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Larry Cope:
Being new to this forum, I had to go back and trace the threads and references found in other threads and posts.
Having done so and admitting that I am in way a scholar of any native tradition, I will note that what little exposure I've had through Vine Deloria's books, Black Elk Speaks, the very wonderful film Wisdom Keepers and other limited references would lead me to conclude that anyone claiming to be a native teacher of any sort who would align themselves with the Starseed project or write of Star Ancestors and being "written about in numerous magazines including: Nexus, UFO Magazine, FATE, New York Magazine, ELLE, Shamans Drum, Majical Blend …etc." will most likely be impostors duping a willingly blind audience.
From what I've researched in my limited way, true native teachers do not go around bragging about themselves. They do not "sell" their services nor their knowledge. Please, if I am in error, feel free to correct me in this.
Just my 2 cents worth

so true our people never advertise, make web pages, Facebook, ask for money or donations, never charge for ceremonies,
there are unwritten rules, you must be compassionate, you must be faithful, must be humble, modest, you must know the language,
and the songs in which order they come, you must complete 4 years of inipi, four years hanbleca, four year wiwicipi, and then given the
right to run a inipi,  no women can run, inipi, hanbelca, wiwicipi for men, these are men's ceremonies,   

When we have ceremony we must tell who taught us, what and how we got the right to sit at the door,
who our are families and who are our witnesses, you must provide the names of people who know you completed what
rights you are claiming,  anyone can challenge you if you do not tell the truth.

Finally because family adopts a non native person does not give them the right to run our ceremonies, or speak for us or make himself chief
Hetcu yelo

ian bear:
 You can remove yourself from the forum if you choose though. If you need me to walk you through the process via messages let me know.


sky walk me through process.
I do not want to stay here

ian bear:
i found delete account button. good bye sky.

you must be compassionate, you must be faithful, must be humble, modest 
good words to remeber from earth

lol atehequa was banned from too

finally visited complaintsboard and left message

so thats where all the twinkies go lick their wounds?


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