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Language and Ceremonies
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Subject: [nafps_again] Re: Language

TACK SÅ MYCKET! (Thanks a lot ! )

I hope I can get back to you as I go along, there might be more things I need some information on. However, I have had a lovely Cherokee Princess as a "teacher" and she has done wonders...:))


--- In, educatedindian wrote:
> Not only that, some tribes have very complex ceremonial languages that are only known to certain elders.
> Some of the simpler things, like blessings or prayers, can be said in English. A blessing in an intertribal context, like a powwow, is often said in English.
> But if someone claiming to be a medicine man, shaman, elder, etc, does not know the Native language of the tribe *extremely* well, and
> does not conduct every ceremony besides the simplest blessings in that language, then they are a fake.
> This also holds true for every white would be shaman who claims they got a vision, had a dream, or are the reincarnation of so and so.
> Immediately put them to the test and get them to speak in an indigenous language.
> And then ask a speaker of that language to make sure they are not making it up too. There was a guy calling himself Bluehawk Sanders
> that was teaching a version of Cherokee online to his cult members that had no resemblance to actual Cherokee.
>, "vikinglady03" <banfield@a...> > wrote:
> > I´m working on my "Spot-the-exploiter"-site. And I would be very > very > > grateful if you guys could help me with a few things, so that I get
> > the information correct.
> > I understand that all ceremonies must be conducted in the language of> > the Tribe. That is correct, is it?
> > Are there tribes that would be ok with conducting them in English?
> > Thank you SO much for your help!
> > AB