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Before the Invasion there was no US/Mexico border, a lot of relatives travelled freely throughout the southern areas. Just because the NDN from the south were forced to speak Spanish that doesnt make them Spanish any more than those in the north who were forced to speak English are English

Today there are 14 border reservations in the United States of which many extend into Mexico or Canada. Like the Tohono O'odham Nation of AZ. Others like the Pascua Yaqui ( Toltecs) were being wiped out by the Spanish and Mexico moved north into what is now the U.S..

Kwe David Baker...there is a statement from Zoi Lightfoot which I have posted under the Welcome and News Section...this is in part an answer to the Wannabees v Wannabees bringing in "indians" It just wont happen! Not if what we do is done in the right way!

C Standing Bear:

--- Quote ---I have lived for 55 years in America and have yet to see a drum with a handle on it!
--- End quote ---

Then you need to go into different circles. LoL


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