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Hey People, I am curious, have any of you been slandered by your own people? Have any of you been oppressed by your Tribal Council?

On my reservation Walker River Paiute reservation in Western Nevada, it is the sort of oppression that comes from far right radical's and Boarding School generation Christians.

Some in the far right group claimed to be members of AIM and the others, hate AIM but are Mormons, Baptists, or Methodist.

I personally am Paiute (Numu), I use a sweat lodge because the Sioux gave their lodge and pipe to my people in the early 1900's via Wovoka providing them his version of our circle dance and spirituality. I utilize Lodge as my hot springs and use a Paiute Pipe, although some of my protocol comes from Lakota. I follow prehistoric version of Circle Dance prior to Wovoka...

I think I am be the last practitioner of this circle dance spirituality, NATDIA in Shoshone (Where I learned songs and protocol in a good way from one who had it gifted to him). But the bad People on my rez, those who oppress others are actually the far right, prejudiced, biased, hateful, jealous, uneducated, do not know anything about their own people. Think they are Sioux and act like Plains Indians thinking it is Paiute (lol). For example, these bad People used the GHOST DANCE a later version of the real circle dance to get money and fame from non-Indians. I was slandered because I tried to stop them. I found reference to me on this site by a non-Tribal member from a different tribe, who I might add, is just as evil as the people who desecrated OUR Ancestors.

While, the Boarding School people want everyone to act white and to be like whites, so competitive you must lie, cheat, steal and so forth.

The People in the middle is what I am, those people who are arrested, are not hired, are treated bad because of skin color and not culture. I think here, the REAL Paiutes are those who are put down. The other aspect, is that we have no understanding of where the bad people are even related to our OLD PEOPLE? They appear to have come here because this is a reservation, while my family was here before the non-Indians came...

Thanks, would like to hear stories of others who have experienced the same from Christian Indians and far right radicals?


Dr. Brewster

I am PROUD to be WHO I AM Northern Paiute and CHippewa-Cree and even part French (Metis), I did not brag about my education or accomplishments for the People!

[Just changed title and color, not content]


--- Quote from: melvingbrewster on February 11, 2010, 06:32:16 pm ---I found reference to me on this site by a non-Tribal member from a different tribe, who I might add, is just as evil as the people who desecrated OUR Ancestors.
--- End quote ---

This Dr. Brewster made only three posts, the other two in non-relevant topics:

--- Quote from: melvingbrewster on February 11, 2010, 05:54:27 pm ---Who is Durenda? I have NEVER heard of this person on my reservation? I also feel insulted by this person questioning my credentials and motives. There was a group of people here who were evil, they are now mostly passed on. They had a fake Ghost Dance and desecrated our ancestors and so forth, they did this while slandering me.


Dr. Brewster
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: melvingbrewster on February 11, 2010, 06:09:17 pm ---Hi I am Melvin G. Brewster, I am visiting this site because someone named Durenda slandered me on it. Do not be so quick to judge Native people with Dr. degrees and who follow the traditional road of their people! Maybe i needed to brag about all my victories and my credentials and so forth and my RED ROAD involvement?  Now take care, you want to know me or talk about me talk to my face like a Native.  The fact is, if people like me are not there for the PEOPLE we all lose, we need scietists to fight against non-Indian scientists it is simple. Without brain power, we lose, I have too often hear so-called (People who have positions bestowed upon them by their people without knowing anything) blow it for everyone because they do not know anything. All they know is their own prejudice and bias and are filled with hate and jealousy! ... Pesha Tabidua,

Dr. Brewster
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This is the thread where Durenda asked about Dr. Brewster, and where the two above quotes refer to:

--- Quote from: Durenda on July 28, 2005, 04:35:30 am ---Have you heard of this person?

Melvin G. Brewster

Presented to the Department of Anthropology
and the Graduate School of the University of Oregon
in partial fulfillment of the requirements
for the degree of
Doctor of Philosophy
December 2003

This is how he describes himself:

I am a Native Ph.D. Archaeologist, I am a HIRED GUN! As a Native with brown skin, it is important I have the credentials to fight theory and laws that hurt Native People.Without the paper and extensive experience, the Mianstream does not take OUR people serious. So I love being Dr. Mel because I have the ability to tell other Ph.D.'s they are full of crap. It does not make me popular on either side, but it is what the Creator has led me to do on my Red Road Path.

In my heart though: Some rocks told me one day "it is about peace & it is about love". I am trying to live that way the best I can....... I'm intellectual - into the outdoors and into Grandmother Earth and her connection to the Creator. I am not one to conform but always love to learn about peoples and cultures and the Spiritual Core provided to ALL People by the Creator........ I love to play and write music, I live rual but love to visit the city. Definitely not into Envy or Jealousy... or TRIXTERS 

Claims Walker River Paiute Rez is his hometown.

? ? ? ?
--- End quote ---

To which this response was added:

--- Quote from: educatedindian on July 28, 2005, 02:13:02 pm ---Haven't heard of him before but his degree is legit.

"Melvin G. Brewster is Northern Paiute and Chippewa-Cree and a Walker River Paiute Tribe of Nevada member. Brewster earned his Ph.D. in anthropology with a specialization in the archaeology of the arid desert west in December of 2003 from the University of Oregon, Eugene. Currently Brewster is the Tribal Historic Preservation Office Director for the Skull Valley Band of Gosiute Indians of Utah. Brewster also is the Principal Investigator for Internal Indian Affairs his own contract – applied anthropology/archeology contracting company."
--- End quote ---

Incidentally, a reply was made to Dr. Brewster in one of the threads where he misplaced his comment:

--- Quote from: Moma_porcupine on February 12, 2010, 06:00:42 pm ---There is a thread that asked about Melvin Brewster.

The link is below

I don't see where anything negative was said.

The key points are quoted below...


--- Quote ---Have you heard of this person?
--- End quote ---

educated indian

--- Quote ---his degree is legit.
--- End quote ---

educated indian

--- Quote ---it sounds like he's making fun of Nuage ideas
--- End quote ---
I saw this yesterday but didn't know where to post my response as all the threads Melvin posted this complaint in, are on a different topic.

Maybe Melvin just noticed their name and what this message board generally discusses and didn't read what was actually said about them...? Maybe to make it clear that no one thought Melvin was a fraud, this thread could be moved to the Archive as no longer a concern?
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