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good blog


goo.....looks like a shawnee took up the good fight!!! we got your back sam!!!



oh my!

Articles on this blog have been mentioned in more than a dozen NAFPS topics so far. There have been changes in the blog:


--- Quote ---This Blog and The Kansas City Star
This blog was originally born from three different people. It is not the original blog, as the first was abandoned due to one member posting something that was not true and prevented two of us from correcting or deleting incorrect information. We had to cut ties with that person and hence, this blog began.

There is a newspaper article from the Kansas City Star regarding the three frauds at the University of Kansas, in which it is reported that no one on this blog is named Sam. This is not the case.
This blog works by team, we all have one goal.
This blog works in a way that when I think about it, I am truly amazed with the people who give so much for this blog. People who are from all different tribes, many not Indian at all, they are from all over the country, except Florida, we don't have anyone in Florida... :D
I am Sam. We will continue.
--- End quote ---


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