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Here's a good comeback line to the Cherokee princess statement. "We have a Cherokee princess in the family too but we don't like to talk about him".




The word "respect" should be on the list.
(I don´t know all the fancy English words, so you´ll have to rephrase it...:)  )

"We have to show eachother respect, after all, we´re one big family - Mitakuye Oyasin"
Meaning: "All yours is mine!" (Usually doesn´t work the other way round)

"Energy" - which you´ve already mentioned - is definitely number one over here! Could also be used as a defense: "There were really bad energies yesterday!"
Meaning: "I am totally NOT responsible for anything I do or say!"

The number one reply if you try to tell them off : "But it feels good for ME!"
Meaning: ...and I don´t care a damn how it feels for you/for Natives.

Suggestions for a follow-up book: comments you hear when selling craft!  Especially on the topic: "How to empty a dreamcatcher!" (They do get full - did you know?
Best one from yesterday´s market was the woman who had been told that, in order to empty her DC, she has to stick her forefinger through the hole and keep it there for 30 minutes.

I just got this vivid picture of lots of Nuagers running around with dreamcatchers stuck to their forefingers....;D


Around here, the number one power animal is the pit bull. Esp in the poorer neighborhoods, it's a cheap burglar deterrent.


"Accepting"- 1) Believing what anyone says, no matter how offensive, racist, abusive, or exploitative. 2) Allowing anything, no matter how offensive, racist, abusive, or exploitative.

"Metis"- When a Nuager claims some kind of distant Indian ancestry, but doesn't want to be around actual Indians because he knows his Nuage ways won't be accepted.

And of course I'll need to include a footnote explaining who the actual Metis are.

"Part Apache"- A claim made usually by very fair skinned, fair haired Anglos whose families never lived anywhere near the Southwest. See Penny McKelvey/"Oshinnah Fastwolf".

"Sacred Sex"- The Nuage way of appeasing guilt over sex by charging gullible people money to do it in the context of a ceremony of dubious origin. Usuallly includes less socially accepted sexual practices like homsexuality/bisexuality, self-sodomy/wanking, and downright deviant practices like chickenhawking/pedophilia.

"Twinkie"- If a Nuager is offended by this humorous mildly teasing term being used to describe them, chances are they ARE a Twinkie.


--- Quote ---"We have a Cherokee princess in the family too but we don't like to talk about him".
--- End quote ---


Where's Mibby? I bet he's got some gems.


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