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NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN Karen Bethann Farrington AKA Kasmira Ann McCann

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I encourage everyone to keep copies of any online contact with her, and notes on any problematic offline contact.

If appropriate, complaints could be made about her to the New Jersey Board of Nursing. Their complaint form lists admin/recordkeeping, fraud, professional/occupational misconduct, unlicensed practice, advertising, incompetence, sexual misconduct, fees/billing practices, insurance fraud, substance abuse/impairment, and other as possible categories for complaints.

Her prior name is Karen B McCann.

She used "Rev. Karen B McCann". Her business at that time was Serenity House LLC, in Manchester, NJ. The old url now refers to her White Lotus one, unfortunately it doesn't look like her old site was archived.

She says she is a "Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor " on her FB page

In the New Jersey Professional Statutes  there is no mention of this precise term. There is "Licensed professional counselor". No one is supposed to hold themselves out as this unless they are actually licensed.

She doesn't seem to be licensed for this.

Anyone in touch with her,  please ask what her New Jersey Professional Counselor license number is.

Uploaded here is the complaint form for reporting counselors in New Jersey, including those who claim they are licensed but are not.

Her "Doctorate of Divinity" from  Universal Life Church Seminary costs $29.95 She says she also has a "Doctorate in Spiritual Development " - that is $69.95

The "Master Herbalist & Doctorates in Ayurvedic Medicine at Natural Healing College" =  Unfortunately their lessons include cancer quackery.

One of her past business endeavors include Namaste Acupressure LLC


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