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The long-awaited fifth Melchizedek is now finally here!

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just a tiny clarification:

"Ji" is not really a term of endearment but more a term of respect in Hindi/Punjabi and other languages from India. 

When we say "mamaji" or "papaji" we are saying "respected mother" or "respected father".

In our languages, Babaji is a common way to refer to an older man, a respected teacher, or even God. 

best, ska

Defend the Sacred:
Thank you for that, ska. The "endearment" thing is what I learned, but it was mostly from American Hindu converts - many of them white - who did not grow up in the culture. Thank you for clarifying :)

Sorry, Kathryn and Piff.  I did not understand at first, but I do now.  The Babaji you were referring to claimed that he was a reincarnation of the one I was referring to, which was written about in Yogananda Paramahamsa's book "Autobiography of a Yogi".

However, he only appeared from 1970 to 1984, 14 years, instead of the hundreds and perhaps millenniums that the other Babaji existed. 

Also, he appears to have aged in the few photos and videos they have of him, plus he looks very well-fed.  According to Yogananda: 

--- Quote ---An avatar is unsubject to the universal economy; his pure body, visible as a light image, is free from any debt to nature. The casual gaze may see nothing extraordinary in an avatar's form but it casts no shadow nor makes any footprint on the ground. These are outward symbolic proofs of an inward lack of darkness and material bondage. Such a God-man alone knows the Truth behind the relativities of life and death.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---The deathless guru bears no marks of age on his body; he appears to be no more than a youth of twenty-five. Fair-skinned, of medium build and height, Babaji's beautiful, strong body radiates a perceptible glow. His eyes are dark, calm, and tender; his long, lustrous hair is copper-colored.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---As his undecaying body requires no food, the master seldom eats. As a social courtesy to visiting disciples, he occasionally accepts fruits, or rice cooked in milk and clarified butter.
--- End quote ---

Yogananda also said he remains in seclusion in the mountains, and Babaji Hairakhan seemed to be surrounded by crowds (especially young children it seems).  Babaji supposedly speaks mainly in Hindi, but he can converse in any language, but in a video online I saw of Babaji Hairakhan, he is speaking in Hindi with an interpreter speaking in English.

I also noticed on his website that his disciples had a viewing of "Three Magic Words" (Gudni Gudnason's movie) in May 2013.  Interesting connection!


This guy is still very active, now joined by his wife. I suggest moving this thread to "Frauds".

Main pages: http://www.lotusjoy.eu/ & https://www.senia-melchizedek.com/

See also: https://www.onenessnederland.nl/deekshagevers/610/23/trainers/details.html

11 videos here: https://vimeo.com/user4523961

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Senia.Melchizedek

--- Quote ---Intro
Esoteric Teacher of Consciousness
-Body Language Expert
-Public Speaker

Esoteric Teacher, owner & founder at One Consciousness Academy
Lives in Dieren
Married to Freya Melchizedek
Joined on December 2008
Followed by 7,364 people
Manages One Consciousness Academy
--- End quote ---

Some of the links in there:
https://www.facebook.com/freya.lopes [Freya Melchizedek; see below]

His wife: https://www.facebook.com/freya.lopes [Compare husband's Intro; above]

--- Quote ---Intro
-Esoteric Teacher of Consciousness
-Body Language Expert
-Public Speaker

Owner and Founder at One Consciousness Academy
Married to Senia Melchizedek
Joined on March 2009
Followed by 676 people
--- End quote ---

Why do I think they are frauds (my bolding):

--- Quote from: https://www.facebook.com/One-Consciousness-Academy-284572061558670/ ---Our Story
Senia & Freya Melchizedek are Toltecs of the arts of the shamans of ancient Mexico, and the founders and teachers of One Consciousness Academy.

O.C.A. stands for One Consciousness Academy, or freely translated: the Academy for Unity Consciousness. They are therefore an Academy focused on the evolutionary development of human consciousness in this special New era (Aquarius), better known as the Golden Age.

The Golden Age provides opportunities for us all to develop into completeness, provided that that is something you really want. More than 30 years of experience and knowledge of different spiritual traditions are brought together in a unique learning school. Old esoteric knowledge is translated to this time to guide you on your unique journey of discovery of your true potential. All in understandable language and well-founded,  practical and applicable.

One Conscioussness Academy does not work from a religion. All people with every possible religious background are therefore welcome to follow our seminars, events & online training. The condition is that you are willing to reconsider existing beliefs and that you are open to learning.

The core of our doctrine consists of esoteric knowledge that is as old as humanity itself but has been hidden and suppressed through the ages. Today, more and more of this knowledge is supported by scientific breakthroughs in Quantum physics.

Our goal is to put people back in their own Power and in their true Essence without identification of the I Consciousness. You can put someone back in his or her own power in many ways. An agreement in all these ways is that there is no room for victimization; you have to take responsibility yourself in order to grow. Are you willing to take responsibility for your own life? And claim your Mastery back? Do you want to get to know yourself at a deeper level? Then you are at the right place at O.C Academy.

Senia & Freya Melchizedek both have different skills that they combine beautifully and are Spiritual Teachers of Consciousness. They both embody different qualities and are Master Facilitators in such as Meditation, Body Language and Micro Expressions, Energy healing, Emotional Bodywork, Paranormal such as Reading and Mediumship (Channeling),  Toltec shamanism of the arts of the shamans of ancient Mexico, Ancestral work, Hypnosis, and they know & experience different states of Awakening.

You can find more information about their work on the website  www.ocacademy.eu
--- End quote ---

The "Toltec Shaman" fraud complex has been debunked dozens of times in this forum, e.g. here:

http://www.newagefraud.org/smf/index.php?topic=3217.0 [Miguel Ruiz]


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