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--- Quote from: Superdog on March 09, 2011, 08:51:48 pm ---On the facebook page he says he was adopted into the Shawnee tribe.  Doesn't mention which one and seeing as it's Ohio there's a good chance it might be Pope Hawk's United Remnant Band.  Just my thoughts.  Everywhere else on the other sites he says he's white/caucasian.


--- End quote ---

Got to make an adjustment to that.  It doesn't look like the URB at all.  This is another group.  One of the people he mentions on his page is a guy named Little Bear.  He's referring to Steven LittleBear who's fb page is here:

In his description Steven says this:
"I'm Chief of the Tall Tree Tribe of the Piqua Shawnee Turtle Clan in Southeast Ohio."

A grandiose title definitely, but not a tribe.  There's your Native connection earthw...though not a real one.


He told me is was adopted Shawnee , adopted Inuit, and believes he has cherokee blood but cant prove it. He has requested that we contact a tribal member and make him stop interrupt his ceremonies. He says he make medicine bundles for people. I though sound weird to me


--- Quote from: Camilla on March 09, 2011, 08:11:04 pm ---OOPS!! 
I just realized Laurel already found much more!!

Sorry Laurel!  :)

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No problem!  (-:

E.P. Grondine:
I am glad somebody interceded here. And I thank all of you for the research.

There is so much obviously wrong here that it is hard to know where to start.

Freeland contacted me with rambling complaints about slander and empty threats to sue.
First his email, then mine, then his, then mine again.

I have been told that my name is on you forum. I looked and there it is. But to my surprise there is no way to reply. In this country all people have the right to face those who make charges about them. At this time I am looking into Filing civil complaints. all I ask is to respond.

Ray Freeland

Your complaint is both untrue and not very clear.
Anyone is free to join the forum. We always welcome any additional information which may clear these matters up.
If clicking the button clearly marked "Register" is too difficult for you figure out, we can post a statement for you.
As you can clearly see, there are no "charges" against you, simply people trying to figure out conflicting claims in a thread under Research Needed.

Post this in a forum as yours with out proof under new age fraud is the same as saying it is true and the having to on Google for people to find. I have contacted the federal government and FCC I plane to file suit. But ii would bet that you would never give your true information such as your name address so please do so I would like to meet you here in federal court one of the people who post is on standing rock res. And is in either in admin office or the history as those are the only ones I spoke to to bad they have to lie and only tell part truths. But shame on you for not fact checking. There is an interesting interview on the net why don't you check it out as it deal with name removed. The person I call standing Rock about. I want to make sure that you can do this go to you tube in the such bar type in,( that's using the key board) Interview with Barbara Crandell. She tell of someone  who left his family on Standing Rock with no food. Now we here in the eastern wood lands call him the worm for no man would abandon his family. And if you ever get you fraud site up again I dare you to post this as it is the truth.

Ray Singing Bear Freeland

Mr. Freeland,
I have no idea what you just said, and I doubt you do either.
To start with the FCC has no control over the internet. So if you have contacted them I'm sure you've gotten only some poor bureaucrat wondering why you waste his time and don't know the basics of the law.
I also have no idea why name removed is relevant to anything, or even who he is.
Once again, you are perfectly free to join and respond in the thread about you.
The only thing that thread did was ask questions because some people were unclear about who you were.
Any "slander" is purely in your imagination.
Again, if you are too lazy or just too dumb to figure out how to hit the button at the top of the NAFPS forum clearly marked "Register" that is not something we can help.

*edited to remove name*


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