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"Ian Xel Lungold" AKA Gary Schwarz
« on: January 31, 2005, 11:51:55 pm »
This came up on American Indian Alliance.

Ian Xel Lungold" AKA Gary Schwartz (to Ray)

Ray, the ID you chose suggests you're Mexican. There's a lot of Mexicans wanting to connect with their Indian roots, but Nuage isn't the way to do it. Any quick check of this guy Schwarz should've told
you he was a white imposter. Even his phony "Mayan name" has a Scottish first name and a German last name.

If you're not familiar with the culture of your ancestors and didn't grow up around NDNs, it's not surprising you would want to connect with it. What is surprising is that you'd think vague gibberish like
this, straight out of an In Search Of episode, has anything to really do with NDNs.

If you're not sure about whether some source is Nuage or NDN, feel free to come over to NAFPS. Warning the public about exploiters and
phonies like Schwarz is what we do.

--- In, "Ray"
<anahuacnation@y...> wrote:
> The 4th Day News - 1st Issue
> December 16, 2004
> 2 - Reed (Ben)
> Ian Xel Lungold,
> 12 Ahau, Bearer of the Codex
> ian@m...

More on Schwarz. There's a picture of him. He's into all kinds of conspiracy stuff like Chemtrails, and End Times/Apocalypse claims.
The guys sells all kinds of pseudo Mayan calendars, jewlery, etc. Shouldn't this be illegal? He's passing it off as native. Do the Indian Crafts Law not cover crafts from outside the US?

And here's something scary. An ex Scientologist.
"In service to the God~Us
Ian Xel Lungold
I saw your vedio on Maya and evolution.I have spent some time with the Maya in Tical also, what a beautiful place.Very interesting.
Are you still a Scientologist ?
Sincerely, Robert

I am not on lines at any Scientology Centers and do not intent to be either.
I acknowledge the gains that I got from the Scientology technology especially in the area of study and general confront. From there, it has all been applying what I was taught and doing it to benefit myself and others.
In service,
Ian Xel Lungold"

Wm Anderson also promotes him.