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"I've always been fascinated by white people. The evidence of their culture is all around us: their art, their industry, their way of life...."

This is Australian, but the parallels are obvious. All three parts are posted and all are very well worth the watch.


Bruhaha.. this is soooo cool

critter - a white non-ndn person:
interesting.. i feel the same way watching this as i do any documentary
on a "peoples"..  even though it's supposed to be funny.. i don't really
find it funny.. maybe it's just my mood today.. but i don't find it funny
when "peoples" are filmed/treated this way regardless of what kind of
"peoples" they are.. and regardless if it's supposed to be funny..

Sounds to me like you got the point? Some parts of this made me squirm and look away, and I think that's as it should be/that's what the filmmakers meant to accomplish. But I still laughed at parts of it.

critter - a white non-ndn person:
Probably. I think it's good for those who have never seen it from the other side.. mostly
the white peoples who go about making 'documentary' of this sort.. I've just never liked
those things, nor do I like shows on petroglyphs or ancient civilizations cuz I just always
think they don't know what any of it means and are just making it up to what they think
it must mean.. can't stand that sort of stuff. I remember in grade school being taught about
the Vikings, and asking the teacher, how do they know the Vikings said/did this or that..
the answer from the teacher was not satisfying to me so I stopped listening.. then later
they taught us about dinosaurs and the center of the Earth.. and on a trip with my mom
to the local museum, reading the signs and asking what the word 'theory' meant. I was
pissed (even at that young age) to realize that they were making the stuff up.. and teaching
it to me as thought it was fact.. I stopped listening to that too. I became a terrible history
student.. LOL


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