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NAFPS takes pride in being called "Enemy"

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why would you be ban :o

Solidarity! *fist in the air*  LOL

Smart Mule:

--- Quote from: ian bear on April 04, 2015, 05:21:48 pm ---
Cate Crow, she who promotes fake cancer cures that will make people sicker, seems to have teamed up with him, and both are sockpuppetting in various troll dumps in the dark corners of the intarwebs. Must suck to be them.

that a lie. very sad what you do to her. respected teacher and friend of native people. I gave her Ojibwe formula and she try to help people with it and she did help people with it. Cate is good person with big heart. she apologize for not giving source here. do honorable thing and lift ban.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---good for Cate for defending herself from your lies and hypocrisy  >:(  please ban me from this site too
--- End quote ---

Hi Ian. I can appreciate that you feel that Cate is a good person and that she is your friend. Please try and understand that here conduct here was less than honorable. She has the right to criticize us and to quote unethical individuals to, in her mind, foster a defense for lack of a better term. We also have the right to offer criticism. Her deletion of posts and threads was juvenile. I understand that she was upset but that's no excuse to retaliate against people who take their time to do a public service. Again, she has every right to disagree however her juvenile reaction was inexcusable.

We don't ban people per their request. You can remove yourself from the forum if you choose though. If you need me to walk you through the process via messages let me know.



--- Quote from: AClockworkWhite on April 06, 2015, 03:57:55 am ---"Complaintsboard dot com"... OMG how ludicrous. Using a consumer complaint page as a sounding board because no one legitimate will take them serious is absolutely pathetic. Why not just write it on a bathroom wall at that point?

--- End quote ---

Yes, it is pathetic but anyone can join and they can post anything they want.  The thread was started by Nancy Red Star who has a thread on NAFPS here:

There was a comment made in the thread in 2010 and then it went dormant until 2014 when it was revised by Cate Crow posing as Reality Check4u. 

They are keeping an eye on us here and are re-posting what we put on the forum.  I was trying to figure out who rain or rain0033 was and had posed the question that perhaps it was Cate Crow since there were parallels between the Ojibway Nation and the fact that both Cate Crow and rain had deleted all their posts.  Doug A. reposted my comment and stated:

--- Quote ---This time sky figured out it was not Cate. Leave the poor woman alone already
--- End quote ---

This one is definitely getting interesting. "leave the poor woman alone..." LOL I am *so* glad to be here.  ;D


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