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Terri Jean — articles, book, newsletter, project
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This article has been recommended three times in comments in the forum. It is not new, but still seems a good read: [New Age Mystics, Healers, and Ceremonies]

Then this: [THE NATIVE TRUTH ]

Both authored by Terri Jean, who has also written this 2003 book: [use the "Look inside"-option]
[365 Days Of Walking The Red Road: The Native American Path to Leading a Spiritual Life Every Day (Religion and Spirituality)]

About the Author
Terri Jean is the former publisher of The Good Red Road, a bimonthly Native American newsletter and home study guide.

There is a favourable review of the book here:

Terri Jean has been mentioned twice in the forum:

Internet Indians, Overnighters, Sell-Outs, Frauds and “Spokesmen???
Terri Jean

The links don't work anymore. She is ialso mentioned, in a favourable way, in this post, which contains a translation to German of parts of the first article mentioned above:
Terri Jean, is an Editor/Historian/Activist/Author, and Director of the Red Roots Educational Project

I cannot find much information neither about The Good Red Road nor the Red Roots Educational Project.

What's all this about? Is Terri Jean really one of the "Internet Indians, Overnighters, Sell-Outs, Frauds and “Spokesmen???"?