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Re: Jerry White AKA Standing Bear
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All nations have medicine people, but they will tell you , for you to gain wisdom you must give all thanks to the Creator. you give up everything you have . Medicine people do not have several ranches in different states, and give up their medicine to others.
Jerry White is a plastic medicine man , your first class is 400.00 and ends with your so called vision Quest at 1600.00. He is no different than the guy in Arizona who killed three people only on a smaller scale. I knew him for about three years and finally realized he wanted only what was in my pocket.I could tell you more but it makes me sick to my stomach. Wado

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Re: Jerry White AKA Standing Bear
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Hello Medicine Flower
How did you manage to figure out his scam?  There is someone I care about who is so caught up with this man that I barely recognize her.  Any thoughts would be helpful. Any more information you could give me I would also appreciate.

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Re: Jerry White AKA Standing Bear
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This is the credential that Jerry White lists for himself on the Healing Touch Practitioner web site,

Faculty: Standing Bear (Jerry White) He was chosen for training in the
>>ways of "Spirit Medicine" at the age of 8. Even after 50 years, if asked,
>>he will tell you he is still learning. He has studied and taught in many
>>countries. He is an experienced healerin both the Native American
>>(Cherokee) and White Traditions and is recognized as a healer who walks
>>in both worlds.
>>Jerry is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and a Certified
>>Instructor, as well as a Shaman. He has appeared on television and in
>>newspaper interviews and is currently featured in the Healing Touch book
>>"White Shadow", written by one of his students.

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Re: Jerry White AKA Standing Bear
« Reply #18 on: September 21, 2011, 01:25:35 pm »
So at what point does one determine that the postings move from research needed to the posting on Frauds?  There have not been many comments related to Jerry White AKA standing bear and not any with accurate information or history supporting his claims.  This also includes communication from the tribal counsel. I was hoping something more concrete would flush out in order to help the person I know that has become so deeply involved with him. I guess the fact that few people know of him is also telling.

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Re: Jerry White AKA Standing Bear
« Reply #19 on: August 10, 2012, 07:58:47 pm »
I received an acount about Jerry White. The account includes an address and phone of his in Beaumont TX.  There are also accounts of him living in or visiting Houston, Galveston, and Belmont TX and Las Cruces NM.

But White sells ceremony in both Calgary and Chicago. The ceremony selling is arranged by Marsha Bregman and Anne OMalley, who are both training as his apprentices. White sells both vision quests and sweatlodges and does tell his followers he is a Cherokee chief.

His account of how he supposdly became a shaman is straight out of old boy scout stories.

Moved to Frauds.

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Re: Jerry White AKA Standing Bear
« Reply #20 on: June 20, 2016, 02:14:33 pm »
I caution anyone thinking of seeing Jerry White aka "Standing Bear". He probed into my past psychological trauma as if he were a psychotherapist, and zeroed in on an old rape and ensuing harassment/stalking case, and wouldn't let go. He seemed to be getting a 'charge' out of my answers and kept probing. He actually joked about the events I described and asked if the sex was 'at least any good'. He told sexually tinged stories throughout, leaving me bewildered and paying the $500 fee. He did perform a mind trick/illusion in which I 'saw' him bend his apprentice's forearm -  then bend it back - so he does have some kind of 'power'. He can at least make you 'see' seemingly impossible things.  No healing occurred for the chronic physical condition I came with. I am however left with a re-wounding in an emotional area that I had previously dealt with, with years of truly skilled therapy.

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Re: Jerry White AKA Standing Bear
« Reply #21 on: March 31, 2019, 01:34:03 am »

I know Jerry White. Liar, fraud and con man. My experience was that he is a bad psychotherapist, in that all of his banter comes from Wilhelm Reich's theory of personalities. He could easily be accused of 'practicing medicine without license', in addition to the tribal fraud. He works hard to come off as a righteous guy, but that's just part of the confidence man game.

I never heard him say anything that even vaguely could be called "indian". Lots of bragging about what great healings he and his apprentices were accomplishing. Funny, it was always somewhere far away, not possible to check out. During the 'sessions', I never sensed any energy from him at all. Seems he holds it all to himself to support his great ego. He claims Cherokee, Shaman, Therapeutic Touch, and Hindu connections. But it was really just all about the 1940's style Reichian psychology.

Personally, he failed miserably in providing any help with my injury. Called him out for being a fraud. After that, I haven't heard a word from him. Don't waste your time with this fool.