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William Scott Anderson AKA Blue Otter AKA Running Bull
« on: February 09, 2011, 05:46:50 pm »
Until recently believed to be entirely defunct or keeping a lowm profile, but from the late 90s to mid 2000s had one of the highest profiles and one of the biggest promoters of frauds and involved in one scam after another.

Reposting what we have on him from the archives of the old yahoo group.


newagefraudsplastichshamans] Amonsoquath/AndersonThursday, September 9, 2004 5:15 PM
From: "dafydd7916"

Did a search of 501(c)(03) organizations. There is only one 501(c)(03) with the name “Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee” on file. There is no “Sovereign Tribe of Cherokee” on file. I also searched for the different keywords “Amonsoquath” and “Cherokee”. There is no 501(c)(03) on file for the web site that has either “Amonsoquath” or “Cherokee” in it‘s name and lists 28 Court Square, West Plains, Missouri as it’s home location. The distance between the “Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee” of Van Buren, MO and the “Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee” of West Plains, MO is 74 miles.

Therefore, I can only assume that both the websites for a Amonsoquath Tribe are connected behind the scenes.

The connection between the Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee connection between the and William Scott Anderson is definite. He is listed as the Economic Development Director. This brings it beyond any “intertribal” squabble into the realm of outright fraud.

Due to the length of the total report, I will break it down into two separate e-mails.

Some of the claims and goals are startling if this fraudulent organization and Anderson can pull them off.


Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee
HCR 1 Box 127
Eastwood Community
Van Buren, MO 63965

Board of Directors

Beeda Hatfield, Councilwoman

Billie Jo Wilson, Secretary

Donald Harner, Councilman

Gail Alford, Councilwoman

John Alford, Councilman

Juanita Taylor, TemporaryTreasurer

Martin "Walking Bear" Wilson , President

Rebecca Jones, Councilwoman/Treasurer

Benjamin Batchelor, Councilman

David Williams, Councilman, Clan Chief

Freddie Hatfield, Sr, Councilman

Jackson Miller, Councilman

John E. Wilson, Elder, Clan Chief

Lynda Van Dyke, Councilwoman

Virginia Furr, Elder, Elder/Corporate Agent of Record

Sally Blackwell, Councilwoman, Clan Chief

Contact Information

Mr William Scott Anderson, Economic Development Director

Telephone: (573) 323-4579

Fax: (573) 323-8076


Chief Executive Information

Name: Chief Martin "Walking Bear" Wilson

Profile: Martin "Walking Bear" Wilson, Principal Chief and President, aged 59, is the 13th Werowance of the Amonsoquath Tribe, or "People of the Bear Clan", which is the most ancient of the Cherokee Clans. He is a former Vietnam-era Naval Officer.

He is a pastor in a Native American Church and licensed as a minister in the State of Missouri. He envisions a United Powhattan/Iroquois/Cherokee Nation, rebuilt from the ashes of the Trail of Tears and the Civil War - not just the small factions which still exist and who may not fully understand their history, a condition which seem to be prevalent today among Cherokees since our "diaspora". He is a visionary leader with a solid reputation of self-denial and putting his people first. He may usually be found in service to people of all colors. Whenever he is called upon, and at his won expense he will marry the living, bury the dead, heal the sick or disheartened, or to clothe the naked.

He is the author of "THE AMONSOQUATH TRIBE OF CHEROKEE" published in 1994.

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Re: William Scott Anderson AKA Blue Otter AKA Running Bull
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2011, 05:48:20 pm »
Amonsoquath/Anderson 2
Thursday, September 9, 2004 5:16 PM
From: "dafydd7916" :

Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee
HCR 1 Box 127
Eastwood Community
Van Buren, MO 63965

Program / Activities
A23 Cultural, Ethnic Awareness
L20 Housing Development, Construction, Management
S20 Community, Neighborhood Development, Improvement

Location(s) Served
United Kingdom, Europe, Canada

Mission and Programs

The Sovereign Amonsoquath Nation was founded in 1593. It was incorporated, in its 400th year of existence as a Cherokee band/tribe, as a Missouri non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. The tribe's goals are reassertion of its sovereignty through promotion of international awareness through the United Nations Charter, education of its children, care of its elders, social progress, cultural and ethnic awareness, community housing development, indigenous language, tribal arts, training of "Adawehis" or Spiritual Leaders (medicine men/women) and economic development.

The Tribe has sought federal recognition since 2/17/95 through legal avenues that are now available, but progress promises to be slow, and is actually being hampered by our strong case for political sovereignty under international law. In other words, politics.

Since the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 (which the Amonsoquath were unable to take advantage of due to conflicting state laws), economic viability for Indian tribes seem to follow "federal recognition", and this historic tribe needs revitalization now before the practical and spiritual knowledge of its elders is lost through their passing.

The Amonsoquath (meaning "Bear Clan"), numbering approximately 700 persons, having resisted assimilation and genocide, now guardedly welcomes the day which was long prophesied, when it would be allowed to once again find its place in the sun.

In order to "plan for 7 generations" the tribe's elders are carefully considering resources being made available by the surrounding culture, hoping to help its children become better educated, its elders decently housed, and its culture better understood and respected by our neighbors. Everyone could benefit from our herbal knowledge and healing methods, which are still legal in MO.

The tribe is concentrated in southern Missouri but scattered all over the U.S. It holds two large gatherings at the reservation each year. Weddings, funerals, various traditional ceremonies, weekly prayer circles, and social events are observed year-round. There is something happening on the reservation on a daily basis, but it is literally in need of most of what may be considered to be a basic infrastructure:

1. An underground water and septic system for the Tribal Complex/Reservation, to serve the few present and many anticipated future dwellings, and the common kitchen/dining facility, bathhouses, and Osi or "sweat lodge" areas. This would make use of its new 705 foot well on this small Ozark mountain property.

2. More dwellings are needed to house families that are now living off-reservation, or on-reservation in uninsulated and unfinished buildings that are now pressed into service for family housing.

3. A larger land base is keenly desired to build a cultural center and decent housing for the many tribal citizens who wish to live together once again, and temporary housing for its guests during biannual gatherings, a council house to also serve as a community kitchen and dining hall and as school for its dozen or so local K-12 children. A large local Timber Company has offered 4,000 acres of viable property at under $200 an acre, which was recently logged of its hardwoods, leaving the softwoods. About $2,750,000 dollars would be needed to purchase and develop this property, and to begin to develop a cultural center very near an area (Van Buren, MO) that teems with those floating the Current River from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The tribe believes that a living history museum, and perhaps an amphitheater and a pageant may best serve the cultural-economic opportunity at hand. This cultural effort would have a positive impact on the local economy.

. Technical assistance for a proposed new tribal bulk water business (the 705 foot well previously mentioned, which tested out as cleanest well in the U.S. by the EPA) that could mean an annual income for the tribe of as much as $2,000,000 (from 100,000 to 750,000 gallons of water pumped each day) to be used for job development and health benefits for tribal members. Also, many jobs may be created for local residents, as a bottling plant is a definite possibility. The local Carter County economy (poorest and least populous in the state) has recently been beleaguered by plant closings.

5. Legal assistance to level the playing field with a state bureaucracy that does not seem to want to apply state non-profit corporate laws evenly; and with certain forces in local government, which seek to discourage our efforts in reestablish our spiritual and healing practices, and to continue to dominate us as they have since they settled here.

Developmentally speaking, the tribe is way behind the vast majority of other tribes in the U.S. because of its more recent "coming out" after the dropping of Missouri's anti-indian state statutes.

The Tribe is operating on an $65,000 annual ANA (Administration for Native Americans) Grant from U.S. DHHS, which funds a small staff who are all part time, but those funds only impact a few families economically.

Additional Comments
The Amonsoquath Tribe's sovereignty predates that of the Louisiana Purchase and of the State of Missouri. The Louisiana Purchase guaranteed freedom of land ownership, travel, and religion, but their rights were ignored, and they were forced to hide and pose as Caucasian peoples.

The Amonsoquath went public in the 1980's and opened their rolls in the 1990s, after Missouri's anti-Indian laws were dropped from the state's statutes. They achieved victory over 400 years of assimilation and genocide in 1993, but their war for cultural, spiritual and economic viability is far from over.

A sovereign free independent Indian tribe, descended from Powhatan and his Cherokee wife Amopotuskee through their child Matoaka or "Pocahontas". See for more Tribal history written by their Principal Chief, Martin "Walking Bear" Wilson.

Goals and Results

Accomplishments for Fiscal Year Ending 06/30/1999

Completion of a water well on the reservation which ended several years of hauling water each day.

The establishment of a clothing bank on the reservation to serve the surrounding area.

Completion of an outdoor ceremonial complex, including a traditional "Osi" or sweat lodge, which is boosting the immune systems of all participants.

Objectives for Fiscal Year Beginning 07/01/1999

Planning for the completion of the Tribal Complex, to include a Council House/Dining Hall/Kitchen and better family housing...

Tribal revitalization - grantwriting/fundraising - to provide for tribal school, business, better buildings, running water and septic system to our homes... and more housing.

The relocation, through housing development, of more tribal families onto the reservation, and beginning the training of youthful spiritual leaders...

Self Assessment

Our ancient and traditional methods of healing and training of tribal members is already bearing much fruit after just a few years since the opening of our membership rolls, with a (1) marked increase in a sense of well-being of all involved,

(2) healthier bodies,

(3) and a sense of fulfillment and rebirth for the entire tribe. Our elders are once again being called upon from all over the U.S. to give input into Cherokee political and spiritual affairs, and our "circle" or sphere of positive influence is growing.


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Re: William Scott Anderson AKA Blue Otter AKA Running Bull
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2011, 05:57:13 pm »
Multiple short posts, separated by lines.


newagefraudsplastichshamans] Re: Amonsoquath/Anderson 2
Thursday, September 9, 2004 5:57 PM
From: "educatedndn"

I recall a post of Anderson's from one of his own groups where he
claimed the water contract was the main source of funds.

Found a separate address for a group calling itself Amosoquath,
along with dozens of other Cherokee tribes both legit, would-be, and
Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee
(Chief: Sally Timewalker Blackwell)
5 North 24th Street
Defuniak Springs, FL 32433


"Southeastern Kituwah" & Anderson?
Thursday, September 9, 2004 6:17 PM
From: "educatedndn"

Maybe these are the alleged Kituwahs Anderson keeps claiming. Trish,
Vance, Steve, what do you think of what this site claims about their
ceremonies at the bottom of the page?

Then again, someone was ripping people off for enrollment fees.
Could it be...?

A lot of this seems to me like they're trying too hard to convince
people, images from Franklin Mint plates and feathers everywhere.

One of their member's pages talks about Ywahoo Falls.

newagefraudsplastichshamans] website reference
Thursday, September 9, 2004 7:28 PM
From: "Vance Hawkins"

The Society of Absentee Cherokee no longer exists. That California website is out of date. Please note they do not call themselves the Cherokee Tribe, Band, or Nation of California. Same with the "Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston". Both these 2 groups had friendly relations with the Cherokee Nation (based in Tahlequah) when I knew them.

I had contacted the "Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston" which contains both enrolled and unenrolled Cherokee. We (Society of Absentee Cherokee) patterned ourselves after them, we even copied (with their permission) their bylaws. We also contacted Mike Miller, spokesperson for the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. The society at most had 20 members, and was in existence at most for 2 years. It hasn’t existed for at least 3 years.

Mike Miller advised us to call our organization a "Society or Club" and called us "unenrolled fellow Cherokee" in emails. I discovered many unenrolled Cherokee had a passionate hatred for the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, so when we tried to write them (and we were very polite) they called us all kinds of names, even saying we were traitors to the "Chickamauga" or the "unenrolled Cheroke". This attitude got us interested in fraud-busting. So we were into fraud busting as are yall. We were probably the first group to catch the man we called "Scotty", or Scott Anderson, aka Bill Anderson, aka Blue Otter. We also exposed the "Southern Cherokee", and told Cherokee Nation spokesman Mike Miller of Gary Ridge’s attempted take over of an island in the Arkansas River before he made the attempt. We exposed Northern Cherokee Nation of Old Louisiana Territory. One person mailed us a correspondence between their Chief Ms Northup and the BIA where they told her the application filed to the BIA years earlier did not cover her organization, but rather some other group that she had broken away from when she lost an election. She had neglected to mention this to her "subjects". I am not sure if I still have that or not, but I might.

That California group made no pretense of calling themselves a "tribe". Many Oklahoman’s moved to California in the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and some of these were Cherokee. That is the origin of the group, a desire of the descendants of these dust bowl refugees to access their Cherokee culture. Some are enrolled members of the Cherokee Nation and I was told that Chief Chad Smith has been visiting them at their meetings. I haven’t heard from them in 3 or 4 years, but I doubt they have changed much. He has also visited the Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston. It is a falsehood that the Cherokee Nation calls all unenrolled Cherokee frauds – just those that try to create a history that never existed, or a tribe that is totally fabricated from the land of faeries.

Mike Miller was very gracious and kind. Many "fake Cherokee tribes" would use some treaty or another as an excuse for their existence. I’d email Mike and he would patiently say "no, that is incorrect" and would point out why. I will be forever in debt to him for his patience with me in those emails. We made many enemies and many of those fake tribes had us on their hit list, and I imagine they don’t think much of me to this day.


Re: Amonsoquath/Anderson 2
Friday, September 10, 2004 2:09 AM
From: "Vance Hawkins"

Their leader says their is an 8th clan and they all "left" the nation . . . and were forgotten . . . nonsense, but that is what they were saying a few years ago. If I remember it right their leader a Mr Wilson claimed an ancestor who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. Apparently after the Civil War he livd in Missouri and therefore was not on Dawes. What makes no sense if that if he fought with Stand Waite as was his claim, then how did his ancestor leave the Cherokee nation before 1800 become one of the "lost" Bear clan"? His ancestor would have have to have "come back" to the Cherokee Nation to fignt with Stand Waite, then leave again and go back into hiding just afterwards . . .


Re: Amonsoquath/Anderson 2
Friday, September 10, 2004 9:05 AM
From: "Steve StoneBear"

A quick little story...
The "Chief" of the Amonsoquath (before his incarceration) attended a ceremony at our fire * one time and very confidently sat down upon the "bear" bench. The fire keeper there picked him up off the bench and told him "no one sits there and you know it". That "Chief" said "but we're bear clan".  The fire keeper said "funny, you don't look like ghosts or spirits?"
That "Chief" said again. "we are bear clan". The fire keeper said, "three years ago you said you were Chickamauga-Cherokee. Has that changed?"  The "Chief" said no. 
The fire keeper then said, "well the Cherokee "Bear clan" hasn't been with us for hundreds maybe thousands of years. There is no "bear clan". Unless you mean that little "black bear clan", if so then go sit with the wild potatoes.
That "chief" took his people and left.
This "Chief" has been in contact with that fire keeper since (both before and after his incarceration), but he never returned to our grounds. A few of his "people" have come back to the fire, but better educated this time.
*note: this was during the days when Scottie "blue otter" Anderson hung around the Amonsoquath as a "member" and general nuisance.

Moral of the story:
If you don't let me be what I wannabe,  then I'll pack up my toys and go home.

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Re: William Scott Anderson AKA Blue Otter AKA Running Bull
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2011, 06:09:46 pm »
[nafps] Wm Anderson Being Driven Off Yahoo Groups, Begging for Cash
Monday, August 23, 2004 11:37 AM
From: "educatedndn"

In a post in his own group (@1/2 of the way down) he admits how bad
things are because of almost every Native group kicking him out. I
marked those parts with >>>>>. Good going, I know some of you in here
played a big role in warning people.

And does anyone any idea what he's claiming about the Hopi towards
the end?

Date:  Wed Aug 18, 2004  2:47 pm
Subject:  Update on Blueotter and the White Roots of Peace Council

O'siyo (Hi) Folks...

Here's an update on our family, clan and council, and
a testimonial for our former Prophecykeepers Radio
guest Gordon Banta,( who helped
the Chicago Police capture serial killer John Wayne
Gayce years ago.

The stress and financial pressure on or family that
has built up over the last 6 months became so intense
this week that we asked Gordon Banta to do a reading
for us...

Gordon could tell immediately that my wife Betty had
been under tremendouse stress these last 6 months
because of what I have spent 6 months while drawing
unemployment benefits while only concentrating on
developing Prophecykeepers Radio - and our current
lack of funds because of loss of unemployment benefits
in late July - and Gordon said will will have to "hang
on" until December, and that we will somehow be
provided with basic needs until then. We are currently
"financially emberrassed", so all donations/purchases
will certanly be welcomed!

If you have not yet (and the vast majority of you have
not) purchased the Prophecykeeper Family Security
CD-ROM Library, now would be a good time at

Gordon said that we will meet someone - before October
- someone that we dont know now, someone who will help
us without demanding anything, and who wants to simply
help us.

Then Gordon said that in December some one will ask us
to sign some kind of contract, someone who will want
some creative input into what Prophecykeepers Radio is

Gordon said that by April 2005, things will be much
better financially and we will have some breathing

When Gordon was finished with the reading, my wife
Betty said that she felt like a great weight was
lifted off of her shoulders.

Stardoves has helped tremendously in publicizing us at
no cost, and our hits have increased 10 fold in the
last week... and Stardoves was just approached by
three other Internet Radio stations (and we got the
credit for that somehow) to swap radio ads for
Stardoves email marketing ads, so we just helped these
great Stardoves folks by doing a clever (yes that's
Blueotter doing the voice-over) radio spot which can
be heard at

>>>Our new friend that have just been and will continue
to be introduced to us by Stardoves will add to our
friends that came to us through my clumsy efforts
between february and July by making weekly posts to
over 600 Yahoo groups...
>>>>>most of groups whose
moderators no longer welcome our posts for reasons of
ther own.

>>>>I could see back in June that these 20 to 30,000
peolpe who had access to my posts through 600 Yahoo
groups had peaked to about 500 people a day on
weekends, and dropped to 10 or 20 a day by mid July.

I know that most all of you, and rightly so, took some
time before wanting to support Prophecykeepers
financially, and for that we are eternally
gratefully. Consider yourselves as founders and
sustaining members of Prophecykeepers Radio.

>>>>>We have had no donations in a week or so, but I know
that our new friends will start "kicking in" soon,
just like you folks did after you fisrt got to know

We hope to take Prophecykeeprs Radio to dizzying
heights! There is much work to do... te eldes wanted
the prophecies translated into all languages.

White Roots of Peace Council news:

The late John Red Hat's (our founding elder) long time
friend Dottie D'aigle ( is
still working on getting airfare to deliver the sacred
items she, John and two others (strangely similar in
composition to Massauu and his three helpers - one
female and two males including a well known
anthropologist) was charged with by late Chief Mike of
Oraibi to deliver to the Holy Land... the place of
Hopi origins. Dottie would very much appreciate it if
you purchase a copy of Red Hat Speaks from the front
page of

Dottie still works very closely with the elders at
Oraibi through Chief Mike's daughter, the elders of
the Hopi "fire" of the twin-fire Hopi/Cherokee White
Roots of Peace Council.




We will need your prayer for some time to come.

Thanks for all you do.




[nafps] Wm Anderson Being Driven Off Yahoo Groups, Begging for Cash
Monday, August 23, 2004 12:08 PM
From: "dafydd7916"

"And does anyone any idea what he's claiming about the Hopi towards the end?"

I believe that this is part of Anderson’s interpretation of the Book of Mormon, where he claims that the Hopi are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel. Part of this creeps into his Hopi prophesy claims.

On the subject of Anderson asking for money, I’m in dire financial need also. Anyone wishing to contribute (no less than $1000 per household please), contact me off list and I’ll let you know where to send it. Sorry, but you had better hurry, I‘m placing a $200,000 limit on receipts this year. Act now before it is too late! :>)

Although Anderson is slowing sinking, I’m afraid that it will be a long time until we hear the last of him. Keep up the pressure folks!




[nafps] Wm Anderson Being Driven Off Yahoo Groups, Begging for Cash
Monday, August 23, 2004 1:51 PM
From: "Steve StoneBear"

Not to mix things up (as you know I'm a big fan of Scottie Fat Otter... lmfao)
but have you seen where this Dottie is claiming that she and the late "red hat" are prominent figures in Hopi prophecy?  She says "Red hat" is some "red hatted or cloaked" (messiah type) figure that they are awaiting and that she and her book (of "knowledge"), "redhat speaks",  are also awaited in their prophecies (now apparently fulfilled).
That book of  "knowledge" also sports the "facts" of how Cherokees are the descendants of Ketura (Kituwah), the third wife of Abraham and that they helped or were with the lost tribes of Israel.
Shes got websites out there.  Wear yer boots, eh?

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Re: William Scott Anderson AKA Blue Otter AKA Running Bull
« Reply #4 on: February 09, 2011, 06:12:11 pm »
[nafps] Funnier All the Time to Watch Anderson Beg...
Friday, August 27, 2004 8:46 AM
From: "educatedndn"

Anderson whining about how the fundamentalists he's attracted with
his end times stuff are TOO fundie for him, and getting mad at
Nuagers on top of it.


From:  BlueOtter
Subject:  Prophecykeepers refuses to sell out to neo-culture

For those of you who REALLY get MAD at some New Age
"weird ideas" I think you may get a kick out of this!

Now don't get me wrong, I dearly love, and my teacher
Rolling Thunder loved - the hippie movement, which
seemingly spawned trhe New Age movement, but like
Rolling Thunder, they do exasperate me sometimes!
Sometimes they just don't "get it." RT had to send the
Hippies home from Meta Tantay after they actually
became racist against their own white race!

I would rather be totally broke (and I am) than to
"fake it," by "looking rich" like some people whom we
now advertise to through Stardoves have suggested that
we do. Raja Merk at Stardoves agreed with me that the
New Age Movement in in ashes, and that he hopes for a
rebirth through true understanding of native/tribal
ways. After my interview with Grandfather Tom Bluewolf
last night, I think that will happen! You GOTTA HEAR
this interview!

I will send you all that interview sound file link
later today. The rest of the world will have to wait
until Saturday.

Well, what happened was, I was contacted by some of
the people who are now receiving our ads through
Stardoves who is doing free mass mailings for us...
out of 122,000 people contacted we got very few
visitors ( like 2 people! ).

It seems they didn't like the fact that we were
begging for their support.

They said they felt we had a "Poverty Consciousness"
and that we were not "Manifesting wealth."

I gritted my Cherokee teeth and sent them a very kind
response, and then wrote a few CHOICE words on the


Now folks, I am "singing to the choir," with what I am
about to say, because you guys are really heaven sent,
and you are the Heart and Soul of this effort at
Propehcykeepers Radio... I know that do all you can do
-- so please don't interpret this as a plea for
funds... just listen...

My family just paid (thanks to those like you who sent
donations) a $119.00 dollar internet bill to keep
Prophecykeepers on the air and we are now totally
broke until September 3rd.

We bought very few groceries this month because, due
to loss of my unemployment benefits 4 weeks ago our
income dropped from $1450 or so a month to $950 a
month or so... and we are FLAT broke... but I am SO
GLAD I didnt give into this public pressure.

We have had very few contributions this month due to
the end of summer and very little web traffic, so I
figured Creator wanted our family to dig deeper in our
already empty pockets and make further sacrifices --
rarher than just shut down Prophecykeepers Radio.

BUT, I refuse to "make nice" and "dress up" and not
talk about "the 800 pound gorilla in the room..."

Especially to NewAge folks who didn't used to believe
a few years ago, but have more recently been taught
lies by some "sell out" New Age authors, and many or
most now believe in fairy tales that are a mirror
image of the same "Rapture" lies that many
fundamentalist Christians believe in!



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Re: William Scott Anderson AKA Blue Otter AKA Running Bull
« Reply #6 on: May 30, 2012, 01:11:13 pm »
Time hasn't been kind to him. I notice most of the broadcasts are actually reruns. Only about 90 likes on FB, not too impressive.

Some of his more recent frauds promoted include Kymberlee Ruff. Does he just follow us and see who we expose as frauds, and then immediately invited them on his show?
Also Manataka and Shirley Maclaine.
This is bizarre. He interviewed Tom Chittum, a mercenary for the white supremacist Rhodesian govt in the 70s and the Croatians who carried out ethnic cleansing in the 90s, who also is predicting a US civil war and is listed as the "favorite of skinheads".