight to the death and proudly die for it! I will do likewise! My Ancestors call me Little Feather, I am among the last of my people. I Proudly wear my Name. I accept No man’s brand..) So {name removed} and his 70+ Multiple Personality Goon Squad Admit to wanting me Locked away?!
Proof – All my Records Prove I am Right!
Even after Repeated Denials, they also admit to Lying about me!
So ME, the Liar?! What the fuck ever!
On top of Refusals to allow me to
MOVE ON, after ONE Mistaken Association, based solely on their own Obsession with that person; now Deceased!
Plus a Full Admission of being behind getting me Booted from Facebook and most All Social Networking!
 WTF?! How Dare Anyone call my work a Bastardization?!
I am Not – for the LAST fucking time fully white!
One of my Aunts was African American!
I am 16th Great Granddaughter of Elder Powhatan, 2nd; Brother to Elder Powhatan, Sr., Father of my 15th Great Aunt, Pocahontas. My 15th Great Grandmother was her 1st Cousin!
To call my work that kind of filth are fighting words!
FACE ME and call me that so I can knock your God Damned Face In!

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Re: melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2013, 10:02:02 pm »

The Truth about my Family Ancestry
January 7, 2012
The Truth is that I am indeed related to many Outlaws, Law Men, Card Sharps, Gamblers, Shady Ladies, Military Leaders Native American Leaders and Founding Fathers.

I am releasing the Records a little at a time, as it takes a little while to gather the records.

These are being done just a little at a time and will be released at least once per year, to allow me the time to gather the records.

There are a lot of records.

I would not say it if it were not true.

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The TRUTH about why I am Pissed, Ticked and Torqued
January 7, 2012
What is Really pissing me off, is that I am being Internet Stalked and Physically Gang Stalked by Creeps from, who have seen fit to continually laugh at and Attack me for Every aspect of my life; past, present and future.

They feel that they are THE LAW and my Conscience, Judge, Jury and Executioner.

Because of this, my Attorney has advised me, that these Creeps are indeed Above the Law, Untouchable and that my only hope for getting RID of them, is to take the Law into my own hands.

These Creeps are virtually Immune from Prosecution.

They feel that they have the Absolute Right to do the following to my Family and I:

1.) Steal from me and my Blogs (This one has finally become ALL about THEM), as much as what they want, with the expressed desire to twist Everything I say or do, to make me look as if I am the Bad one.

I am simply Dark, Not Evil.

2.) To use my Information to tear me, my life, home, family, possessions, marriage and Business to Shreds.

3.) To “Occupy” and throw me Entirely Out of my own life.

4.) To Destroy All of my Efforts every time I try to get back up after an Attack or if I attempt to earn an Income Living by my own hands.

5.) To Badmouth, Insult, Denigrate, Degrade, Stalk and Harass my Family and I both on and off line, until we are to the point of moving again or to Homelessness, Never allowed to stay in one place more than 5 years (we have already been Homeless twice, the last one nearly killing me), or into Prison, where they can have us Brainwashed into Oblivion.

6.) To drain my Family and I of Millions of Dollars, attempting to fight or Escape them.

7.) To drive me from the Internet Entirely, Including Any and All Social Networking, Websites, Blogs or Forums that actually belong to me (even some that don’t), Hacking my Skype Account and attempting to Steal Private Information.

8.) To Force me under a Strict Sharia Law System, Locking me away inside my own home.

9.) Do All of our thinking, feeling and Mental Processes for my Family and I, Not allowing us that Right.

10.) To try to Force me to give up my Cat, farther Isolating me, even accusing me of the Worst kinds of Animal Abuses, which is a LIE! A Complete and utter Fallacy!

11.) To attempt to make me look Crazy, so that they can succeed in getting me Locked away, against my will, to Force me to Meds that I Don’t Need, also against my Will.


I am Angered at them for the following above!

All of this Started, I believe, over a piece of Family History (That I Still hold as Truth), that apparently, I was supposed to know Nothing of, nor ever attempt to find; as well as finding the knowledge of my Family Interitance, the Abilities with the paranormal and the Unknown (Sorry, still the TRUTH)!

If you Burn me at the Stake for All of this, Never will I EVER Renounce Any of it!

Meds would only serve to Cloud my Abilities.

I Don’t appreciate having Every aspect of my life gone after Viciously and interfered with on a regular basis!

If you had 9 1/2 years of your own life gone after and interfered with in such a manner, I believe that anyone would be so justifiedly Angered!

Yes, there have been Plenty of times that I have wanted to End it ALL because the Abuse is More than I can stand to deal with any farther.

I have a Box Full of Documents Proving my Story and my Case against these AOTN Perverted Creeps.

I have lost Thousands of Friends, Family and Associates, my own Websites and Blogs (Tore this one down, made it ALL about the AOTN Creeps), had to shut down my Aura, Chakras and Abilities for 4 months in 2010, again in 2011 for 8 months and I fear the next time, Permanently.

Things are slowly coming back, but Not to the point they were 3 years ago; but a little at a time.

I am Not rushing the Process, but am allowing what wants to come back, to do so.

I had to do this to cope with the Enormous Stress that the AOTN Creeps put on me.

I am Irate that Law Enforcement, Attorneys and others have Refused to do anything about Any of this, nor have even lifted one single finger to put a Stop to any of this, so I can go on with my Life.

The Reason the AOTN Creeps likely won’t let up anytime soon:

a.) They ARE the Law.

b.) My Body Weight (Biggest Reason for their Abuse against me).

c.) My Gender (They treat Women like 10th and Lower Class Citizens).

d.) My Ambitions.

e.) My Knowledge.

f.) The Mistakes of my Past, that they Refuse to let go of.

g.) So I can Never have any Future Successes.

I have Not been Physically well from this in quite some time, Sleep Problems, Nightmares, No appetite or too much of one, Rashes on my legs due to Overwhelming Stress.

We own 2 Guns (Fact, NOT Bragging), so that we can Protect ourselves, our home, possessions, Freedoms, Marriage, Family and Businesses.

We also have both front and back doors Deadbolted, due to their past Threats against me and my Home.


What would ultimately Devastate me and End my Life Permanently, Rob me of my Will to Live, would be to Lose Everything, as the AOTN Creeps are attempting to do.

They are Extremely, Sickeningly Obssessed with me, that they will stop at Nothing to keep the Harassment and the Pressure on me to Conform to their Ideals.

These Creeps have made Threats against my Cat (I have this Record in Writing), to keep me imprisoned within my own home, to the point where I Refuse to leave the house for more than an hour, maybe two, to Protect her from harm.

These Creeps have also Illegally Recorded my Phone Calls (Have this in writing, a FULL Admission by them) from their own Hate Blog about me; Both my Friends and I have Record of “Beeps,” Clicks and other interference that shouldn’t even be there.

This is the TRUTH!Senora C’s Bio
July 28, 2012
Age: 36
Kids: No
Pets: One Cat, Jukebox

I was born in Santa Monica,
CA in 1976.
At age 3, I began to have experiences that I just didn’t
understand at the time; after a serious injury and illness as a child.
As I
got older, the experiences intensified.
At age 14, I discovered my Family’s
link to Native American Heritage and a deep, rich Heritage of Mystical and
Metaphysical Abilities.
I only recently found out that by Cultural Definition
(Non Practicing), I am what is known as a “Shaman Witch.”

I have continued to
find out even more.
I come of a long line of Mystics, Psychics, Mediums,
Healers, Shamans and Church Clergy.

It seems these Abilities, well utilized
to Senora C, got passed down to me from my very earliest predecessors.
don’t claim to be anything extraordinary or super.
I am as I am – Nothing

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Re: melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
« Reply #3 on: November 22, 2013, 11:34:18 pm »
from her tumblr....what tribe is asking you melissa?

Back to listPrev.
November 22nd at 10:54am

Onward and Upward
I have 3 Clients for my Mediumship Business, my Books are starting to slowly sell, 2 T Shirts Orders, 2 Baked Goods Orders, plus I am being asked to Enroll Tribally for my Lineage.
I am also Re Licensing my Business and moving Banks.
Carts should be up soon.
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Re: melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
« Reply #4 on: November 23, 2013, 06:32:47 am »
milehighsalute, do you have some links for her?

Is this her website:!about-me/celg

I am 16th Gr. Granddaughter of Elder White Feather and Scent Flower, Iroquois Leadership and Medicine People in 1600's VA.
They were commonly Termed "Witches" by the European Settlers that came to Colonize and Settle the New World.
This does Not mean that I particularly am a "Witch" - YET!
I am a Student of Shamanic and Esoteric Arts, or more Particularly a "Shaman In Training."
Wiccan Arts, I consider to be a part of this.
I also have some Druidic, through Celtic Lineage and some Gypsy through Italian Lineage.

And this is on her resume page:!resume/cdcp

My Resume

?Notables I Descend from
Old West:

?1.) Elder White Feather - Uncle to Pocahontas (16th Gr. Grandfather)
2.) John Dods - Old Planters of VA - English Settler  (15th Gr. Grandfather)
3.) John Wesley “Wes” Hardin (14th Gr. Cousin)
4.) John Henry “Doc” Holliday (9th Gr. Cousin)
5.) Wyatt, Morgan, Virgil and Baxter Earp (9th Gr. Cousins)
6.) Belle Starr (9th Gr. Cousin)
7.) William “Billy the Kid” Bonney (9th Gr. Cousin by Marriage)
8.) Patrick Floyd “Pat” Garrett (10th Gr. Cousin by Marriage)
9.) Jesse “Howard Clark” James (GG Paternal Grandfather)
10.) Doc Scurlock - LCW Regulator (10th Gr. Cousin by Marriage)

?Civil War:

1.) John “Gray Ghost” Mosby (9th Gr. Cousin)
2.) Jesse Woodson James (Paternal GG Grandfather)
3.) WLH Dotson (GGG Paternal Grandfather)
4.) Maj. Gen. Charles Dodson - Ramseur (CSA) (10th Gr. Cousin)
5.) Gen. Robert E. Lee, Sr. (CSA) (9th Gr. Uncle)


?Los Alamos, NM Winterfest Parade - Dec. 3, 2011
Taos Christmas Parade - Dec. 3, 2009 and Dec. 3, 2010
Navidad NM Christmas Lights Show - 2007 - 2013
“Emancipation” Movie - Eaves Movie Ranch Santa Fe, NM - Emancipation, LLC - Oct. 6 - 7, 2012 - Extra - Part: Soiled Dove
Author of: "My Life As A Medium - A Journey Through The Paranormal, "Senora C's Magickal Christmas Cookin' Book" and "Surviving The New World Order, Cyber Terrorism and Winning," "The Embattled Haunt"
By Blood, Natural - Born Psychic Medium; Helped Solve the Kit Carson Electric Co Op Robbery Case and others

Degreed Royal Order of Mrs. Claus #27
?International Order of Santas 2010 - 2011
?World Santa Claus Congress - 2011
?Girl Scouts Alumni - 1988 - 1992
Owner - Just Me Medium
IGHS - Associated Ghost Club Member
Member - Airblown Inflatables Collector’s Club
Life Member - Cooking Club of America
Life Member - North American Hunting Club
?Double Life Member - Creative Home Arts Club
?Member - Professional Inner Circle - IGHS
?Lifetime Member - IGHS
?Member - St. Labre Indian School Century Club
1.) Animal Care and Handling
?2.) Wagons and Teamster
?3.) Riding Horses
4.) Walk On Extra
?5.) Cast Iron/Dutch Oven Cooking and Baking
?6.) Sarsaparilla Swilling
?7.) Guns and Ammo
?My Costuming:
Prarie Dress and Accessories
Civil War Era Hoop Dress and Accessories
?Cowboy Hat
?Cowboy Boots
?Wild Rag
?Womens’ Period Footwear
?Traditional Native American Jewelry
?Period Ladies’ Hat
?My Props:

.38 2 Barrel American Derringer
.45 Ruger Vaquero
Gun Belts
Dutch Ovens
Cast Iron Cookware
Enamel Camp Dishes
Additional Experience:

I have been on the News Twice, Photographed in Newspapers at least three times and have been in Parades and appeared at a small handfull of local Events.

P.S.:  milehighsalute, forget about the links.  I found her YouTube channel:  She knows two words - F*** Y** - and we are looking at some serious mental illness here.  It is sad and I do hope she gets appropriate help. 
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Re: melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
« Reply #5 on: November 23, 2013, 11:10:43 am »
i went to the "discussions" part of her youtube earlier today and kinda verbally poked her with a stick.......then i realized later after reading your statement that you are absolutely right.....i think her case is more mental health related than actual scamming.....and the whole medium thing she possibly really well as her fantasy of history with billy the kid

i will leave her alone now because it looks like her attempts to make money were highly unsuccessful anyways......and they were batshit crazy and doomed to fail from the start

i really hope that people dont believe her fantasy of being indian, then again i dont think anyone believes anything coming out of her mouth

i see some guy "trolls" her weekly and she gets insane over it and he is probably laughing at the reaction... ...even made a page making fun of her ...but to her it may be real and its obvious she thinks he is ruining her life......according to her facebook people even break into her house and send death threats to her cat.......i will leave it at that

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Re: melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
« Reply #6 on: November 23, 2013, 08:26:54 pm »
In various threads on here we've discussed the fabricated Powhatan ancestry issue. When I've referred to fabricated NDNs with fanciful English names, it was exactly this stuff:

"I am 16th Gr. Granddaughter of Elder White Feather and Scent Flower, Iroquois Leadership and Medicine People in 1600's "

What this means is she has white ancestors from the Jamestown colonies.

There are people on who have merged what few Powhatans for whom we have documentation with any random NDN or suspected NDN they can find from within a hundred years and a thousand miles of where Matoaka et al lived. Those are two of those composite/fabricated people.

The normal NDNs, plus a community leader or two, who all got disrespectfully merged and misappropriated into non-Native's family trees, then turned into "Princesses," "Emperors," and now that it's more fashionable, "Medicine People," were in almost every case just some normal Native who happened to marry a white person. There is no reason to think they were medicine people, especially since they married white people and assimilated hundreds of years ago.

Other researchers and I have also encountered white people who find one woman with no recorded last name who start claiming that must mean she was an NDN. Real genealogists will be laughing your asses off right now, as we know that once you go back far enough, it's sadly the norm that many women never had their maiden names recorded. That's all about patrilineal naming conventions, and has zero to do with ethnicity.

Some of these histories involve white people who were slavers, and I think we should look very critically at claims that these young Native women *chose* to marry old white men. I think the real history for most of these women and girls was probably brutal, not romantic.
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Re: melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
« Reply #7 on: November 23, 2013, 08:29:45 pm »
And, repeating myself some more: The Druids were the educated class of ancient Celtic cultures. "Celtic" is a language grouping, not a blood type, and people don't inherit cultural knowledge via distant ancestry.

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Re: melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
« Reply #8 on: November 25, 2013, 12:53:32 am »
this is how her "medium" radio shows about spirits and ndnz usually go.........again batshit crazy is the only description i can think of for her
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Re: melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
« Reply #9 on: November 26, 2013, 07:16:28 pm » hahaha the taos told her she was older than them.....and she at the ripe age of 14 went to the navajo rez how? i hope it was under the supervision of her parents....and went to a cantina on a historically dry rez?

 I discovered it actually quite by accident. I had recieved a Book on it that I still have in my Collection and had started to have memories after starting to read it. Flash backs and dreams of that time and place, but not based on anything I had read of. I just knew instinctively (I am also a Medium), what was true and what was false of the story. I then went on a journey to prove what I was experiencing (I swear I was very skeptical at the time), but everything I witnessed only brought more memories, nightmares and flashbacks. Which meant I had to search farther.
At age 14, I went to Santa Fe, NM and the Navajo Rez. Billy, his spirit self met me there, at the Cantina where we first met in that lifetime. He asked me to try to remember my last life with him. Then I had an NDE (near death experience), where I stepped out of my body and went to the other side. I was met by Billy and my family. I was made to come back and was asked to fill the mission to tell what Really happened back then and to make the dream of becoming a wealthy ranch owner. That when it is my time he will return for me. The Elders here in Taos at Taos Pueblo told me I am ancient soul, elder even before them and they, with my beloved great aunt Irene, encouraged me to search farther into my family’s history. What I found has enlightened and astonished me. I am Iroquois and Cherokee this life and was Navajo then. There are so many parallels between my current and former selves, it is funny. I even have photos of my current and former self. Side by side – identical. When I saw that photo, my jaw dropped, it just stopped me dead in my tracks.
All the memories came flooding back. It was the lady I saw myself when I had my NDE. I have photos, family documents, birth, marriage and death records. Also family trees and other documentation. I do family genealogy work for my family on the side. So much so, that I have large folders full. It would take me making a CD Rom collection or just flat out writing a book on it, to list everything I have. In a gun shop in Tucson, AZ., I found the Pistol that Pat Garrett put in Billy’s hand the night he died to frame him and make it look like he was armed. It still has the blood spatters eating at the Metal.
My Native America heritage could possibly have something to do with such strong memories. In Native Philosophy, we are all one and everything past and present affects the future.
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Re: melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
« Reply #10 on: November 26, 2013, 08:36:47 pm »
She looks to have major mental health challenges. Personally I think it is unethical for other Nuagers to give her a platform to express her delusions, they should know better.

She also makes a somewhat common mistake, she believes having lots of records equals accurate genealogy work, but it doesn't. Lots of records only equals lots of records.

I have photos, family documents, birth, marriage and death records. Also family trees and other documentation. I do family genealogy work for my family on the side. So much so, that I have large folders full. It would take me making a CD Rom collection or just flat out writing a book on it, to list everything I have.

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Re: melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
« Reply #11 on: November 26, 2013, 10:12:25 pm »
yeah she calls herself "littlefeather" and "littlefeather" looks crazier and crazier the more i dig....apparently she tried buying some rodeogrounds to hold rodeos/concerts/powwows and hired a bunch of people to work on it then never paid them....KNOWING she couldnt pay them....alot of pissed off people there

and yeah im finding more and more discussions where she claims she is the authority on bein a medium due to her alleged native american heritage

i also found a tidbit from 2007 or so where she claimed to be a "shaman witch"

well i think littlefeather started researching billy the kid out of interest then in order to make herself more important she put herself in the story........

she claims kinship to famous indians, outlaws, actors even........and she also claims dog the bounty hunter is her cousin and thats proof of her native heritage  :o

i dont think she got the memo that dog is phony either

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Re: melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
« Reply #12 on: November 27, 2013, 03:32:34 pm »
So Melissa Bryan has finally stirred up the hornet's nest? 

I first heard of her about ten years ago when she and her nitwit husband were hanging around some of the Civ-war reenactment folk. She pulled a loaded gun on some fellow and you know those folks don't take kindly to people waving real guns around, When I checked around I found that she was actively trolling a lot of Billy the Kid role players. They were minding their own business and she started telling everyone to shut up about her husband Billy or she was going to kill them.

She was one some barrel gun lists, she claimed she was pregnant on one of them, nowadays she claims te stalkers made her miscarriage twice.  That's just the tip of the iceberg. She worked at Arbys for a few days but quit because she was too  "overqualified." She changed linens at a hotel for a short time, that's the extent of her work history. Her family's been supporting her with some kind of trust. That recently ran out which is why she's trying to make money on ndn related stuff.  She thinks that's OK because she claimed that she can trace her ancestry back "16 generations" which would be around 1690. But this is only the latest in a long series of scams.

And for your listening displeasure. A month ago she was doing daily podcasts to get back at some stuff appearing at  Ripoffreport.  This is not safe for work, turn your speakers down if you have any children or cats in the room.

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Re: melissa bryan and outlaw enterprises
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i can usually forgive crazy.......but "crazy to your own benefit" i cant ignore......once any kind of profit is sought than mentally ill is just one of the problems...not the whole problem....she sought profit through her "businesses", books, and "charities" claiming to be indian or supporting indians

if you follow all 6-8 "S.A.I.M." members they all have some kind of mental illness....most of the suffer from delusions of granduer.....and then some like melissa turn the compulsive lying into fantasyland (for profit of course) and her close associate not only done harm to many but also is activley into vincent leo ross that is "SAIM" is white and obsessed with illuminati and calls russell means THE GOD, and the other AIM leadership gods or other devine titles (angels)..........................and the 2 founders are so full of it and believe their own stink

looks like anything written by her on ripoff report sends her into facebook fits from what i understand......looks like she has a fan club who get alot of laughs out of it.........i hope she gets meds soon

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About Me

This is my place to tell my Story of what Odd Emperor and others have done to me throughout my life. On and off, since the age of 4, I have been Stalked and Harassed in one way or another.

These wounds won't heal until the Truth is out and I have spoken my piece.

I will be placing Resources at this Site, so that others who are also Victims of Oddy, can come forward and tell their Stories as well.

I am 33 years old, born in CA. to a Seneca/Anglo Father and an Italian Anglo Mother.

I now live in upper Northern New Mexico in a small but cozy Mountain Cabin, with my Husband and our one Cat. It is rather primitive, but does what we need it to do.

My life has not been one I am necessarily proud of, but have done my best to make the best of the worst.

My life has been shattered by someone who calls himself "Odd Emperor." This man is obsessed with me and Refuses to let up.

Well, this Site exposes him for everything he has put my family and I through.

I promise that those that have been Victimized by Oddy and his Criminal Minions will be exposed to the light of day, right here on this Site.